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Healthy Whole Foods Recipes

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  • Keto Belgian Waffles

    Here's a tasty breakfast idea to make for that special someone... or just for yourself. Keto Belgian Waffles that are also dairy-free and gluten-free.

  • Low-Carb Cream of Mushroom Soup

    This easy Low-Carb Cream of Mushroom Soup is so much more flavorful and better for you than any mushroom soup you'll find in a can!

  • Grapefruit Oregano Immune-Fortifying Tonic

    Help keep your immune system going strong with this powerful Grapefruit Oregano Tonic that will wake you up and clear your sinuses!

  • Healing Chicken Soup

    Green chicken soup? Why not! This Healing Chicken Soup is a new twist on an old favorite. It's packed with nutrients and the flavor is kid-approved!

  • Breakfast Avocado Spinach and Egg Salad

    Salad for breakfast? Yes! This hearty Avocado Spinach and Egg Breakfast Salad is a delicious and nutrient-rich way to start your day.

  • Cauliflower Garlic Mashed “Potatoes”

    If you're looking to cut back on calories and/or carbs, you'll love these creamy Cauliflower Garlic Mashed "Potatoes" that make a light yet satisfying side.

  • Chocolate Ginger Detox Drink

    Start your new year off right with this Chocolate Ginger Detox Drink that will help flush out the old while supporting a strong immune system.

  • Morning Detox Tea

    Start your day off right with a zingy Morning Detox Tea that will perk up your tastebuds and wake up your digestive system.

  • Festive Holiday Kale Salad

    What's red & green and a healthy and delicious addition to any holiday table? This Festive Holiday Kale Salad with maple mustard dressing!

  • Magnesium-Rich Chocolate Ginger Truffles

    Can there be anything better in life than a dessert that tastes great, is good for you... and is made with chocolate? This Chocolate Ginger Truffles recipe checks all the boxes.

  • Garlic & Honey-Roasted Brussels Sprouts Salad

    Don't like Brussels sprouts? You've just never had them the right way. This delicious Garlic & Honey-Roasted Brussel Sprouts salad will make you a convert!

  • Nutrient-Dense Celery Juice

    Looking for a celery juice drink recipe with maximum health benefits? You'll love this hydrating celery juice with an extra dose of nutrients.