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Maitake Mushroom: 10 Ways This Mighty “Hen of the Woods” Can Bolster Health & Healing

Reading Time: 9 minutes Grifola frondosa, maitake mushroom, and hen of the woods… 3 names for an edible & medicinal mushroom that’s a treasure trove for your health. Here’s why.


Essential Oils for Pets: What Works and What to Avoid

Reading Time: 13 minutes Get the scoop on how to use essential oils for pets to enhance the health and well-being of your four-legged family members. What to do and what to avoid.


Astragalus: Super Root for Lifelong Wellness

Reading Time: 7 minutes Astragalus is a true miracle herb that can super-charge your immune system, help with detoxification, and give you vibrant longevity!


Reishi Mushroom Health Benefits: 11 Reasons to Love Lingzhi

Reading Time: 7 minutes Ancient healers and modern-day researchers alike have uncovered a vast array of reishi mushroom benefits. Here’s what you need to know.

Camu Camu: A Vitamin C Powerhouse for Health & Beauty

Reading Time: 5 minutes Get the inside scoop on camu camu – the amazing rainforest botanical with the highest levels of vitamin C for immune system strength and collagen synthesis.

What Is Povidone Iodine and How Is It Different From Nascent Iodine?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Confused about the different types of iodine? We dive into two common types – povidone iodine and nascent iodine – to explain how they’re best used.

Why You Need Enzymes for Good Digestion & Health (+ 8 Signs You May Have an Enzyme Deficiency)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Did you know enzymes are responsible for regulating every system of the body? Here’s why an enzyme deficiency can have serious consequences for your health.

3 Reasons Why People Over 60 Need Probiotics

3 Reasons Why People Over 60 Need Probiotics

Reading Time: 7 minutes Both men and women over 60 need probiotic support more than any other age group. Discover 3 reasons why probiotics for seniors are important.

Essential Oils for Hot Flashes & 9 Other Symptoms of Menopause

Essential Oils for Hot Flashes and 9 Other Symptoms of Menopause

Reading Time: 14 minutes Are you going through “the change”? Discover the best essential oils for hot flashes and other common symptoms of menopause.

woman eating probiotic yogurt with title of article

Probiotics Benefits for Women: 7 Reasons You Need Probiotics & What to Look For

Reading Time: 7 minutes There are numerous probiotics benefits for women, including preventing yeast overgrowth. Discover tips for getting (and keeping) your gut health in balance.

Looking for the Best Collagen Supplement? What You Need to Know

Looking for the Best Collagen Supplement? What You Need to Know

Reading Time: 9 minutes Confused about collagen? Get the inside scoop on how to buy the best collagen supplement that will serve your health & beauty needs.

woman holding diagram demonstrating gut health

What Is Lactobacillus Plantarum and Why Is It So Good for You?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Think all bacteria are “bad”? Discover why Lactobacillus plantarum probiotic is not only “good”, but a rising superstar when it comes to your health.

woman holding heart in hands with article title: Collagen and Heart Health

Collagen and Heart Health: What’s the Connection?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Did you know there’s a connection between collagen and heart health? Discover what the research shows and what kind of collagen to look for.

epimedium plant with article title

Epimedium: Nature’s Alternative to the “Little Blue Pill”

Reading Time: 5 minutes Epimedium has been used for centuries to help counter fatigue and sexual dysfunction and boost both male and female libido. Find out more.

ginger and ginger essential oil with article title

16 Uses & Benefits for Ginger Essential Oil Uses (+ Application Tips)

Reading Time: 9 minutes Ginger essential oil the most concentrated form of ginger. Discover 16 researched ginger & ginger essential oil uses, as well as several ways to apply it!

3 Essential Oil DIY Skin Care Recipes

Reading Time: 14 minutes DIY skincare has a lot of advantages over harsh products you buy. Learn how to make 3 easy, anti-aging skin care recipes at home with essential oils.

cat's claw bark with article title

Cat’s Claw Herb: A Rainforest Remedy for Mind & Body Health

Reading Time: 5 minutes Discover the benefits of cat’s claw herb, an amazing rainforest herb that is traditionally used to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and so much more.

Collagen for Weight Loss? Here’s What the Science Says

Collagen for Weight Loss? Here’s What the Science Says

Reading Time: 4 minutes Collagen is well-known for its ability to help restore skin, joint & gut health and rebuild hair, nails & teeth… But what about collagen for weight loss?


Turmeric and Black Pepper: The Best Way to Take Turmeric?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Is turmeric and black pepper a winning combo? How can you get the most benefit from the turmeric you consume or take in supplement form? Get the scoop here.

How to Get the Best Results From Your Organixx Supplements

Reading Time: 8 minutes Here’s a quick overview of the Organixx supplement line. Learn what they are, how to use them, and even some healthy recipes you can make.

