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My Struggle To Quit Smoking with Rachel Pader: Inspired Health Journey

Meet Rachel who experienced a health crisis in her late 20s. Learn about her motivation to stop smoking and make health her priority.

Woman over age 50 getting ready to exercise with title of article

The Best Exercises for Women Over 50

What are the best exercises for women over 50? The ones that work with your body to provide adrenal support! Get the inside scoop here.

Sore, Aching Muscles? How Massage Therapy & Essential Oils Can Help

Massage therapy and essential oils can do wonders to help the body heal. Here’s how and the best essential oils for massage.

What Causes a Sore Lower Back? (+ Best Back Exercises) "Doc Talks"

Causes of Back Pain and Exercises to Ease It: "Doc Talks"

Do you suffer with a sore back? Doc Nuzum explains the most frequent causes of lower back pain and the best exercises that can help.

Best Physical Exercises For Beginners "Doc Talks"

Best Physical Exercises for Beginners: "Doc Talks" with Dr. Nuzum

Are you feeling inspired to start your own exercise routine this new year? Dr. Nuzum reveals the best exercise for beginners in today’s “Doc Talks!”

Is Rebounding Safe for Everyone? "Ask the Doc" with Dr. Nuzum "Ask the Doc" (People jumping on trampolines.)

Is Rebounding Safe for Everyone? "Ask the Doc" with Dr. Nuzum

Rebounding exercise is a fun way of moving your body that’s especially great for your lymphatic system. But is it safe for everyone? Join Doc to find out!

“Do You Lose Iodine Stores From Sweating?” “Ask the Doc”

Do You Lose Iodine Stores From Sweating? “Ask the Doc”

Can heavy sweating deplete iodine stores? What about other important minerals? Doc Nuzum’s got the solution in this installment of “Ask the Doc.”

What Is Kegel Exercise? (And Why Both Men & Women Need a Strong Pelvic Floor)

What Is Kegel Exercise? (And Why Both Men & Women Need a Strong Pelvic Floor)

Kegel exercises can help prevent embarrassing pelvic floor disorders like incontinence. Discover what kegel exercise is, how to do it, and why you need it.

Why Exercise Is Good for the Gut (& Not Just for Making It Smaller!)

Discover the surprising connection between exercise and your microbiome as we take a look at what constitutes a “healthy gut.”

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8 Tips for Getting the Maximum Benefits of Walking

Did you know that just 30 minutes of movement a day can lead to weight loss and improved health? Follow these 8 tips to make sure you get the maximum benefits of walking.

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7 Ways Physical Activity Keeps Us Healthy (& Happy!)

Physical activity is one of the best things you can do to support your health. Here are 7 ways physical exercise can lead to a happier, healthier life.

How Much Exercise Do You Really Need? - "Doc Talks" with Dr. Daniel Nuzum

How Much Exercise Do You Really Need? "Doc Talks" with Dr. Daniel Nuzum

How much exercise do you need to be getting each week? Watch this installment of “Doc Talks” to find out!

5 Morning Stretches for a Stress-Free Life

5 Morning Stretches for a Stress-Free Life

Do you want to start your day with a healthy body and mind? Check out our top 5 morning stretches, and how they can leave you feeling stress-free.

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6 Ways to Kick-Start Your Workout Program (Even if You've Fallen Off the Exercise Wagon)

Discover 6 great ways to kick-start your workout program. Experience the health benefits of exercise, and how to keep your routine going strong.

Woman stretching before her trampoline workout

The Rebounder: How Bouncing On a Mini-Trampoline Helps Prevent Disease

The rebounder trampoline is used for low-impact exercise and has many benefits. Discover why rebounding is a top exercise for overall disease prevention.

Physical Exercise – Living an INSPIRED Life With Doc Nuzum (video)

We’re continuing our series on INSPIRED: The 8 Pillars of Health. In this video, we’re focused on the letter P: Physical Exercise.

Young Woman Yawning at Work Due to Sitting All Day

10 Ways to Sit Less & Move More at Home or in the Office

Most Americans spend at least 13 hours a day sitting. Discover why that’s a problem for your health and some fun & easy ways to move more during the day.