Do you notice
excess gut fat
Even If You're Not Overweight?
Breakthrough anti-aging solution helps pump up masculine strength and virility... enhance sexual performance... and protect your prostate.

What you’re about to read may be the most important medical discovery for men in our generation. And if you’re one of the millions of men quietly dealing with the crushing problem I’m about to discuss, this could permanently change your life for the better.

First, let me ask you a question.

Have you noticed any of these
changes in your body?

  • Longer and More Frequent Trips to the Bathroom
  • Excess Gut Fat, Even If You’re Not Overweight
  • Abnormally Swollen Breast Tissue, or “Man Boobs”
Body Changes

If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms -- even in small amounts -- you are ignoring tell-tale signs that your masculinity is dwindling.

And you can count on more serious problems like sexual issues, muscle loss, and a steep drop in stamina coming right around the corner -- that is, if you haven’t experienced those problems already.

You’ll learn the significance of the three symptoms listed above in just a second, but first I want to share some VERY good news with you:

No matter how old you are, addressing one simple problem could swiftly halt and reverse the problems of aging all men dread most.

I’m about to tell you how to fix that one problem. But first, let’s talk about why…

No Man Is Safe
From This Silent Epidemic

Scientists discovered decades ago that testosterone is the key to male strength and vitality.

Our bodies naturally produce a little less of it as we age, but that does not explain the question researchers are frantically trying to answer:

Why are today’s men losing their vigor faster, sooner, and in greater numbers than those of generations past?

Men have always experienced minor declines in ability with age, but what men are encountering today is entirely unprecedented. When you look at male health data for the past several decades, you’ll find a series of shocking trends.

1. Widespread Decline in Sexual Health

A 1948 study reported only 7% of men under 55 suffering from erectile problems. But according to a 2007 study, 18 million men in the U.S. over 20 are now affected.

2. Fertility Crisis

In a French study monitoring 26,000 healthy men with average age between 34.2 and 35.9, researchers documented a 32.3% drop in sperm count between 1989 and 2005. That’s right -- the study showed 35-year-old men in 2005 had 1/3 less sperm than men just as old 17 years earlier.

3. Mysterious Testosterone Anomalies

Groundbreaking research from the New England Research Institutes in Watertown, Massachusetts recently revealed men today are producing significantly less testosterone than same-aged men of years passed. The study found 60-year-old men in 2004 had 13% less testosterone than men of the same age in 1987.

Men Are
Being Lied To

Low testosterone may be the source of our worst, most embarrassing symptoms, but aging alone is not what’s causing it.

The medical research proves it clear as day.

Something far more serious is at play here.

Dr. Thomas G. Travison, Ph.D. reported in his recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism that testosterone levels in men had dropped significantly between 1988 and 1996 in 50-year-old men. These findings suggested that something other than age was causing these declines.

You don’t have to be a doctor to see there’s something very wrong with this picture.

The male body hasn’t suddenly
changed at its most basic
level. Yet men today are
suddenly facing the
strongest assault
against their
masculinity in
human history.

Something else other than
age alone is robbing men
of their strength and
vitality, and it MUST
be stopped.

Why Your Manhood Is
Slowly Seeping Away

Science has just struck the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding the male body.

Researchers learned long ago how important testosterone is for vitality. But only now are they figuring out the factors that actually impact testosterone levels.

What they’re finding is incredible.

The fact of the matter is this:

Your body is capable of producing ALL the testosterone it needs (and more). But…

Your environment and daily life are getting in the way.

We can never force testosterone into our bodies. Instead, we have to address the underlying roadblocks keeping our testosterone levels low.

But don’t worry. It’s not as hard as it sounds.

You won’t have to live in the gym or start eating like a rabbit. You just need to learn...

How to Fix
3 “Glitches”
That Will Unleash Your Body to
Pump Testosterone Like It’s 23 Again

To really understand what’s going on inside millions of men’s bodies today, we need a simple analogy.

Think of your body like a computer.

It has all the code it needs to keep running for years, just the same way as when it came off the assembly line.

But if something keeps that code from running -- like getting a virus or trying to run too many programs at once -- the computer’s performance takes a nosedive.

It’s still the same as the day you bought it. It’s still capable of all the same things. But it’s being corrupted by external factors -- “glitches” so to speak.

