Remember those late-night infomercials pitching juicing machines?

I do.

I still remember watching the late Jack LaLanne sell me on all the health benefits of juicing. By the end, I had no choice but to pick up the phone to get my own juicer.

I used it for a little while.

The juicer worked well and the juice was good and made me feel healthy.

But I discovered there are a few problems with juicing on a regular basis.

First of all, it takes a LOT of fruits and vegetables to juice on a daily basis. I was amazed by how fast I ran out of fresh produce. I had to make frequent trips to the grocery store to stay stocked up.

As you can imagine, my grocery bills added up quickly. It was expensive! I’m talking easily $50 a week just for one person.

But it isn’t just the time it takes to go to the grocery store or the cost that makes daily juicing difficult. It’s also the time it takes to do the actual juicing and the time it takes to clean up everything.

Larger fruits and vegetables still have to be cut up into smaller pieces to fit into the juicer. There is a lot of leftover pulp that you have to dispose of. And every time you juice, you have to pull your juicer apart piece by piece and wash it.

Add it all up and you can easily spend 20 minutes prepping, juicing and cleaning up to get just one cup of fresh juice made from 3-5 different fruits and vegetables.

This is the honest truth about juicing.

And it’s why only a small percentage of diehard health enthusiasts do it consistently.

It just takes more time, money and effort than you think it will.

Now, I’m not saying that juicing is bad. It’s actually a very healthy practice and you’ll be healthier for it. It’s just tough for the average busy American to make it a daily habit.

And so that got me thinking… isn’t there a better way to get the nutritional benefits of juicing without actually juicing? Turns out, there is…

Since you’re reading this page, I already know you’re smarter (and probably healthier) than the average person. And so you might have already anticipated where this is headed.

You can get all the nutritional benefits of juicing -- without actually juicing -- by turning fruits and vegetables into a powder that can then be mixed with water, juice, or smoothies.

These fruit and vegetable powders are often called “green drinks”.

And if you’ve ever shopped at health food stores or looked to buy green drinks on the Internet, then you also know there are quite a few of them on the market today.

Here’s what’s so great about a high-quality green drink: you can quickly get the nutritional benefits of 6+ fruits and vegetables in about 2 minutes for less than $2.50 a serving.

No mess, no fuss.

Just fast, easy, concentrated nutrition.

Makes sense, right?

But hold on just a minute… Before you rush out to buy the cheapest green drink you can find, let me tell you what I discovered about green drinks…

There are 5 pretty big problems with most green drinks on the market today…

Problem #1: Too Much Dependence on a Single Ingredient

Many green drink formulas are overly dependent on just one or two ingredients. The label might list a dozen or more ingredients, but when you look at the quantities, you may see that wheatgrass or spirulina makes up a third or even half of the formula.

Nothing wrong with wheatgrass or spirulina (both are quite healthy), but a true high-quality green drink is going to be a complex blend of a variety of green plants, vegetables and more.

Problem #2: Tastes Like Grass

Have you ever tried to drink a green drink?

If you have, you know that it’s a roll of the dice. Some of them taste TERRIBLE.

You literally have to hold your breath and chug the entire glass as fast as possible. It’s the only way to get the stuff down without gagging.

This is a VERY common problem. The “green” flavor in green drinks is simply too overwhelming -- often because of Problem #1 above.

Problem #3: It’s Nothing But “Glorified Hay”

Here’s how 99% of green drinks are made today:

The manufacturer gets a bunch of green grasses, grinds them up, then removes the water and sugar content before turning the leftover dry pulp into a powder.

You’re basically getting ground-up grasses… or what I like to call “glorified hay.”

By the way, it takes about 5-6 lbs of green grasses to create 1 lb of green drink powder. Remember this because I’ll have more to say about it in just a minute.

Problem #4: Lacks a Variety of Superfoods

Most green drinks focus heavily on maximizing the number of green plants included in their powder mix.

Some green drinks also include fruits and probiotics.

But what you’ll rarely find included are mushrooms, seeds, and spices.

There are 5 categories of powerful foods, each with their own nutritional value…

  • FRUIT:  Good
  • VEGETABLES (including GREENS):  Better
  • MUSHROOMS:  Great
  • SEEDS:  Extraordinary
  • SPICES:  Downright Amazing

By not including select mushrooms, seeds, and spices, green drinks are leaving out three of the world’s best sources of nutrient-dense foods.

