Can I Detox with Only One Kidney? "Ask the Doc"

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Jonathan Hunsaker: Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx. Thanks for tuning in to another episode of “Ask the Doc.” Today’s question is “Can I detox with only one kidney?”
Let’s ask Doc Nuzum!
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Okay, the question is can you detox if you only have one kidney?
The answer to that would be not only yes, but you should do detoxification or periodic detoxes if you only have one kidney. Here’s the reason why…
If your digestive tract is torn up, and you’re having what’s called leaky gut, and you have all these undigested particles coming into your bloodstream, that starts to gunk up or plug up your liver. When that happens, your liver doesn’t break things down as well, and that in turn causes your kidneys to work harder. That means the kidneys need to filter more.
If the liver isn’t filtering as much as it should, the kidneys, they get the backlash. So, whatever the liver doesn’t clean up, the kidneys have to try to catch. So, if you only have one kidney, you need to make sure your liver’s working as good as possible. You need to reduce inflammation in your gut; you need to get your gut cleaned up, you need to get probiotics and enzymes in that gut so that we minimize any leaky gut that could be happening in that gut, number one.
Number two, we’ve got to clean that liver out. That liver needs to be detoxified on a periodic basis. Detoxifying is kind of like cleaning your kitchen. If you have a filthy kitchen and you want to make dinner, you have to clean the kitchen first before you go back and make dinner, correct? The kitchen doesn’t function well if it’s dirty.
Your filters in your body, your kidneys and your liver, if they’re filthy, if they’re full of toxins, they don’t function well. And so, if you want to make that kidney last as long as possible, you need to clean it out periodically, and you need to keep your liver cleaned out so that it doesn’t stress your kidney with toxins that it’s not filtering.
I hope that clears up our question as to whether or not you should detox if you only have one kidney, or is it safe to detox if you only have one kidney.

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