Natural Ways to Address Breast Tumors

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Today’s question comes from a viewer who asks, “I purchased the Magi-Complexx essential oil to use directly on my breast to treat a tumor. Please ask Dr. Melissa if I should use one drop a day in liquid.”

So, this is an excellent question, and I really love the Magi-Complexx for a multitude of reasons. In this category of addressing a breast tumor, I recommend both taking the capsules internally while using oil topically. This is the kind of quantifiable data I’m going to share with you, specifically with breast tumors.

Frankincense Shown to Encourage Cell Apoptosis

The oil in the Magi-Complexx, the topical oil, we have frankincense, myrrh, and we also have turmeric. Frankincense specifically has had a high degree or an exhorted degree of clinical research [1]. Specifically in the frankincense, the capacity for that oil to address cancerous tumors. In the world of breast cancer specifically, breast tumors, we have seen a reduction, a cell apoptosis, in clinical research [2] that shows frankincense can be beneficial when used topically.

So, that’s where I like to recommend making sure you’re getting the Joint & Muscle Care (formerly Magi-Complexx capsules) in the capsule form so you’re internally combating inflammation, you’re addressing the degree of inflammation in and around the cells of the tumor. Because if we have any type of tumor, whether it’s benign or malignant, there’s this whole process of the inflammatory system, and sometimes a tampering down of the immune system in and around that area. If you take Joint & Muscle Care, you’re going to be deeply addressing systemic-related inflammation. So, that’s one thing.

Turmeric to Promote Circulation & Lymphatic Flow

The other thing, both internally and topically, we see frankincense, but specifically, turmeric is greatly beneficial at promoting both circulation, as well as lymphatic flow. As a lymphatic therapist [4], I work with breast cancer patients every day, and one of the big things, as they’re going through their different journeys with benign or malignant tumors, is we need to ramp up the lymphatic system promotion, we need to promote the lymph flow.

The breast tissue itself has a very large amount of lymphatic nodes and lymph vessels, lymph capillaries, and this whole entire lymph system is clearing and helping detox the organ to help promote healthy cells. When we get lymphatic congestion, that’s when we can deploy things like both turmeric, but also frankincense in that lymphatic promotion to help clear and detox cellular debris, as well as promote the immune system.

Micro-Dosing the Tumor Area

So, I’m going to recommend more than just one drop of the oil topically. I’m going to recommend multiple kind of micro-dosings of the oil on the actual area of the tumor. For many cases, the tumor doesn’t even have to be something that’s visible, and even in many cases with my patients, they don’t even feel these tumors. So, if you have had scans and you see that there are other areas potentially involved, I would do a more liberal application, but definitely, we’ll post down below some of the links to the research, but frankincense is wonderful for that.

So overall, the Magi-Complexx, I highly recommend using the capsules (now Joint & Muscle Care) internally and then using the oil topically on your breast itself. If you have any type of sensitivity to oils, because oils can be strong and powerful, frankincense specifically is a very grounding oil. Always test first by using a carrier oil, like an almond oil or coconut oil. So those are my recommendations, so I’m curious to see how you do with that.

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Alzheimer’s & Dementia: Will Being on an Aromatase Inhibitor Long-Term Increase My Risk?

Video Transcript:

Colleen asks: “Is being on an Aromatase Inhibitor, potentially like a Tamoxifen, putting her at a higher risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s?

That’s an excellent question, Colleen. I actually work with a ton of breast cancer patients and thrivers and survive that are often on estrogen-blocking or hormone-blocking medications after their initial cancer diagnosis. And so often we’re seeing 5, 10, 15 years of taking these medications. And that’s definitely a concern that I do want to address. I will let you know, there has been some clinical analysis and research in a very large group of women.

What Does the Research Say?

So, we’ve looked at over 50,000 women in addressing, “Will taking a medication like Tamoxifen to starve any potential cancer cells of reoccurring, does that set a woman up for dementia, Alzheimer’s, or any type of brain-related health imbalances?” And what research shows is that it’s inconclusive. So, that is kind of an interesting point there.

So, we’ve looked at over 50,000 women in addressing, “Will taking a medication like Tamoxifen to starve any potential cancer cells of reoccurring, does that set a woman up for dementia, Alzheimer’s, or any type of brain-related health imbalances?” And what research shows is that it’s inconclusive. So, that is kind of an interesting point there.

Now, the other thing that that research did show was that the women in the study had a lowered propensity of diagnoses with Alzheimer’s and dementia. So, I think what I recommend and will communicate to you here is that it depends on each person’s case and we all have genetic propensity, or disposition, to possibly have dementia or Alzheimer’s occur in our body. From looking at our family members, our mothers, our fathers, aunts and uncles, and even siblings.

Supporting Brain Health is Key

So with that being said, I always recommend supporting your brain health by doing several things. Our brain is comprised of fat and water. So, you want to make sure you’re consuming good, healthy fats on a daily basis to bolster the fat content of our brain. And you want to make sure you’re not being dehydrated or in a dehydration state. Many individuals are not drinking enough fluids or liquids.

If you consume coffee, you want to have the same amount of liquid, meaning water, mineral water, or good healthy green juices. So, you want to make sure you’re getting hydrated properly. The other thing that I recommend, that Organixx provides, is Ageless Brain. This has two really amazing neuroprotective compounds in the ingredients, as well as a whole bunch of other benefits for supporting your brain health.

But I want to zero in on Camu Camu and Bacopa. Those two have been extensively studied. These two ingredients in Ageless Brain are amazing for helping your brain cells regenerate, rejuvenate, repair, and recover. And I have a lot of patients that have had chemotherapy or even radiation of the head and neck and I always recommend neuroprotective and neuro regenerating supplementation. So, Ageless Brain would be something I would recommend for you.

Reducing Inflammation and Invigorating the Lymphatic System

Now, the other thing that’s really important is to lower your inflammatory levels or inflammation that might be present in your body systemically as well as in the blood and the brain.

So, I want to recommend one of my other, another favorites of mine here at Organixx, is the Joint & Muscle Care. This is a trio. Call it the trinity of master anti-inflammatory properties. What you’re going to get there is just an overall systemic lowering of inflammation levels with the turmeric, which is a fermented turmeric. So, you get the bioactive max benefits of the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric. Turmeric will invigorate the lymphatic system.

And for any of my breast cancer patients, I want to make sure we’re getting lymphatic flow. And especially when we’ve had breast cancer, radiation, and chemo, and even surgeries where we had lymph nodes removed, we want to make sure we’re clearing the head and neck lymphatics because often that gets stagnated with surgeries and radiation. So those are my tips.

A Bonus Tip: Antioxidants

My bonus tip is to look at adding maybe a little Moringa tea to your daily diet. Moringa is an amazing tropical plant that has also been extensively studied for its massive antioxidant benefits. And there are links to the antioxidant levels and when we increase those to help brain rejuvenation.

So, those are my tips for you, Colleen. Please comment and let us know how you do with that.

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