Ounce for ounce and pound for pound, few foods on earth have more nutritional value than mushrooms, seeds, and spices. And if they’re not included in your green drink, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to support your health and maintain a strong immune system.

Problem #5: They’re Not Made with Organic Ingredients

Next time you’re purchasing a green drink – be sure to pay close attention to the nutrition label.

In most cases, you’ll find that most of the ingredients are NOT organic.

And that means these so-called “healthy” superfoods have been sprayed, dipped… and LOADED with pesticides… insecticides… and other harmful chemicals that wreak havoc on your health – and your life!

Before you choose a green drink, you need to know what you’re looking for. As you can imagine, you should be looking for a green drink that addresses the five problems listed above.

And we’ve made it easy for you… keep reading for the perfect green drink solution.

Before you choose a green drink, you need to know what you’re looking for. As you can imagine, you should be looking for a green drink that addresses the five problems listed above. Here’s exactly what makes for a FANTASTIC green drink…

REQUIREMENT #1: Must Have At Least 10 Ingredients

Any green drink formula that relies too heavily on a few ingredients is not going to give you as many health benefits as a formula that has a broad range of ingredients.

I personally believe you should look for a formula that has at least 10 different ingredients, more if possible. After all, one of the main reasons for taking a green drink is to get exposure to a variety of plant-based foods you’d almost never get on a daily basis.

Furthermore, every person has “nutritional gaps” in their diet. A green drink with at least 10-12 ingredients will do a better job of filling those “nutritional gaps” than a green drink that has only 5-6 ingredients.

REQUIREMENT #2: Must Taste Good

Have you ever started taking a green drink, then quit after a week or two? I have. It’s not because I didn’t want the nutritional benefits of the green drink… it’s simply that the strong flavor made it too hard for me to “muscle it down” every day.

And I gave up.

Let’s face it… it’s hard to do anything on a daily basis if it’s unpleasant, unenjoyable, or downright difficult.

That’s why so few people continue taking green drinks past the 30-day mark. It’s just too unpleasant.

It’s also why the green drink you choose MUST taste good! If it tastes good, you’ll be able to stick with the habit and enjoy the health benefits of a broad range of whole-food plant-based nutrition every day, year-round.

REQUIREMENT #3: Must Use Advanced Processing Techniques

Most green drinks are made using a similar process that involves grinding up grasses and vegetables, removing the liquid and turning the leftover pulp into a powder. This process is okay, not great.

There is a better way.

Rather than removing juice and turning the pulp into a powder… you juice the grasses and vegetables and turn the juice into a powder.

This juicing and dehydrating process extracts more nutrition and requires much more produce to create the same volume of powder.

Whereas “pulp powders” require 5-6 lbs of greens to create 1 lb of green drink powder, “juice powders” require as much as 33 lbs!

That means “juice powders” are 6X more nutritious than “pulp powders” -- and 33X better than juicing alone!

REQUIREMENT #4: Must Contain All 5 “Nutrition Boosters”

For a green drink formula to have maximum nutrition and maximum potency, it must contain all five “nutrition boosters.” As mentioned above, these are:

  • FRUIT:  Good
  • VEGETABLES (including GREENS):  Better
  • MUSHROOMS:  Great
  • SEEDS:  Extraordinary
  • SPICES:  Downright Amazing

Mushrooms, seeds and spices are not included in most green drink formulas even though they are some of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Take, for example, the simple white button mushroom. It has more antioxidant power than many popular vegetables like pumpkin, zucchini, and green beans!

REQUIREMENT #5: Must Contain USDA Organic Ingredients

When you see the USDA Organic seal on a green drink – that means it contains high-quality organic ingredients!

And the ingredients contain ZERO…

  • Synthetic fertilizers
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • GMOs
  • Food dyes
  • Industrial solvents
  • And more!

Plus, there are NO preservatives… and NOTHING artificial. Instead, you get only pure, natural ingredients free from toxic chemicals that can harm your health.

Now, at this point, you might be wondering, “Is there a green drink that actually fulfills all five of these criteria?” Well, up until a few years ago, the answer was no. My research group at Organixx searched for a green drink that would meet our high standards, but it simply did not exist.

Rather than accept the inferior green drinks on the market, we decided to create a SUPERIOR green drink that would meet ALL of our standards and then some.

