What Your Nails Say About Your Health – "Ask the Doc" with Dr. Nuzum

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Jonathan Hunsaker: Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx, thanks again for watching, and we just got a question in that asked, “What are these little ridges on my fingernail?”
Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx, thanks again for watching. We got a question this week asking, “What are the little ridges on my fingernail? What causes that?” Let’s go ask Doc Nuzum now.
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Okay well, in oriental medicine, we have—there are ridges that go long ways down from the cuticle to the end of your fingernail. That is from gut inflammation, gut dysbiosis, and mineral deficiencies are what that points to.
Lines that go across the fingernail, those again, in oriental medicine, that would indicate an oxygen deficiency or not getting enough oxygen into your system.
So, if you have the lines going from the cuticle to the tip of the finger, that typically, in oriental medicine, indicates gut dysbiosis, or gut inflammation, and nutritional deficiencies.
And so, if you have lines going down your fingernails, the types of things you want to be looking at would be green foods, probiotics, minerals, multivitamin-type supplements. Those are the types of things that you would want to use.
You may use fermented foods, like apple cider vinegar and things like that, to help support probiotic functions and things like that, for supporting the gut to heal those types of issues in the fingernails. By supporting gut health and correcting nutritional deficiencies those should—the lines should minimize, right?
If there’s a line going across the fingernail, that points to an oxygen or breathing deficiency. And that would be something we’d need exercise and proper diet, and things that would support lung health and gut health at the same time to correct those.
One of the things you can do to track whether you’re doing the right thing or not, is as your fingernails grow out they should grow out smoother, and the lines should get less and less. As the gut starts to function better and the nutritional deficiencies are filled in again, those lines in your fingernails should either diminish or go away as the fingernail grows out.
Jonathan Hunsaker: Well there you have it.
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    • Hi Pat, the video we presented served as a general guideline and while oriental medicine highly suggests that the ridges from your cuticle to the end of your nails indicate digestive problems, a consultation with your trusted healthcare practitioner will confirm it for you. Have a great day!

      • This is very interesting because I have been wondering why my nails have vertical ridges. I do have stomach problems.

  1. Hello I have a granddaughter 9 years old and she has lines across the fingernail but they’re not really lines their big huge rolling humps that are from one side of the nail to the next.

    • Hi Andrea! The video we presented is just a general guideline about the clues that our nails show in relation to our health. We suggest working with your trusted healthcare practitioner to help diagnose your granddaughter, in order to determine what would work best for her.

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