When you remove those glitches, it’ll pick back up without missing a beat. Good as new.

Your body’s endocrine system, which is responsible for testosterone production, works exactly the same way.

See, there are three big “glitches” throwing off the endocrine system of most men. Those men don’t need “low-T” tricks or gimmicks to fix their problems. They just need to resolve the underlying issues stopping their testosterone system from running as it should. And once they do that, testosterone levels can shoot through the roof!

That said, let’s look at the three biggest “glitches” responsible for today’s epidemic of vanishing masculinity.

Aromatase Enzymes

The aromatase enzyme can cause your body to actively destroy its own testosterone supply and convert it into estrogen. All men have it naturally, but most men today have far too much.

This enzyme not only breaks down testosterone into estrogen, but it also gobbles up testosterone precursor enzymes and turns those into estrogen as well!

It’s a well-oiled, testosterone-killing machine. And, unfortunately, once it’s disrupted from natural balance, it’s very difficult to reverse the process.

Interestingly enough, aromatase is the same enzyme responsible for determining a baby’s biological sex while it’s still just an embryo in the womb. Higher levels of aromatase result in female offspring, while lower levels result in male.

Male Female Symbol

Feminizing Toxins

You are being exposed to toxins that act just like estrogen in your body on a daily basis. There are literally dozens upon dozens of chemicals men encounter every single day that dilute their manhood. They bind to estrogen receptors, disrupt hormonal balance, and lead to a slow but deliberate feminization of the male body.

These chemicals are in almost everything, and avoiding them is all but impossible.

Product with razor

What’s worse, thousands of new chemicals are synthesized and introduced to our environment every year. According to the CAS Chemical Registry System, the number of new chemicals on file for consumer and industrial use rose from 211,934 in 1965 to a whopping 88,758,285 in 2006.

Some of those new chemicals end up in products you buy every day. Others get used for commercial purposes. But all of them end up in the environment where they ultimately sneak into our bodies.

And if you think Big Brother is looking out for you, think again…

The New York Times reports that many individuals in the U.S. believe their cosmetics products are tested for safety issues.

However, this belief is wrong.

Industrial chemicals do not require safety testing before being put on the market. And manufacturers are only rarely required to give the government the information necessary to determine whether the chemical is safe or not.

What does all this mean?

In essence, it means there is an endless barrage of hormone-disrupting toxins threatening your manhood every day. And it’s only getting worse with time…

Genetic Vulnerability

Your chronological age (the number of years you’ve been alive) and your biological age (how your body looks and feels) are two completely separate things. It’s the reason why “super ager” men live well into their 60s and 70s while continuing to perform like men less than half their age.

Those lucky few were born with inherently superior DNA and the natural ability to protect and maintain it. (Although, in just a minute I’ll explain why new research is showing a way for all men to live like “super agers.”)

DNA is the set of instructions your body follows to carry out all its normal functions, including testosterone regulation.

In a 2011 study of 8,938 men, researchers discovered an intimate relationship between certain parts of the male body’s DNA and the increased likelihood of low testosterone.


That means many of us could be predisposed to suffer from low testosterone before we even take our first breath!

On top of that, there are countless DNA-damaging threats called “genotoxins” men come in contact with everyday.

Cooked Foods - Research from the journal Environmental Health Perspectives states any food “exposed to drying, frying, roasting, baking, and broiling conditions” will contain DNA-damaging substances.

Radiation Exposure - Medical X-rays, airport security scanners, and even passive ultraviolet radiation from sunlight can cause dangerous mutations.

Drinking Water - Fluoride is added to most public water supplies in the United States, but a 2001 study found the chemical could wreak havoc on our DNA.

And those are just a few of the big ones. Our day-to-day environment is JAMMED with gene-altering toxins.

Most Men Have These “Glitches”
Even If They Don’t Feel Like It Yet

Remember those three symptoms I asked you about at the beginning of this message? Here they are again to refresh your memory:

Each of these conditions has a direct connection to a “glitchy” testosterone system in desperate need of repair. Let me explain why.

The size of a man’s prostate, “breasts”, and stomach are all tied to testosterone levels.

Healthy men with an appropriate testosterone supply will probably never experience any of the problems listed above. It’s only when testosterone is suppressed and imbalanced that these frustrating phenomena appear.

