INSPIRED is our Health Mission - An Overview of Living an INSPIRED Life


inspired health formula with ty and jon

INSPIRED is our Health Mission – An Overview of Living an INSPIRED Life

Video Transcript

Jonathan Hunsaker: Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx, and I have my good friend and business partner, Ty Bollinger, here in my kitchen joining me.

Ty Bollinger: We want to share a little bit with you about how we came up with INSPIRED for Organixx, right? And why we use that acronym to represent the company.

Jonathan Hunsaker: What’s a word – an acronym that really represents Organixx? And we came up with INSPIRED. And let’s talk about what INSPIRED means, because INSPIRED really represents the 8 pillars of health.

Ty Bollinger: So, INSPIRED is an acronym, and the I-N-S-P-I-R-E-D stands for what we believe are the 8 pillars of health.

I, being number one, is Inflammation. A lot of the physicians that we interviewed for The Truth About Cancer series believe that inflammation is the number one root cause of most chronic diseases. So, we put that as number one – Inflammation.

N is Nutrition. Nutrition is of huge importance when it comes to overall health.

So, I-N-S, Supplementation. We have to supplement. Why? Well, food’s important, but the food supply’s been compromised. The quality of the soil has been compromised. It’s almost impossible to get everything that you need to out of just food.

P: Physical Exercise. We’ve got to move. One of the main reasons we have to move is to pump our lymphatic system.

Following the P is another I, and that’s the Immune System. And so, the movement is essential in order to stimulate the immune system, to make the lymphatic system work.

R is Rest. We have to rest, and if we don’t rest, if we don’t recuperate, then the rest of the stuff doesn’t really matter if we’re not resting enough. We’ve got to get enough physical rest.

And then E stands for Emotions. And the emotions are oftentimes overlooked when it comes to total health. We have to have emotions that facilitate health.

Last but not least is Detoxification. We have to detoxify. We have to detoxify our emotions that we just talked about, we also have to detoxify the different organs in our body.

Jonathan Hunsaker: And I think we really cover every base inside of INSPIRED. I mean if you’re looking to live a happy, healthy life, focus on each one of those letters and you will. Just naturally you will. We want to build a whole movement around living an INSPIRED life and have that mean something.

We’re going to start a series as well, where we ask some of our viewers to send in videos of them living INSPIRED lives, so we’re writing stories about INSPIRED lives. What does INSPIRED mean to you? What does it mean to you to live an INSPIRED life?

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