Collagen vs Bone Broth: What’s the Difference & Which Do You Need?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Collagen vs bone broth. What do these supplements do, how are they different, and is it a good idea to take one or both? Get the inside scoop here.

Understanding Collagen: The 3 Main Types of Collagen & Their Unique Health Benefits

Understanding Collagen: The 3 Main Types of Collagen & Their Unique Health Benefits

Reading Time: 5 minutes Did you know there are several kinds of collagen, and each one can benefit your body in different ways? Discover which type(s) of collagen is best for you.

Hair Loss or Thinning? Collagen Might Be the Answer for You!

Hair Loss or Thinning? Studies Show Collagen Can Help

Reading Time: 5 minutes When the body has enough collagen at its disposal, you can have thicker and more lustrous locks. Here’s what you need to know about collagen for hair.

Dong Quai: Restore Proper Order With The Chinese “Empress of Herbs”

Dong Quai: Restore Proper Order With the Chinese “Empress of Herbs”

Reading Time: 6 minutes You’ve likely never heard of it, but the benefits of dong quai are well known and it’s a popular anti-aging health product in China, Japan, and Korea.

Vitamin C and Collagen: What’s the Connection?

Vitamin C and Collagen: What’s the Connection?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Did you know that both low collagen and low vitamin C can lead to saggy skin, wrinkles, and chronic disease? Discover more about vitamin C and collagen.

How Collagen Improves Skin Health and Firmness

How Collagen Improves Skin Health and Firmness

Reading Time: 8 minutes Have you heard the buzz about collagen for skin? Discover what science has to say, plus 5 tips to help your skin produce more collagen naturally.

5 Common Sources of Radiation Exposure to Be Aware Of

Reading Time: 6 minutes Most people are aware of deadly radiation from events such as Chernobyl and Fukushima, but are unaware of everyday radiation dangers.

10 dngredients you Don't want in your multi-vitamin

10 Ingredients You Don’t Want In Your Multivitamin

Reading Time: 7 minutes The multivitamin ingredients in many drugstore brands aren’t always what you think they are. Learn 10 common “other ingredients” to watch out for.

What is Nutrient Malabsorption?

Nutrient Malabsorption: What It Is and What to Do About It

Reading Time: 8 minutes If left unchecked it can lead to a host of health issues, including serious disease. Discover why nutrient malabsorption is far more common than you think.

10 Countries Where People Eat Insects for Food (#10 Will Surprise You)

10 Countries Where People Eat Insects for Food (#10 Will Surprise You)

Reading Time: 5 minutes Have you tried bug-based food? See 10 countries that are eating insects as a normal part of their diet, and why it can be beneficial.

Is Cricket Protein Powder Really a Gut-Friendly Superfood?

Is Cricket Protein Powder Really a Gut-Friendly Superfood?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Maintaining a healthy diet can be hard. Discover a surprising superfood that’s both gut-friendly AND packed with nutrients: cricket protein powder!

Overcoming Malnutrition in Nicaragua: Organixx Bone Broth Supplement Donation

Reading Time: 3 minutes We are focused on our mission to get everyone on the planet as healthy as they can be. Read this heartwarming story from a recent bone broth donation!

How to Diffuse Essential Oils

How to Diffuse Essential Oils (+ 14 Reasons Why)

Reading Time: 11 minutes Learn 14 compelling reasons to diffuse essential oils along with some of the best known methods of diffusing PLUS advantages and disadvantages for each.

supplementing with iodine

Supplementing With Iodine? Make Sure It’s the Right Kind for You!

Reading Time: 7 minutes Iodine is essential for every bodily function. If you’re not getting enough in your diet an iodine supplement is beneficial. Here are the 4 main types.

Woman Sees Doctor About iodine benefits

10 Iodine Health Benefits (& Why We Need More of It)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Iodine is required for most functions in the body yet most people are deficient in this vital substance. Here are 10 iodine benefits & why you need enough.

Essential Oils Being Made

What Are Essential Oils? 21 Facts About Essential Oils You May Not Know

Reading Time: 8 minutes You’ve likely heard of them, but what exactly are essential oils and why are they so popular? Many of these facts about essential oils may surprise you!

Family Holding Hands Over a Vitamin D Banner

Falling Vitamin D Levels & What to Do About This Global Health Crisis

Reading Time: 8 minutes Low vitamin D levels are becoming an epidemic around the world – even in places where there’s lots of sunshine. Find out why and steps you can take.

resh faced young female holding lemon slices and smiling..Light retouching, skin texture intact!"

Lemon Oil Uses: A Citrus Delight with a Powerful Bite

Reading Time: 7 minutes Lemon and lemon essential oil has so much to offer! From culinary delights to serious health benefits, check out these amazing lemon oil uses.