See, when testosterone becomes unregulated from the three “glitches” we talked about a moment ago, estrogen rises to take its place. And when that happens, things get ugly…

Urination troubles? – Imbalanced testosterone is likely the culprit. By supporting healthy testosterone levels you promote prostate health which helps maintain “normal” bathroom habits.

Stubborn gut fat? - That beer belly might not be as influenced by diet as you think. A 1991 study found strong connections between male hormonal imbalance and excess abdominal fat, and a second study in 2014 showed strong evidence that raising testosterone helps men maintain a healthy weight.

“Man boobs”? - Another major sign your body’s testosterone has been overtaken by estrogen is unsightly breast enlargement, also known as “gynecomastia”. This condition is scientifically proven to be caused by disruption of the male hormone system.

Finally… Some Good News!

If you’re feeling a little discouraged after everything you’ve read so far, I don’t blame you. With all the things working against our masculinity, it’s easy to feel hopeless.

But there IS a way to reverse the three biggest testosterone system glitches and give it the power to churn out healthy, natural, sustainable levels of testosterone permanently.

One Powerful & Unique Formula You’d
Be Hard-Pressed to Find Anywhere Else…
That Erases Every Manhood “Glitch” and Uses Your Body’s Own Testosterone System to Finally End the Frustration of Low-T for Good

T-Plexx is a next generation testosterone support and regulation supplement that includes targeted ingredients to help your body do exactly what it did in its prime: produce and regulate vital male hormones safely and naturally.

T-Plexx is a cutting edge product based on years of research, and it represents a completely unique approach to the low testosterone problem that plagues millions of men today. There is literally nothing else like it on the market. It’s the first supplement of its kind, and you won’t find it in stores.

So what makes T-Plexx so different? Let’s start by looking at its specific ingredients, and how they’re designed to help rebuild your testosterone system at the foundation -- not just temporarily prop it up.

T-Plexx contains two blends of testosterone production “flow builders” to help repair and restore your manhood at the source.

The ingredients in these two blends are natural tools your body instinctively recognizes and knows how to use. In fact, many experts believe humans “co-evolved” with the specific herbal and mycological ingredients in T-Plexx, consuming and selectively cultivating them over eons for their incredible benefits.

Ancient Adaptogens

Ashwagandha & Cordyceps Sinensis are both members of a very special class of natural compounds called adaptogens.

What does it mean for something
to be an adaptogen?

Essentially, adaptogens contain compounds that elevate and revive the body’s built-in support systems. They don’t seek to cover up any problems or distract the body from its symptoms. Instead, they actually work to increase the body’s own ability to support and restore itself.

Adaptogens naturally assist your body to “adapt” to stress and environmental damage. They help to support the immune system, nervous system, circulatory system, and most importantly for us, the endocrine system - your own personal testosterone factory.

Ashwagandha originates from the Far East, and it’s been used in traditional Ayurvedic Indian medicine for centuries. But the reason why it’s so amazing isn’t the herb itself. It’s the way our bodies interact with it.

Dozens of medical studies have focused on how Ashwagandha works alongside the body to support natural balance - how it cooperates with each person’s unique physiology to make changes where they’re needed most.

That means Ashwagandha doesn’t just recklessly raise or reduce one hormone or another for everyone who consumes it. Depending on each person’s unique excesses or shortcomings, it helps the body know exactly how to restore harmony on its own.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder why the benefits of Ashwagandha are so numerous.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study in 2015 showed Ashwagandha extract to significantly increase recovery time in 57 male subjects, as well as improve gains in muscle strength, size, and mass.

Another study in 2010 found it to help increase testosterone levels by up to 40% in men suffering from hormonal issues.

And further research confirms Ashwagandha helps support male sexual function and fertility, according to a 2011 study from India.


You’ll be even more excited to hear what Cordyceps Sinensis has to offer…

Cordyceps Sinensis is an extremely rare and highly coveted fungus, which grows only in the highest parts of Tibet, India, and China. Native healers and medicine men have treasured it for centuries, and their best wild foraging spots are a well-kept secret.

See, the compounds in Cordyceps are believed to induce many of the same incredible effects of Ashwagandha, simply through a different set of physiological mechanisms.

The research speaks for itself…

In 1998, researchers observed Cordyceps Sinensis to significantly enhance libido and sexual activity, as well as boost reproductive function in both male and female subjects.

