What is Senescence? "Doc Talks" with Dr. Daniel Nuzum

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Jonathan Hunsaker: Ever wonder what senescence is? Stay tuned to find out.
Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx. And the question is, “What is senescence?” or “What is aging, or the process of aging?” And we’re going to talk today about how it affects our gut health, how it affects our hormones, and just how it affects our bodies overall. Let’s go to Doc Nuzum for the details. 
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Alright, so our question today is “What is senescence?” 
Well, in short, senescence is aging. Typically, in medicine, what we look at senescence at is we look at the ability for someone to detoxify, the ability to absorb nutrition, production of hormones, and then finally, cognitive function. Those are the four major things that we look at in senescence. 
So, from a nutritional standpoint, what do we do? What’s the best approach to minimize that? Because we all age. It’s part of living. We’re going to age. How do we minimize the impact of aging? 
Number one, gut health. We have to improve gut health. How do we do this? We do this with probiotics and enzymes. We also need to scrub our microbiome periodically. We call that detoxification. Those are the three things for gut health that we would need to consider. 
Number two, nutrition. Are you getting all the nuts and bolts you need for your body to heal itself? If you don’t supply your cells with all the nutrients necessary for them to rebuild themselves when they replicate, they don’t replicate properly. And that leads to all kinds of problems. 
Hormones, hormone balance. Reproduction is something that happens on a cellular level. It’s called replication, but it is a reproductive process. And if our hormones are not being produced properly, all of our reproductive processes get affected negatively.  
As early on as possible, I recommend consuming adaptogens, and that’s for both men and women. Adaptogens; as early on in your life as you can start consuming them, consume them. Why? Because they will regulate and maintain a healthy hormone balance throughout your life.  
So, we have our gut health, we have nutrition, we have hormonal health, and we have cognitive function. 
Those that shun change or shun technology, of all things, tend to have more of a cognitive decline than people that are open to trying—open to broadening their horizons and learning new technologies and learning new things. And the bottom line there is it’s the stimulation. You need that stimulus of learning something, expanding your knowledge on something, and so on and so forth. 
So, for cognitive health and to slow cognitive decline, I would recommend never stop being a student, because that keeps your mind sharp. 
So, that covers our four areas of senescence. 
Jonathan Hunsaker: Thanks Doc. As always, extremely informative.
I love learning from Doc. One of the things that he talked about is hormones, and if you weren’t aware, Organixx offers amazing hormone balancers with E-Plexx for women, T-Plexx for men, and META-Plexx for everybody.

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  1. I appreciate very much the article, I consider it very informative.
    educational and an inspiration specially to myself who is a Senior.
    Thank you and continue giving us worthwhile wellness writings.

    • Hi Rosie! Thank you for the kind words! We will keep working hard to bring you the best health information and to power you organically. We’re so happy you are here with us!

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