Finally, after a huge investment of time, money and research, we introduced a brand-new type of green drink called “OrganiGreens”…

The ONLY USDA Organic “Juice Powder”
With 14 Sprouted & Fermented Superfoods
and Botanicals That Actually Tastes Good!

As we sought to create a superior green drink, we knew it would have to satisfy all five of our major criteria… and then some. So that’s exactly what we did.

Because OrganiGreens green drink uses “juice drying” (instead of “pulp drying”), we include up to 6 TIMES as much produce in each and every ounce of our green drink powder. As far as we can tell, it’s the most nutritionally dense green drink powder on the market today.

And what about the taste? OrganiGreens contains no added sweeteners – but it’s not bitter-tasting like many other green drinks. It’s perfect for enhancing the nutrition in savory dishes like omelets and soups.

Or for mixing with your favorite juice, smoothie, or enjoying on its own in a glass of water. (Tip: Simply add your favorite sweetener such as honey, stevia, or monk fruit if you like your beverages sweeter.)

But the good news doesn’t stop there...

OrganiGreens is USDA Organic

That’s right!

We’re thrilled to announce that OrganiGreens is USDA Organic! That means our formula uses the highest quality organic ingredients.

In fact, we achieved the highest level of federal standards and guidelines for the quality and source of our ingredients.

It also means that OrganiGreens is free of fertilizers… pesticides… herbicides… GMOs and more.

Plus, it contains NO additives or preservatives whatsoever. Instead, you get powerful SUPERFOODS that support your health – without the harmful chemicals.

So, what exactly are the ingredients included in Organic OrganiGreens? Check it out!

  • Organic Alfalfa Grass Juice - Alfalfa
    (aka lucerne)
    is a member
    of the legume family that has a long history as a
    traditional herbal medicine.
    It has a high content of bioactive plant compounds including saponins, flavonoids, phytoestrogens, coumarins, alkaloids, amino acids, phytosterols, vitamins, digestive enzymes, and terpenes.
  • Organic Wheat Grass Juice - Wheatgrass is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that fight free radicals to prevent cell damage and reduce oxidative stress. It also contains valuable chlorophyll, a green pigment associated with many health benefits including increasing levels of glutathione, the “master antioxidant.
  • Organic Sprouted Chia - With their name translating as “strength” in the Mayan language, these tiny seeds were prized by ancient warriors for providing strength, energy, and stamina. Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and high in dietary fiber, protein, and minerals, including calcium, copper, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.
  • Organic Sprouted Purple Corn Maize - Brimming with fiber and vital nutrients, purple maize is a natural source of antioxidants, phytonutrients, and flavonoids. It’s also high in anthocyanin, a potent antioxidant that’s been studied extensively for its ability to stimulate tissue regeneration, encourage blood flow, and support healthy levels of inflammation in the body.
  • Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom - Turkey tail mushroom contains an abundance of antioxidants and polysaccharides along with high levels of selenium and vitamins D and B3, which are crucial for maintaining immunity. Turkey tail is also an excellent prebiotic for the microbiome, helping to replenish the gut with probiotics (beneficial gut flora).
  • Organic Reishi Mushroom - Nicknamed "The Mushroom of Immortality", reishi has been used for over 2000 years in Asia for relaxing and fortifying both mind and body. In addition to supporting the immune system, other observed benefits include aiding the body in eliminating toxins more efficiently, countering free radicals that contribute to aging, and increasing the liver’s metabolic efficiency.
  • Organic Shiitake Mushroom - Shiitake has been cultivated and used in China for millennia to ward off the common cold, boost energy, and enhance wellness. Not only is shiitake one of the world’s most popular culinary mushrooms, its potent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and immune-supporting properties are well documented by modern science.
  • Organic Spinach - Popeye’s favorite leafy green vegetable is a rich source of vitamins and minerals including folate, niacin, vitamin A, B6, C, and K, as well as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese, and zinc. It’s also packed with eye-protective beta-carotene, lutein, and xanthene.
  • Organic Carrot - Originally medicine and not food, carrots have been used in folk medicine potions and remedies for the stomach, bladder, jaundice, the easing of menstrual symptoms, and even cancer. They’re one of the richest natural sources of vitamin A and beta-carotene, an essential nutrient for eye health, immune function, and much more.
  • Organic Red Bell Pepper - Bell peppers contain a wealth of nutrients and are an excellent source of vitamin C and A (in the form of carotenoids) and B6. They’re a good source of a number of other B vitamins (B2, B3, folate, and pantothenic acid) as well as vitamin E, potassium, molybdenum, and fiber.
  • Organic Lemon - High in vitamin C, lemon contains potent phytonutrients and antioxidants that support a healthy immune system and respiratory function. Research supports that consuming fruits and veggies high in vitamin C is associated with a reduced risk of death from all causes, including heart disease, stroke, and cancer.
  • Organic Kale - The ultimate green superfood, kale is a potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and has several times the recommended daily amount of vitamins A, K, and C, plus a healthy dose of protein. Kale is also a powerful detoxifier that supports heart health, is anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial.
  • Organic Ginger - Ginger is a potent aromatic herb and a good natural source of vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, copper, and manganese. It’s long been used in Asia to treat stomachache, diarrhea, and nausea, and in Ayurvedic medicine to break down toxins, strengthen immunity, and cleanse the lymphatic system.
  • Organic Wild Leaf Lettuce - While extremely low in calories, leaf lettuce is a storehouse of many phytonutrients that possess health promoting and disease prevention properties. These include vitamins A, K, and C, as well as beta-carotene, B-complex vitamins, folate, and iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium – minerals essential for body metabolism.