The fact that men and women both have experienced positive effects proves an important point: the compounds in Cordyceps Sinensis appear to encourage natural hormonal balance in the body for both sexes.

That means it seems to work on an individual level - from person to person - helping each person’s unique body overcome its own specific challenges.


This implies not only an ability to help boost testosterone levels, but also to assist the body in regulating the rest of its intricate hormonal system - to do things like manage testosterone precursors and reduce estrogen as well.

A 2003 study added evidence to that assertion when it showed Cordyceps Sinensis to both help increase and regulate testosterone production in vivo, which is to say, in a living organism.

Fermented Blend of Traditional
Male Reproductive Herbs

In addition to the two powerful adaptogens we just discussed, T-Plexx includes a carefully formulated blend of traditional herbs specifically for the male body and its reproductive system. These botanical ingredients have been used for generations, and modern science is finding more proof for their effectiveness with each passing year.

  • Fenugreek Seed - This safe and gentle herb is used around the world, and multiple studies have documented its benefits for men. A 12-week study of 50 adult men published in January 2017 noted free testosterone increases of up to 46%, as well as improvement in sperm quality. And another study from 2016 identified Fenugreek Seed as a safe and effective treatment for reducing symptoms of possible androgen deficiency, improving sexual function and increasing serum testosterone in healthy middle-aged and older men.
  • Epimedium - A staple in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Epimedium has been used for centuries to support sexual health and desire, and recent research is shedding new light on exactly why it’s so effective. A 2004 study found the active compound in Epimedium to be beneficial for nitric oxide production as well as to help promote overall blood flow, two critical factors for supporting male sexual function.
  • Muira Puama - Called “potency wood” by native tribes, Muira Puama comes from the bark of an indigenous South American tree. In 1994, Dr. Jacques Waynberg studied the effects of Muira Puama on 262 men with lack of libido and impotence, and his findings were astounding - 85% of the men reported a spike in libido and 90% reported improvement of sexual function.
  • Nettle Leaf - Last but certainly not least, Nettle Leaf powerfully supports another integral part of the male reproductive system: the prostate.
This Will
Your Body’s T-System
Repair Process

In addition to T-Plexx’s primary blends, it includes two incredible ingredients that essentially “turbo-charge” your body’s testosterone repair process.

See, all the ingredients we’ve discussed so far must be transported by your body to the places where they’re needed. Only then can they be effective.

Of course, your body can do that job relatively well on its own. But wouldn’t it be nice if there was something to increase the speed and efficiency at which the active compounds you consume are absorbed?

That’s where fulvic and humic acid come in. Fulvic acid helps your body’s absorption process so it can move much faster.

In fact, fulvic acid is able to transport over 60 times its own weight in nutrient compounds into cells. This makes it easier for cells to “digest” and use the things you ingest, which means you’ll feel the positive health effects faster.

Fulvic acid also helps to remove toxins from your body… reduces free radical damage… and boosts energy levels.

The best part is that you’re getting fulvic and humic acid in every single serving of T-Plexx -- which is just one more way you’re supporting your testosterone production system.

Critical Nutrients Most Men Chronically Lack

Finally, each serving of T-Plexx includes a healthy dose of two extremely important male nutrients. Both are precursors for testosterone production, and have multiple benefits to offer.

  • Zinc - A 2016 study found a surprising connection between male infertility and low zinc levels, implying deficiency in the mineral may be causing problems for millions of men. Zinc is also a key factor for nitric oxide production, which is very important for sexual function.
  • Magnesium - New research is suggesting magnesium deficiency may be an overlooked issue for men’s health. Most of the population is chronically deficient in magnesium, and research shows correcting that deficiency can have incredible benefits for supporting healthy blood flow, muscle health, and more.

As you can already see, T-Plexx is LOADED with critical minerals, nutrients, roots, and herbs that can help your body’s endocrine system to get healthy again -- so you can reclaim your manhood.

But we’re not done yet… there’s more!

“Bonus” Ingredients with Extraordinary Benefits

While most low testosterone therapies come with risky side-effects, T-Plexx actually brings some impressive side-benefits… and they come from two valuable supporting ingredients that are in every T-Plexx capsule.

