Natural Killer Cells: The "Ninjas" of Your Immune System – "Doc Talks" with Dr. Daniel Nuzum

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Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Okay, so we’re talking about natural killer cells. Natural killer cells are an interesting thing. They’re kind of like the ninja or the samurai of the immune system. They’re the very specialized white blood cells that can go after things without being told to go after them by antibodies.
Natural killer cells are the ones that they go after viruses, okay, and they catch up to cells that have viruses, and they cut open the cell, and they insert a chemical into the—into that cell, and it just disintegrates the cell and the virus, and it’s all done. They’re called natural killer cells because they are—they’re like the assassins of the immune system, okay?
The other thing that natural killer cells go after consistently is cancer cells. And they are the primary attackers of cancer cells in tumor tissue. In cancer therapies, we talk about immunologic activation or activating the immune system to recognize a tumor, so on and so forth. We’re talking about activating the natural killer cells. It’s those natural killer cells that go in, and they’re like the special forces. They go in and go after that tumor. They start dissecting it and cutting it apart, so on and so forth.
So, your natural killer cells are pretty cool. With these natural killer cells, the way to strengthen them, to enhance their function is–has been for years and years, in naturopathic and in oriental medical practices, we’ve used medicinal mushrooms. Medicinal mushrooms are like top of the list for strengthening and reprogramming and enhancing the capacity of your natural killer cells. And what I’ve used for years has been the 7M+.
To recap, they go after virally infected cells and neutralize viruses, and they go after tumor cells, cancer cells, to neutralize those things.
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