Whew! That’s a lot of GOOD stuff, don’t you agree?

Now, I want to draw your attention to two very important things about our OrganiGreens formula… FIRST, the seeds in our formula are SPROUTED.

Why is this important? Because sprouting can cause the vitamin and mineral content of the seeds to MULTIPLY by up to 4X as much as normal!

And that’s not the only thing we do to multiply and magnify the nutritional value of the ingredients in OrganiGreens. What else do we do? I’ll tell you...

We put many of our ingredients through a special DOUBLE fermentation process that enhances and maximizes the nutritional value we can normally extract from them.

Fermentation is extremely important because it releases valuable nutritional compounds through “pre-digestion” that would otherwise pass through the human digestive system undigested and unused.

It’s important to note that this double fermentation process has never been done before. When fermented foods are made (like red wine, for example), they only go through a single fermentation process. Our proprietary double fermentation process is totally unique and maximizes the vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and good bacteria your body is able to absorb.

Here’s How We Make Sure Your Body Can Absorb & Use All of These Amazing Ingredients…

If you can’t digest something, your body can’t absorb it. And if you can’t absorb it, then it gets passed out of your body.

Want to support digestion? Then you need to be taking broad-spectrum digestive enzymes like those included in OrganiGreens.

Enzymes not only support digestion, they also support tissue health. With that in mind, OrganiGreens includes 17 different digestive enzymes…

  • Cellulase and Hemicellulase - These enzymes help to break down and digest cellulose into simple sugars. This is important because plants and vegetables contain a high percentage of cellulose in them. The cellulase enzyme helps you to digest vegetables, leafy greens and other plant foods.
  • Beta-Glucanase - Beta-glucanase helps process cellulose plant fiber, cereal bran fiber and parts of certain types of fungi, yeast and bacteria.
  • Amylase and Glucoamylase - These enzymes help to break down starches like those found in potatoes, corn, rice, wheat and other vegetables.
  • Xylanase - Xylanase breaks down hemicellulose, one of the major components of plant cell walls.
  • Protease Complex - Proteases are proteolytic enzymes that break down proteins in the body. They can support digestive health and circulatory health.
  • Phytase - Phytase is an essential enzyme in the digestive process as it unlocks phosphorus and other minerals that are bound up in certain plant-based foods. Phytase is a key enzyme for bone health and is used to increase the nutritional value of grains, legumes, seeds and corn.
  • Pectinase - Pectinase breaks down the pectin found in fruits like apples and bananas. This enzyme also plays a key role in total physical well-being and anti-aging.
  • Lipase Complex - Lipase is the enzyme responsible for breaking down fats during the digestive process. Without sufficient lipase in your diet, you will suffer from digestive issues like heartburn and indigestion.
  • Lactase - Lactase breaks down lactose, more commonly referred to as milk sugar. Lactase can be especially helpful for those who have lactose intolerance. This enzyme has also been shown to reduce gas and bloating.
  • Alpha-Galactosidase - Alpha-galactosidase helps break down and digest heavy carbohydrate foods like beans, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. It can support digestion.
  • Invertase - Invertase breaks down sucrose (table sugar) into its two component parts: glucose and fructose. This enzyme provides many health benefits. It naturally supports your immune system and respiratory system.

