“S” Supplements - INSPIRED | The 8 Pillars of Health explained by Jon & Ty


inspired supplements with ty and jon

“S” Supplements – INSPIRED | The 8 Pillars of Health explained by Jon & Ty

Video Transcript

Ty Bollinger: You can be eating 100% organic non-GMO foods all the time, but unless you’re consciously trying to rotate what you eat and think outside the box and go eat things that you’re not used to, most likely, you’re not getting the proper supply of all the vitamins and minerals that you need to be healthy.

Jonathan Hunsaker: Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx, and I’m here with my good friend and business partner, Ty Bollinger.

Ty Bollinger: What’s up, brother? How you doing, man?

Jonathan Hunsaker: Doing good.

Ty Bollinger: Good.

Jonathan Hunsaker: Thanks for joining us. We’re filming a whole series of videos right now where we’re talking about the 8 pillars of health, and the acronym that we use for that is INSPIRED. Today’s video is about the letter S.

We did our video on Nutrition, and we talk about eating whole foods and not processed foods. But even if you go that route, you’re still not getting the full spectrum, usually.

Ty Bollinger: Due to farming practices in the past, the way that we haven’t rotated crops properly, the way that we put synthetic fertilizers on the soil, the soil now is depleted of a lot of the minerals in the soil that you need to grow healthy crops. That’s one of the things that I love about the Organixx supplements. It doesn’t matter what we ate, I know that we got enough of these essential building blocks for health.

Jonathan Hunsaker: We talk about supplementation being an easy way to get some of the nutrients you need, but what kind of supplements matter? If you go to the big box chain, big box store, and you get one of their multivitamin one-a-days that’s just straight synthetic, you might as well open it up over the top of the toilet, dump it in there and flush, and you’re going to get the exact same nutritional benefits.

Ty Bollinger: If you’re eating a clean diet, there’s going to be some nutritional deficiencies, most likely. You can’t fill those gaps with a synthetic vitamin, because your body doesn’t recognize it as nutrition.

Jonathan Hunsaker: There’s different qualities. You have your synthetics, that are at the bottom. And you have your whole food vitamins, that are a little bit above that. Then you have whole food organic, that are above that. Then you have whole food organic and fermented, that are above that. And what we think is the ultimate, is the whole food organic fermented in a fulvic humic acid base. So, just make sure – do your research, find something that’s quality and your body will actually absorb it and use it, and that will help you bridge that gap and you’ll actually feel a difference. If you’re deficient in something and you take a healthy supplement, you’ll feel that difference in your body.

Ty Bollinger: Yeah. And we get that across the board from people that take the Organixx supplements, is they do feel the difference.

Jonathan Hunsaker: Yeah.

Ty Bollinger: And the reason they feel a difference is because their body’s actually absorbing it and utilizing it.

Jonathan Hunsaker: So, whether you’re getting your supplements from us or somewhere else, make sure they’re clean, make sure that they’re organic, non-GMO. Thank you for watching. I hope you guys are learning a lot. I hope that you’re living an INSPIRED life and enjoying these videos. Ty, thanks for joining us.

Ty Bollinger: Thanks, Jon. I appreciate it, brother.

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  1. I hear ya, and I believe ya, but you two are young bucks, making a lot of money (and I certainly don’t fault you for that), but Social Security alone gives you barely enough to eat, let alone buy anything extra. It is very discouraging sometimes trying to figure out what to do.

  2. I think I missed something. I thought I would learn how to choose a quality supplement. Only thing I took away from this very short video was the different types. Didn’t know about the top tier until now.

  3. thanks and I loved the series, i too am on Social Security, i have joined a cutting edge health care company that gives me all I need for my body and does not break my pocket book. joyce

    • Hi Joyce,

      I’d love to know about the ‘cutting edge heath care company’ that you’ve joined. Do you mean a medical insurance plan that will actually cover preventative health costs?

  4. I’m sure we can overdose on vitamins ect there is something new on the market ….something for digestion / probiotics essential oils every day how can we decide what is the best for each individual 😕😕

    • No one ever dies from vitamins (research proves that) but 100,000 a year die from prescribed medications. Yet people worry about vitamin consumption. Sounds like a pharmaceutical ploy to me.

  5. Ty,
    I am 77 years young and would like to know exactly what I need as far as supplements and vitamins go. I am very active and take lots of vitamins etc, but am not sure I need all I am taking, so would like some guidance on what I need , not what stores and companies want to sell me.
    Thank you for any advise you can give me.

    • I agree. I review all of this but I still buy too much Thinking it is time to cut back and develop a better focus then just willy nilly. Cannot get good advice. Don’t know…..

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