Supplementation – Living an INSPIRED Life With Doc Nuzum (video)

Jonathan Hunsaker: Are you getting all of the vital nutrients and vitamins and minerals from the food you’re eating? Stay tuned to find out.
Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx. Thanks for tuning in. And today, we’re talking more about INSPIRED: The 8 Pillars of Health. Today, we’re talking about the letter S, Supplementation, and here’s why.
Did you know that broccoli today has only 17% of the nutrients that it had 100 years ago? And that’s only one example. There are so many others.
So, there’s something that we can do about that. There’s something that we can do to get the vital minerals and vitamins that we need in our body. Let’s talk to Doc Nuzum about how to do that.
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Okay. Today, we’re talking supplementation. If you’ve followed me for very long, if you’ve listened to my talks, you’ll find that I’m a very big proponent of supplementation. If you’re going to get the nutrition you need, you’re going to have to supplement.
We run into an issue in nutrition with food in that the soil that food is grown on today has been eroded. There’s been bad farming practices for years, over 100 years in the United States, and a vast majority of the nutrients in the soil have been depleted.
The other thing that’s been massively depleted in the soil is the microbes. It’s the microbes in the soil that convert inorganic minerals into usable nutrient ions that plants can absorb and use. If you use pesticides on crops, those pesticides get into the soil and kill the microbes in the soil. When you kill the microbes in the soil, the microbes can’t convert the salts in the soil, or the minerals in the soil into usable nutrition for the plant. That’s a very, very important aspect of nutrition.
Number two, the essential elements have to be in the soil for the microbes to convert them into usable ions for the plants to incorporate into their structures, correct? There’s a fact about the elements on the periodic table. They can be present or not present, but they can’t be created or destroyed. So, if an element is not present in soil, there’s no way for that element to be present in the plant grown on that soil.
We run into this major issue in our food chain where even organic food today doesn’t have the same nutrient value that it had 50 years ago. The broccoli we have today compared to the broccoli we had 100 years ago, we have about 17% of the nutrients in the broccoli we have today, even if it’s an organically grown. Those aren’t very good numbers, right?
So, our food has calories and it has some nutrients, especially if you’re eating organic food, but the food doesn’t have the concentrated nutrition that it used to have. How do we get those nutrients? Well, the answer is supplementation.
Let’s take selenium, for instance. Selenium is a micronutrient. It’s something you only need very, very, very, just an almost invisible amount on a daily basis in your system in order to keep things running.
What does selenium do? Selenium becomes part of the liver detoxifying enzymes that detoxify the liver itself. If the body is deficient in selenium, the liver doesn’t have the components to make the enzymes it needs in order to detoxify itself.
And so, what happens is that instead of the liver being a filter, it becomes a trash can. If it says that way long enough, you end up with fatty liver disease. When I first started in practice 20-25 years ago, the only people that ever got fatty liver disease was alcoholics. Today, I see children, 9, 10, 11, 12-year-old children with fatty liver disease. Why is that? It’s not in the soil.
This is why supplementation is so massively important, especially in children. Children burn through nutrients faster than adults. Let’s just take teenagers, for instance. When I was a teenager, I could eat ridiculous amounts of food, and I never gained an ounce. When children are growing, the need all these nutrients to create more bone, more connective tissue, more muscle, more heart tissue, more brain tissue, more nerve tissue, more everything.
Let’s move forward in time. Now that child is an adult, and maybe a 35, 45, 50-year-old adult now. those folks need protection. Children need raw material. They’re in desperate need of raw material. When we get older, and we don’t need quite as many calories to keep up with all the energy that our body is expending because it’s growing, we still need the antioxidants, we still need the nuts and bolts.
If we were to eat the amount of food that would give us the protective nutrients that we need, we’d all become obese, because we’d have to eat massive amounts of food every day to get all the protective nutrients that we could get in a couple capsules in a supplement.
Our cells always replicate. They start replicating at conception and they stop replicating at death. Between points A and B, we always have to support that replication of our cells. If our cells don’t have all the raw necessary materials in order to rebuild themselves, they rebuild themselves faulty. And if we want to minimize dysfunction, we have to supply nutrition. Today, the only viable way of doing that is to eat a good, healthy, organic-based diet and to supplement.
Jonathan Hunsaker: Awesome. Thanks, Doc. Thanks, guys, for tuning in. are you liking what we’re doing here? Are you liking INSPIRED: The 8 Pillars of Health? I hope so, because we have so many more videos coming out, we have so much more that we want to educate you on, and I don’t want you to miss a single episode.

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    • What about probiotics..have heard they qre just as vital as probiotics for gut,health..any information on this. Thank you

  1. Excellent info about supplements. Supplements are flooding the market. But I see quite minuscule percentage know about the right quality based supplements. I take high quality organic supplements since 14 years. Really cured myself of chronic cough due to cold, osteoporosis, low back ache. I could cure people of ac PIVD with sciatic nerve damage

  2. I purchased 7 + also going to order turmeric 3D. Can kid 11 take these supplement to? Also how many supplement do I need to take?

    • Annie,
      Great question! The 7M+ and Turmeric 3D are not intended for children. The instructions for each of the supplements will be on the back of the bottle. Please let us know if you have other questions!

  3. Where do all the nutrients come from to produce the supplements we are advised to take because of the apathetic failures to replenish the soil and causing our bodies to starve and break down regardless of even eating claimed as organic foods?

    • Hi Victoria,
      At this time, we are not able to divulge all of our supply details as it is proprietary information, however, the majority of ingredients are grown in and sourced from America. If ingredients in our products are sourced from China, they are certified organic botanicals traditionally used in Chinese Herbalism and therefore have undergone extensive testing to confirm their purity and quality and we are happy to stand behind the quality and integrity of our ingredients.

    • We are so glad you are finding our INSPIRED videos so helpful! Thanks for your feedback Melina.

  4. If the soil is so deficient, how does a plant even grow? It takes sun, water, raw materials, and an amiable environment. Deficient raw materials and viable plant production seem at severe odds. I’d like a better answer than what I heard. Also, ORGANIC broccoli being significantly deficient; why?

  5. Despite 71 superfoods, herbs, etc in Organixx powder supplement, I believe I didn’t see the MORINGA leaves.

    • Morning a leaves are not as potent as other products. The entire plant is usable and grows in horrible dry soil with very little water and is nutritious, not super nutritious. It could help feed the world but the hype as a super food is just that compared to wheat grass, Spiralina and chorella . As long as the your getting everything you need you don’t need to duplicate supplements.

  6. Is there a link to go to online in order to order needed supplements…and how do we know what supplements are needed?

    • Thanks for your interest in our products, Cindy. Please visit our official shop ( to see all the supplements that we offer. Our site is very comprehensive, containing all the information you need about our products. If you need to speak to a customer service representative for any questions you may have, please go to or call 1 877-750-6455. We’d love to hear any feedback you may have!

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