When I say OrganiGreens is the most advanced greens drink on the market today, I’m not kidding. And I hope you’re able to see that as well. After all, we’ve spent countless hours formulating and perfecting our proprietary blend.

But guess what? There’s another ingredient in OrganiGreens that I still need to tell you about…

We’ve also added a powerful probiotic to encourage the growth of good gut flora…

Bacillus subtilis supports the digestive system for strong, healthy digestion.

Everybody Who Wants
Better Overall Health
Should Be Taking This…

Since many of the ingredients we use in OrganiGreens are hard to come by… and because of the proprietary double fermentation process we use… we can only produce OrganiGreens in small batches.

This makes it certain that you’re only getting the purest, highest quality ingredients in each and every container… and that every batch of OrganiGreens is perfectly formulated and blended.

Our quality control is one of our top concerns and that means that at any given time we only have a relatively small supply on hand. We buy as much supply of organic fruit, veggies, greens, mushrooms, seeds, and spices as we can… but there is still a limit to what we can get and, therefore, a limit to what we can produce.

I urge you to get your hands on your own supply of Organic OrganiGreens while we still have it in stock.

Here’s a quick summary of everything you’re getting in each serving of OrganiGreens…

  • 14 green plants, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, seeds, and spices in every single nutrition category your body needs to maintain health and wellness…
  • 17 different essential enzymes that support the digestion system and overall health…
  • A powerful probiotic strain that supports digestion and the immune system…
  • Only 24 calories and 3 grams net carbs per serving
  • No fillers, sweeteners, additives, artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, yeast, soy, added sodium, or starch ... and NO GMOs!
5-Star Reviews


5-Star Reviews

verified user 10/02/2020

Joan Carter

Exceptional Product

Love the Organi/Greens from Organixx. I've been taking this for a few years now and would recommend it to all to help maintain energy and good health.


5-Star Reviews

verified user 10/02/2020

Jenny W

OrganiGreens is amazing

I have been using Organi Greens for a cpl of years now and have never felt better since using it. My health has improved greatly and I know that I’m getting a good nutritional meal even when I’m on the run.


5-Star Reviews

verified user 09/23/2020

Annamarie Muirhead

the second day I had taken the OrganiGreens i felt what had been missing in my diet young and organic food.

I love the quality of this product.


5-Star Reviews

verified user 09/19/2020

Candy Krall

Organix greens

Love the product! Feel its so important for fir nutrition! When I dont have time to get all fresh foods I need I know Im gettjng it through these greens, and the fermentation allows them to be easily absorbed!


5-Star Reviews

verified user 01/10/2021

Arlene Suneson

Great greens

I use the greens in my smoothies in the morning. Blends in well and can’t tell it’s in there by tasting it. I bought it for the ingredients it contains. Great product.


5-Star Reviews

verified user 11/27/2020

Judith Gilbert

Excellent greens mix.

It's pleasant tasting-- we have it in smoothies every day.What I love is that it is ORGANIC. Sometimes it's hard to find vegetables that my husband will eat that are organic. With Organi/Greens I know that we're both getting nutrients we need even when we don't eat enough leafy (and other) greens.


5-Star Reviews

verified user 11/12/2020

Myrtha Mathieux

immune system boosting

I called the organixx greens "immune system boosting" because it really boost your immune system. It gives me a boost to work long hours and workout longer at the gym. What I really love about the green is that there is no sugar added to it. I'm a customer for life.

Now if you consider all this, you may be wondering how much each container of OrganiGreens is going to cost.

Well, I’m not going to lie. It costs us a lot of money to manufacture OrganiGreens according to our high-quality standards.

Not to worry, though. While we realize we could charge “premium prices” for our premium greens formula, we wouldn’t feel good about it. After all, we want to help as many people as possible to get healthy. And to do that, we know our products have to be as affordable as we can make them without sacrificing on quality.

With that in mind, we’ve worked out what we believe is a very fair price for a 30-day supply of OrganiGreens. In fact, when you click the order button below now, you’ll receive a very special offer that we think you’re going to love.

And when you request your supply of OrganiGreens, you won’t risk a penny because you’ll be protected by our…

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ONE-YEAR, 100% Satisfaction,
MONEY-BACK Guarantee

You have a FULL YEAR – that’s 365 days – to try Organic OrganiGreens and experience all the benefits it has to offer. If for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied with your results… send us back the container within a year from your date of purchase – even if it's EMPTY – and we'll send you a FULL refund of every penny paid. No ifs… ands… or buts about it!

