Detoxing is all about ridding your body of harmful stuff, so the good and nourishing stuff can flourish. It’s your first step to healthy living. In this video Jon & Ty discuss - through the letter D (Detoxification) - how and why we need to detox, and Ty shares one of his favorite detoxification substances.

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“D” Detoxification – INSPIRED | The 8 Pillars of Health explained by Jon & Ty

You hear a lot about detoxification, but what exactly does that mean? Today we cover the last letter of INSPIRED: “D” for Detoxication.

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Detox – Living an INSPIRED Life With Doc Nuzum (video)

Today, we talk about the last letter in INSPIRED, D, for Detox. Doc shares that toxins in our system are irritants, and irritation causes inflammation.

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Could Your Pet’s Drinking Water Be Making Them Sick?

Your pet’s drinking water quality truly has an impact on their health and wellbeing. Check out these five tips to get them hydrated and healthy.

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Are Air Fresheners Toxic for Pets… and People?

They’re heavily advertised… but are air fresheners toxic to people and pets? If so, what are some safer alternatives to having a home that smells great?

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Detox Water Recipes: 5 Refreshing Ways to Stay Healthy & Hydrated

Detox waters are designed to refresh, invigorate, and infuse the body with hydration and nutrients. Learn 5 new easy-to-make detox water recipes.

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Detox Your Liver Naturally! (+ 7 Tips for a Healthy Liver)

In an age of increased toxic load, the liver should be cleansed regularly. A liver detox can help keep this vital detoxification pathway running smoothly.

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What Every Man Needs to Know About Male Hormone Health

There are many things in the modern world that can directly interfere with male hormone production. Find out what they are and how to avoid the damage.

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Endocrine Disruptors: What Women Need to Avoid to Protect Their Hormones

You can’t live without hormones. Discover how to support the proper balance of your hormones and 8 harmful endocrine disruptors that confuse the body.

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Brain Health: 10 Tips for Keeping “Senior Moments” at Bay

Good brain health isn’t a given. Just like a healthy body, there are actions you can take that will help keep your mind sharp. Here are 10 great ways.

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DIY Non Toxic Cleaner with Essential Oils (Recipe)

Most cleaning products contain toxic chemicals that aren’t good for your health. Try this recipe for a non toxic cleaner that features essential oils.

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DIY Essential Oil Body Wash (Recipe)

Typical soaps and body washes often contain harmful chemicals. Avoid these 11 soap ingredients and make your own essential oil body wash.

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Rosemary Mint Essential Oil Shampoo (Recipe)

The very best way to know what’s in your personal care products is to make your own. Here’s an easy essential oil shampoo recipe you can mix up at home.

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5 of the Best Essential Oils for Hair

Whether your hair is dry, greasy, flaky, or falling out, chances are there’s an essential oil that can help. Discover 5 of the best essential oils for hair.

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How to Make Your Own Healthy Toothpaste (Recipe included)

Drugstore brand toothpastes often contain chemicals that aren’t the safest for your body. Here’s a recipe for an easy-to-make healthy toothpaste.

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