Scientist Mixing Essential Oils

Tea Tree Oil Benefits: This Powerful Essential Oil is a Germ Destroyer

Reading Time: 6 minutes Discover the tale of what started the world’s love affair with the melaleuca tree and the amazing tea tree oil benefits.

Bouquet of Lavender

Lavender Oil Uses: From Holy Anointing to Modern Healing

Reading Time: 7 minutes For more than 2,500 years people have been using lavender medicinally and religiously. Here are some of the most beneficial modern day lavender oil uses.

Eucalyptus Vile on a wicker basket

Eucalyptus Oil Benefits: The Enticing Essential Oil From Down Under

Reading Time: 7 minutes You’d likely recognize the scent of this highly aromatic essential oil. Now discover the many eucalyptus oil benefits for your health.

The Benefits of Collagen for Healthy Skin & Joints (+ 5 Ways to Make More of It)

The Benefits of Collagen for Healthy Skin & Joints (+ 5 Ways to Make More of It)

Reading Time: 7 minutes Collagen is a vital protein for healthy skin and joints. Discover the benefits of collagen and 5 ways to help your body make more of it.

op view of glass bowls against wood: kimchi, red beets, apple cider vinegar, coconut milk yogurt, cucumber pickles, sauerkraut

Fermented Supplements: Why the Gut Benefits of Fermented Foods Also Apply to Supplements

Reading Time: 6 minutes You may be familiar with all the gut health benefits of fermented foods, but do you know all the advantages of fermented supplements? If not, read on!

Clove oil in a bottle close-up on the table. horizontal, rustic style

Clove Oil for Toothache and Dental Care in Ancient & Modern Times

Reading Time: 5 minutes Discover why clove oil for toothache and gum pain is a perennial favorite and DIY recipes for healthy dental care products using clove essential oil.

Mature woman with soft, smooth skin looking to the mirror.

Top 6 Ways to Reverse Aging Naturally (Without Surgery)

Reading Time: 5 minutes Discover 6 actions that are the “recipe” to reverse aging. Not only can they help you live a long life, but a vibrant one as well.

Happy young woman enjoying sunny morning on the bed

The Top 5 Essential Oils for Energy Support

Reading Time: 5 minutes Instead of reaching for that second (or third) cup of coffee, check out these “Top 5” essential oils for energy & an emotional boost instead.

Myrrh is an aromatic resin, used for religious rites, incense and perfumes

4 Ways That Myrrh Supports a Healthy Body

Reading Time: 6 minutes Throughout the ages this aromatic resin has proven itself invaluable for a variety of special purposes. Discover some of the key health benefits of myrrh.

How to find the best multivitamin

How to Find the Best Multivitamin: 5 Facts Every Educated Consumer Needs to Know

Reading Time: 8 minutes One-third of all Americans takes a multivitamin, but they’re not created equally. Here are 5 tips on finding the best multivitamin to support your health.

Blue Lab Glove Holds Vile of Vitamin D Test

Vitamin D Deficiency: How Much Do Adults Really Need?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Why is vitamin D so critical for good health and how can you recognize the symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency? Find out here.

Turmeric Powder in A bowl

6 Ways Turmeric Essential Oil Supports a Healthy Body

Reading Time: 8 minutes You’ve likely heard of benefits of turmeric and/or curcumin. Turmeric essential oil is even more concentrated than the root its extracted from.

Woman Feeling Pain Looks Towards Essential Oils

6 of the Best Essential Oils for Pain

Reading Time: 10 minutes Essential oil companies can’t promote essential oils for pain, but researchers have been studying their effects. Here is some of what they’ve uncovered.


6 Powerful Health Benefits of Cordyceps Mushroom

Reading Time: 5 minutes Traditional healers and modern medicine both use cordyceps sinesis for its healing abilities. Find out what makes the cordyceps mushroom so unique.

Essential Oil Surrounded By Long Blonde Flowing Hair

5 of the Best Essential Oils for Hair

Reading Time: 10 minutes Whether your hair is dry, greasy, flaky, or falling out, chances are there’s an essential oil that can help. Discover 5 of the best essential oils for hair.

Natural Oils Surrounded by a Flower Garden

12 Top Essential Oils and Their Uses (60+ Tips & Ideas)

Reading Time: 15 minutes There must be thousands of ways to use essential oils! Discover these 12 basic essential oils and 60+ ways to use them to enhance your health.

Ashwagandha & Ashwagandha Powder in a Bowl

6 Health Benefits of Ashwagandha (aka “Indian Ginseng”)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Numerous studies have been carried out on the health benefits of ashwagandha. Here’s a closer look at the scientific evidence for this superstar herb.

Bowl of Basil Ready for Grinding

Health Benefits of Holy Basil: Ayurveda's "Sacred Herb"

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Holy Basil plant (also known as Tulsi) is revered by many for its near-miraculous healing potential. Discover the numerous health benefits of Holy Basil.