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Jonathan Hunsaker
Founder, Organixx

Get Your Supply Now Before
We Run Out…

Remember, we only use the finest ingredients, painstaking fermentation and other processes, to ensure you are getting the "best of the best" supplements... but it also means we can only create our products in limited-size batches.

This is not a ploy, it’s just a fact… our current supply of our USDA Organic OrganiGreens will sell out. The only question is how fast.

So, if you’d like to get this revolutionary dehydrated green juice powder to provide powerful nutritional support for healthy immune function, detoxification, and endless energy, then click the button below to get your supply now before we run out…

Organic OrganiGreens

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  1. How is OrganiGreens taken?
  2. OrganiGreens comes in a powder form. Simply mix one scoop with 8-12 ounces of water and enjoy. You can also add it to your favorite smoothie, a glass of juice, soup, bone broth, or soft foods.

  3. How much should I take daily?
  4. Suggested use for adults is 1 scoop of powder a day. One bag can last for 30 days

    Advanced use for adults is 2-3 scoops a day. If you follow this advanced dosing, then one bag will last for 10-15 days; two bags will last up to one month.

  5. Can I store OrganiGreens at room temperature?
  6. Yes. OrganiGreens does not require refrigeration. It is shelf-stable and will remain just as effective at room temperature as it will if refrigerated.

  7. What health benefits will I experience while taking OrganiGreens?
  8. OrganiGreens will fill your “nutritional gaps,” so once you start taking it you could experience better overall health and more energy throughout the day. What you personally experience will depend on your current level of health and how your body responds to the enhanced nutrition of OrganiGreens.

  9. What if I buy multiple packages and decide it’s not for me?
  10. If for any reason you’re not happy with your results – simply return your packages within 1 year of the purchase date (even if they’re empty) and receive a FULL refund of the purchase price.

  11. What are other people saying about OrganiGreens?
  12. G

    5-Star Reviews

    verified user Gloria

    Natural energy lift!

    I love the Organigreens! The taste is perfect. The amount per serving is perfect. The ingredients are awesome... and I feel a natural lift after drinking it. I have purchased countless green drink powders and NONE compare. I pitched them all before completing the container. Thank you for this product. Keep it coming!


    5-Star Reviews

    verified user Lana

    The best greens I’ve found!

    I love this greens product. The fact that it is fermented means that it doesn't upset my tummy and the taste with plain water is pleasant. Also since using it daily I haven't been sick.


    5-Star Reviews

    verified user Beth

    Keeps us healthy!

    This green powder I believe is responsible for keeping our family healthy this winter. We all use it everyday and I will keep re-ordering... simply the best quality AND tastes great!


    5-Star Reviews

    verified user Victoria

    The taste is delicious!

    My day faithfully starts with a blender drink of greens! The taste is delicious and I have had other green powdered drinks. I’ve wasted my money and got not even half the ingredients I get with organic greens.


    5-Star Reviews

    verified user Yvonne


    I have gotten probably 10 people to purchase it. Should you need a rep for this product to sell, I would love to represent the product. AWESOME. I am about to order 6, I keep one in each of my homes, one for my mother, an extra in case we run out, one for two of my sons. Made a major difference in our lives.

  13. Is there any sugar in OrganiGreens?
  14. There is a very small amount of naturally occurring sugar in OrganiGreens - just 2 grams per serving.

  15. Are there any limits to how many packages I can buy?
  16. No, but once our stock has been sold out, then the order button on this page will be replaced by a waiting list. Click the button below to get your personal supply of OrganiGreens right now…

  17. How do I know the ingredients in OrganiGreens are really organic?
  18. OrganiGreens is USDA Organic. This means that our formula is comprised of organic ingredients – and that we have achieved the highest level of federal standards and guidelines as it relates to the quality and source of our ingredients.

    It also means that OrganiGreens contains NO chemicals… ZERO preservatives… and is GMO-FREE!

  19. Can I give OrganiGreens to my kids?
  20. We always recommend consulting with a doctor if there are any worries or concerns in regards to someone taking any Organixx product, including Organixx’s OrganiGreens. And be sure and check that any amount given is appropriate with age and size.

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