Probiotics and Enzymes for Leaky Gut? "Ask the Doc"

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Jonathan Hunsaker: Welcome, everyone. On today’s episode of Ask the Doc, we’re talking about using probiotics and enzymes if you have leaky gut syndrome.
Welcome, everyone. Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx. I’m joined by my good friend, Dr. Daniel Nuzum. Thanks for joining us.
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: I’m glad to be here, buddy.
Jonathan Hunsaker: Absolutely. And today’s episode of Ask the Doc, this question comes from Maria. She says, “I love these videos and they are so educating. Thanks a lot. Is it safe to use probiotics and enzymes with a leaky gut syndrome?”
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Oh, my goodness. First off, yes. Yes, would be the first thing. Yes. I would go a step further and say that it’s essential.
In a leaky gut, when you eat, if you eat and you’re not breaking down the food into the most minute particles, those undigested proteins end up getting into the bloodstream through the hyper-permeable leaky gut.
And so, you think of the gut wall as being all knit together nice and tight, kind of like this. If I held my fingers together like this [shows fingers tightly interlaced], I could hold water. And some of it would seep through, but I could hold water, right? If I open that up and I spread my fingers apart, I can’t hold any water, right?
So, the barrier, this barrier, nice and tight, kind of like this; that only allows small things to come through. If I spread that apart, though, much larger things can slip through.
So, that’s what happens in the gut wall when you have leaky gut. As the gut gets inflamed, it swells up and it spreads apart, which makes it hyper-permeable, or leaky. This is why they call it leaky gut.
So, as the inflammation happens, the gut expands, it swells up, then larger particles can seep through.
Well, number one, if you have this happening, you want to use enzymes to break the food down into the very smallest particles possible. Because if you don’t, then you have large particles of food that are undigested, that float into your bloodstream, wreaking havoc on your immune system.
So, every time you eat, you have this immune response similar to being intoxicated, or having the flu, or getting a bug, those types of things. And so, if you do that three times a day, day in and day out, it wears out your immune system, right?
So, number one, enzymes will break the food down well enough, into those small enough particles, so it doesn’t cause such an inflammatory response; number one.
Number two, you need probiotics to go through and start healing that gut. The probiotics are what get in there and they get the inflammation of the gut wall to settle down and for it to start knitting itself back together; pulls itself together again. And as they heal the gut wall, the leaky gut goes away.
So, you need both. You would need an enzyme supplement to break the food down so that it doesn’t become an irritant. This is the same way that we develop food allergies. When we have leaky gut and we eat the same food day in and day out, our body develops an allergy to those foods because those undigested particles keep coming in every time we eat, right?
And so, if we start using an enzyme to break those foods down into the smallest nutrients that they can be broken down into, we don’t have those undigested particles coming in, or we don’t have as much of the undigested particles coming through the mesh.
Then using probiotics on top of that gets that mesh to heal up. So, instead of having a net kind of like this [shows fingers spread apart], we have a net that’s more tightly-knit [ shows fingers close together]. And so, we digest things properly after that.
Jonathan Hunsaker: Excellent, excellent. Let me ask you this. For those that have leaky gut, is there something additional that they can do in addition to probiotics and enzymes? Is there an herb? Is there a food? Is there something that can also help them heal quickly?
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: What I use, clinically what I do with people is I have them detox first. It’s kind of like we want to scrub all that out, get it all cleaned up, so when we introduce those probiotics, they don’t have any competition, they don’t have any waste to deal with, we can move them into nice clean homes. You know what I’m saying?
So, that’s my process, that’s typically what I would do is detox first, then start introducing large amounts of probiotics.
Jonathan Hunsaker: Awesome. Thank you so much, sir. Always a wealth of knowledge. I love learning from you. I hope you guys love learning from Doc as well. Thank you for watching.
If you like what we’re doing subscribe [to our YouTube channel] and we’ll see you in the next episode. Thanks again, Doc.
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Thank you.

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