Watch this video to discover what Ty and Jon have to say about the letter I (Inflammation), the healing process, and steps you can take each day to naturally reduce inflammation levels in your body.

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“I” Inflammation – INSPIRED | The 8 Pillars of Health explained by Jon & Ty

We’re doing a whole series about INSPIRED, and we’re going to go letter by letter. Jon and Ty introduce the first letter in INSPIRED: Inflammation.

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Inflammation – Living an INSPIRED Life With Doc Nuzum (video)

Inflammation is a response the body has to irritation. Inflammation is always caused by an irritation of some sort. So, what are these irritations?

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5 Antioxidant-Rich Foods That Fight Inflammation

Chronic inflammation causes serious health problems. Discover 5 good-for-you foods that help calm inflammation naturally.

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What Causes Inflammation? The Top 10 Worst Offenders

Inflammation is a necessary part of our natural immune response to protect the body but it can quickly get out of control. Here’s what causes inflammation.

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The Benefits of Collagen for Healthy Skin & Joints (+ 5 Ways to Make More of It)

Collagen is a vital protein for healthy skin and joints. Discover the benefits of collagen and 5 ways to help your body make more of it.

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The Numerous Health Benefits of Turmeric

The health benefits of turmeric have long been known by ancient healers. Discover this powerful anti-inflammatory and disease-fighting root for yourself.

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