Natural Remedies for Insomnia: "Doc Talks" with Dr. Daniel Nuzum

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Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Question is, are there natural remedies for insomnia? The answer is yes!
In the Organixx line, real quick, there are some things that would help with the front end on insomnia.
Insomnia, many times, is caused by an adrenal issue. When the adrenal glands are very fatigued, a lot of times when you wake up in the morning, you’ll have no energy until it’s time to go to bed at night. And all of a sudden you have some energy. That’s just a common; very, very, very common symptom of adrenal fatigue.
We have some things in the Organixx line to help with that component. They help with supporting healthy adrenal function. And those would be T-Plexx for men along with the Meta-Plexx, or E-Plexx for women along with the Meta-Plexx.
But aside from that, there are other things that would be very beneficial in the evening to help someone get to sleep and stay asleep.
One of my favorite remedies is melatonin. I love melatonin. I use it with patients all the time.
Another remedy is valerian root. Valerian root is an herb. It was known for years as herbal valium.
The herb Kava is very, very good. Kava is very good for anxiety. It helps to take the edge off of things for people; a very, very calming herb.
And then also passionflower.
These all help to calm the person and help them relax. Those would be my go-to herbals and my go-to remedies.
And the other thing is magnesium. One of the most consistent magnesium deficiency signs is stinky feet. Whether they’re wearing shoes or not. Those folks are running low in magnesium.
Another thing is muscle cramps. They have cramping muscles, muscles that spasm and won’t release. That’s from a magnesium deficiency.
Another sign of magnesium deficiency is when someone can fall asleep at night, but then they wake up and they can’t stay asleep. It’s like they fall asleep quickly, but they wake up quickly, and they don’t stay asleep for very long periods of time.
The combination of the melatonin, which tells the body it’s time to go to sleep, and then the calming herbs: the valerian, the Kava, and the passionflower, those helped very much with getting someone to sleep. But then magnesium is extremely helpful in helping people stay asleep while they’re sleeping at night.
So those are my basic remedies for insomnia.
Jonathan Hunsaker: I hope you enjoyed today’s video.
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