Is Rebounding Safe for Everyone? "Ask the Doc" with Dr. Nuzum

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Jonathan Hunsaker: Welcome to today’s episode of Ask the Doc, where we’re talking about rebounding, which if you didn’t know, is jumping up and down on those small trampolines, and is it safe for everyone? Stay tuned for the answer.
Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx, and you may have heard us talk about rebounding on other videos and how good it is for your lymphatic health. Well, those videos prompted several questions from folks, wondering about the safety of rebounding if someone is overweight, elderly, or has some injuries they’re dealing with. Let’s go ask Doc for his answer.
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Contraindications for people rebounding would be if they’ve had neck injuries. If you’re dealing with a neck disc issue, or what not, the bouncing, and your head bouncing, could—the bouncing like that could be contraindicated for your neck.
The same thing with a disc issue in the low back. If you have issues in the low back or the neck, you could definitely have more issues and discomfort if you start bouncing. So, rebounding wouldn’t necessarily be something recommended for somebody with a low back injury or a neck injury.
Another issue is, because of the massive increase in circulation, bouncing and rebounding on a trampoline for somebody with a heart issue, congestive heart failure, or something along those lines, it could be too stressful for their heart. But the same thing for any other type of exercise. If you have a heart issue, do not start exercising just out of the blue. You need to talk to your doctor, get a release to go start exercising first.
Lastly, people with foot and ankle, or knee injuries, those are the people that need to be real careful about bouncing around, jumping up and down, or rebounding on a trampoline. Those types of injuries make sure they’re healed up first before you start stressing those joints by bouncing, or those types of things, on a trampoline.
Now, something you can do, and this may not necessarily involve the people with the disc issues in their neck or their low back, but sitting on a trampoline, just bouncing on a trampoline while you’re seated, that could be very helpful for a lot of people. People that, if they’re overweight and bouncing on a trampoline just hurts their knees or hurts their feet, sitting on the trampoline and bouncing would be another way you could do that.
Also, for people that aren’t very physically fit, it may be exhausting to get on a trampoline and stand there and bounce, whereas sitting is another way that you could start that kind of exercise and ease your way into it. Getting seated on a mini tramp and just bouncing on that trampoline while you’re seated could be very, very helpful for you as you start to lose weight, or as you start to get into shape and things like that.
So, to recap, if you have neck or low back disc injuries, it’s probably not a good idea to be bouncing anywhere, much less on a trampoline. If you have knee, ankle, foot injury, or something like that, that would be something you want to make sure that’s healed up before you start bouncing. You shouldn’t run on something like that.
Again, if you’re elderly and not very fit, or overweight, sitting on a trampoline and bouncing on a trampoline seated will help get that lymphatic system draining and get the lymph fluid circulating.
Those are all very, very helpful things for your metabolism, for detoxing and things like that.
So, I hope that’s helpful.
Jonathan Hunsaker: Thanks, Doc. As always, I love it when you share your valuable information.
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