  • Organic Sprouted Purple Maize - Brimming with fiber and vital nutrients, purple maize is a natural source of antioxidants, phytonutrients, and flavonoids. It is also high in anthocyanin, which is a potent antioxidant that has been studied extensively for its ability to stimulate tissue regeneration, encourage blood flow, and support healthy levels of inflammation in the body. Even better, sprouting multiplies the nutritional value of this amazing grain many times over.
  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar - Used daily as a food and vitality tonic by millions, apple cider vinegar is a health-building powerhouse. Studies have shown it to balance blood sugar levels already within a healthy range and even help burn belly fat!

We’ve already covered many reasons why you’ll want to start taking T-Plexx as soon as you possibly can… to promote healthy testosterone production, rebalance your hormones, boost your libido and sexual performance, and banish any unsightly physical signs of your Low-T condition.

Every Man Who Hopes to Avoid the
Frustration & Downright Embarrassment
of Low Testosterone Should Be Taking This...

As you can see, there’s really nothing else like T-Plexx on the market today. This is an original Organixx product – representing a breakthrough approach to treating low testosterone – that you can only get right here on this page.

Since many of the ingredients in T-Plexx are hard to come by… and because of the intensive, proprietary methods we use to make this unique blend… we’re producing this product just one small batch at a time.

We’re doing this for one simple reason: to ensure you get only the strongest, cleanest, and most therapeutically active product humanly possible… and to make sure each batch of T-Plexx is perfectly blended and formulated.

Delivering the freshest product with the highest level of quality control is our number one priority, and as a result, we keep a very small number of bottles on-hand at any given time. We produce only as many bottles as we know will quickly sell out and find their way into customers’ hands.

… you may be wondering how much all this is going to cost.

Well, think of it like this…

How much would you pay to not only stop but also help reverse the true causes of your dwindling manhood? Then take a moment to think about the most embarrassing, emasculating experiences low testosterone has put you through… How much would you pay for something that could help keep those away too?

For something that does all that, I’m willing to bet you’d pay quite a bit… maybe $100 a month… $200 a month… perhaps even more depending on the severity of your situation.

You don’t need to worry about that though. While we realize we could charge premium prices for this premium testosterone repair product holding all those potential benefits, we’d never feel good about it.

After all, our ultimate goal is to bring health and wellbeing to as many men as we can… to end their frustration, enhance their lives, and make low testosterone a thing of the past. And to do that, we know our products have to be as affordable as we can make them without sacrificing on quality.

With that in mind, you won’t pay anywhere near $100.00 for a 30-day supply of T-Plexx. In fact, when you click the order button below, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. We’ve prepared a very special offer we think you’re going to love.

And when you request your supply of T-Plexx, you won’t risk a penny because you’ll be protected by our...

1 YEAR “No Questions Asked”
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re so convinced that you’re going to love T-Plexx that we’re giving you a full year to experience how much it can really help you. We’re happy to extend our guarantee this far because we are 100% certain you’re going to be amazed and delighted with how effective T-Plexx really is!

So if, within a full year after your order today, you decide that T-Plexx isn’t right for you, just send back your bottles (even if they’re completely empty) and we’ll give you an immediate refund of the price you paid for it (the only thing we don’t refund is the shipping cost).


Frequently Asked Questions

How is T-Plexx taken?

T-Plexx is administered in convenient capsule form, with no artificial fillers or binders.

How much should I take daily?

Suggested use for is 2 capsules daily, with or without food. There are 60 capsules in each bottle, so one bottle can last for 30 days.

Advanced use is 4 capsules daily. If you follow this advanced dosing, one bottle will last for 15 days; two bottles will last for one month.

What benefits will I experience while taking T-Plexx?

Since the ingredients in T-Plexx are designed to help boost your body’s own systems and help it produce more of its own testosterone naturally, there is a whole host of benefits you may experience, and they vary from user to user depending on each person’s unique physiology.

The most common benefits of helping your body to replenish and regulate testosterone are:

  • Powerful energy, drive, and stamina support
  • Sexual performance and function
  • Muscle size and mass
  • Reduction in body abnormalities caused by testosterone imbalance (for example, protruding gut and “man boobs”).

What if I buy multiple bottles and change my mind?

All customers are protected by our 1 year “No Questions Asked” guarantee. If for any odd reason you find T-Plexx isn’t for you, just send back any unopened bottles within one full year and we will issue you a prompt, hassle-free refund for the price you paid for all the bottles.