Protecting Your Iodine Receptor Sites From Toxins: "Ask the Doc"

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Jonathan Hunsaker: Welcome everyone to today’s episode of Ask the Doc where we’re talking about iodine and iodine receptors.
Welcome, everyone. Jonathan Hunsaker here with another episode of “Ask the Doc,” and I’m fortunate enough to have Doc right here with me. So, I figured I’ll just ask you right now. We get a lot of questions from those [at home] and now is just the perfect time for me to get these answers from Doc.
So, Doc, our first question here is “If my iodine receptor sites are filled with other halides, how does iodine replace them?”
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Okay, well, with—it’s something interesting, is your cells will hold on to whatever they have, okay? And they’ll hold onto that until there’s something better. So, if they—if those iodine receptor sites are filled up with other halogens, with bromine, fluorine, chlorine, these other elements, the cells won’t release those toxins until there’s an ample amount of iodine in the system to fit into those receptor sites. So, it won’t let go of the bad until there’s plenty of good to fill those spots.
Jonathan Hunsaker: So, once there’s plenty of good there, right, so let’s say that you’re taking our organic iodine, you have to have enough there for it to release the bad?
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Right.
Jonathan Hunsaker: And will it just automatically, will it naturally want to release the bad and absorb the good?
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Yes, and if you’re on it long enough, there’s cellular turnover. As new cells are being formed and you have the presence of that iodine, those new cells are going to pick up that iodine. And with time, eventually, you have a transition. You go from cells plugged up with these toxins to cells full of these nutrients.
Jonathan Hunsaker: Awesome. Thank you, Doc. To show us your love, if you like this format where it’s Doc and I together; if so, be sure to subscribe to our channel and stay tuned for our next episode. Thanks again, Doc.

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