Nutrition – Living an INSPIRED Life With Doc Nuzum (video)

Jonathan Hunsaker: How does nutrition affect your health? Stay tuned to find out.
Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx. Thanks for tuning in to our new series, INSPIRED, where we’re talking about the 8 pillars of health. Today we’re talking about the letter N, Nutrition.
Now here’s another acronym for you: SAD: the Standard American Diet. Did you know that most of us are 80% – 90% deficient in the basic nutrients that our body needs to survive and thrive? Let’s go talk to Doc Nuzum for a minute about nutrition and how to get more of those nutrients into our body.
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Alright. Today we’re talking nutrition. Nutrition is providing your system with the raw materials it needs to rebuild itself. Okay?
So, if we compare the Standard American Diet to nutrition, it is very SAD – Standard American Diet. It is a sad diet because it only provides 17 of between 73 and 90 nutrients that you need on a daily basis.
So, if you’ve listened to me before, you’ve probably heard this, but if we went to your car and we randomly removed between 80% and 90% of all the nuts and bolts from your car, how efficiently would it run? If it even turned over, something would break almost instantly, correct? And you would never make it around the corner.
If you’re running your body on the Standard American Diet, it’s only a matter of time before it breaks down because you’re missing so many nuts and bolts. Nutrients are these nuts and bolts.
Let’s talk about dietary nutrition. Dietary nutrition: first off, you need to be eating organic food. Why? Non-organic food will have up to 95% more pesticides and herbicides in it than organic food will. That’s number one.
Number two, organic food is real food. If it’s not organic, chances are today, it’s going to be a GMO. A genetically modified organism is not food. Genetically modified foods are only capable of extracting a handful of nutrients from the soil. Therefore, the plants don’t contain the nutrients and can’t impart them to you.
One of the things we’re finding in GMO research is, when people are consuming GMO foods consistently, the GMO foods are programing their bodies not to absorb nutrients. So, they’re almost acting as an anti-nutrient. That is the second reason why you should eat organic food, right?
The third reason, because of the way organic food is grown, it has a lot more nutrition than conventionally grown produce and conventionally grown foods. When you sprout foods, think of an acorn. You realize the nutrients and the information necessary to grow an entire oak tree is in an acorn? One pumpkin seed can grow a whole vine of multiple pumpkins, right? When you take those seeds and you sprout them, you unlock all of that nutrition, all of that information for your body to incorporate into itself.
When you have sprouted foods that you’re consuming, those sprouted nutrients become way more bioavailable, number one. Number two, you have a vast amount of nutrients that you wouldn’t have in a non-sprouted version of the same food.
The next thing to think about would be organic food, and maybe even sprouted foods, that have been fermented. Through the fermentation process, foods become predigested. So, they become very, very easy for your body to absorb and assimilate. So, these nutrients, these organic nutrients in the organic food, once it’s been fermented, those organic nutrients become way more bioavailable and your body easily absorbs them very quickly.
When it comes to nutrition and when it comes to supplementation, you want to look at organic, sprouted, fermented foods that you can get either in dietary sources or in concentrated supplemental sources.
So, thank you for tuning in today. That was nutrition.
Jonathan Hunsaker: Thanks, Doc. So, let me ask you a question. Do you want to live a SAD life, or do you want to live an INSPIRED life? Because they’re really on the opposite ends of the spectrum. I’m hoping that you want to live an INSPIRED life, and I’m hoping that our videos are helping you to do that. I’m hoping that we’re educating you so that you know how to be healthier and live longer, and most importantly, spend more time with the ones you love.

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  1. Because of all this wonderful information I have completely changed my whole way of eating and also my dogs. I know buy organic foods and have cut most of my sugar addiction. I have more energy. I am looking forward to getting my Organix supplements soon too. A big thank you all for doing this you are changing lives

  2. WONDERFUL information .!!!!! I am learning so much from this series and I’m putting all this new information to work ……right now.!!! Thank you so much for helping us all live better, stronger, more vibrant lives.!!!!!

    • I’m enjoying the wealth of information so I can change my diet and help my family change theirs. I’m looking forward to getting my Organix.

  3. I love this series of brief discussions but I was distracted by the background music. The tempo of the music was faster than the speaker’s words and it made it hard for me to attend to the speaker. Maybe slower music and more in the background would be better for someone like me who really wants to focus only on the material being presented.
    I love you, Ty and Jon, for all that you’re doing to spread the “gospel” of health, happiness, and longevity! I’ve lost many family members to cancer and I’ve been watching since the very first TTAC webinar. I was the “health nut” in my family and I’m the only one who is still alive.

    • I am in total agreement with you regarding this “status quo” music. It is NOT necessary and it is a real distraction, particularly in any informational videos. I watch these videos to learn, NOT to be entertained.
      Ever watch TV? They have background music in most of the commercials too. WHY? Please don’t get me wrong; I love good music when it’s appropriate.

      • Thank you for your feedback about the music, Joseph. We appreciate your opinion and love receiving feedback from our customers in order to give them the best possible experience.

  4. Great information …. fermentation is a new concept to me, so I look forward to putting information in to action with amazing results…. thanks for sharing and rich, radiant blessings to you all.

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