Do you wake up feeling rested, or are your dragging yourself through your day? In this video Ty & Jon - through the letter R (Rest) - discuss the importance of rest, and some helpful tips for getting more sleep.

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“R” Rest – INSPIRED | The 8 Pillars of Health explained by Jon & Ty

Some of us are sleeping eight hours a night, but it’s not giving us what we need. Today, we talk about the letter “R” (Rest) in the INSPIRED health formula.

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Trouble Sleeping? 10 Possible Reasons (+ Helpful Solutions!)

Outside of more complex sleeping disorders, there are 10 major reasons why people have trouble sleeping. Here are the major culprits & helpful solutions.

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Rest – Living an INSPIRED Life With Doc Nuzum (video)

In this video, we’re talking about the letter R, Rest. Are you getting enough sleep? One of the biggest questions is, how much sleep or rest do you need?

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The Importance of Sleep and Why We Need More of It

Sleep is as crucial as food for keeping you alive, yet most adults don’t get enough. Discover the importance of sleep for maintaining your health.

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Can’t Sleep? Try These 5 Best Essential Oils for Sleep

Sleep issues are common yet sleeping pills have many side effects. Here are 5 of the best essential oils for sleep to try instead.

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