Inflammation – Living an INSPIRED Life With Doc Nuzum (video)

Jonathan Hunsaker: Inflammation hurts, but did you know there’s ways to minimize it and even eliminate it altogether? Stay tuned to find out.
Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx. Thanks for tuning in. And we’re going to kick off a new initiative here that we’re calling INSPIRED, and INSPIRED is an acronym, and it stands for the 8 pillars of health – Inflammation, Nutrition, Supplementation, Physical Exercise, Immune System (or boosting the immune system), Rest, Emotions, and Detoxification. That’s what INSPIRED stands for, and we’re going to have a whole wealth of information coming out on each one of those letters, or subjects, in more detail as the weeks and months come.
So, today we’re going to talk about the first letter, I. Inflammation. Let’s go talk to Doc.
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Okay. Well, today we’re talking about inflammation. Inflammation is a response the body has to irritation. The body only has inflammatory responses when it’s triggered. If we can do things to minimize the exposure to triggers, number one, and to enhance the body’s ability to handle things, we don’t have as much inflammation occurring in our system then.
Inflammation is always caused by an irritation of some sort. What are these irritations?
Well, we have toxins. When toxins come into the system, they cause irritation. Think if you eat some bad food, what happens to your gut? It gets inflamed. A mosquito bites you, what happens to that location? It gets irritated and then it gets inflamed, correct? Okay. So, the body’s response to irritation is always inflammation. You sprain your ankle, what happens to your ankle? It gets inflamed, right? The sprain was the irritation, it was the accident, the trauma, correct? The response was inflammation.
The body always does this. Any time it has an inflammatory response, it’s because something triggered it. Things like food sensitivities will trigger inflammation. We have toxins will trigger inflammation. We have trauma will trigger inflammatory responses. And trauma can be you sprained your ankle, or you had a spat with your spouse, or you had bad news about the kid’s school or something. There’s all kinds of things that can be traumatic for a person and their—the body’s response to that is always the same. Trauma always is an irritant and it always causes an inflammatory response of some sort.
Another thing that raises our threshold, or puts our threshold closer to our limit, is nutritional deficiencies. If you are nutritionally deficient, your body doesn’t have the capacity to handle a whole lot before an inflammatory response is triggered.
So, by correcting nutritional deficiencies, reducing exposure to both toxins and known dietary either allergens or irritants, and then consuming things like adaptogens and natural anti-inflammatories, you have turmeric, you have ginger, you have enzymes, those are all natural anti-inflammatories, you consume those types of things to help your body manage inflammation so it doesn’t get overrun by inflammation.
Jonathan Hunsaker: Awesome. Thanks, Doc. And thank you guys for watching. Listen, we’re trying to come up with all kinds of ways to reach you and reach the world and get everybody healthier. And we hope that INSPIRED does that. So, I’m hoping you live a more inspired life. I hope our videos help you live a more inspired and healthier life.
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  1. My sincere thanks to you guys for being a great inspiration to countless others. May God continue to inspire u with the knowledge and wisdom to continue on doing His will.?

  2. Much appreciated !!This is very helpful and important information.
    Knowledge is Power
    Therefore feel empowered to take further action with this guidance
    Namaste ??

  3. Great video and very easy to understand that we need to keep our eye on our “inspired” way of living. Eat well, Live well and avoid stress as much as you can. If you can’t change it, try to let go.
    Thanks for sharing and I will put this on my website.

  4. Love the information! Very concise and quick which makes it easy to fit into a busy day.
    Is it possible to eliminate the back ground music?? It can be distracting. Thank you for all you do to contribute to our health and well being.

  5. Jonathan knowledge is beinging able to decide for ones self which is very important.
    Thank you for this information.

  6. This explanation on Inflammation is so clearly and simply presented that I found it very useful. Thank you. I am looking forward to the next talk on Nutrition tomorrow.

  7. Thank you for the very interesting and useful information on how to live whole and well. It does not only address the ailment but the underlying root cause of the ailment. Well presented , practical and simplified. Bring them on INSPIRED and God bless you more????

  8. I recently purchased TTAC and was referred to the website for products. I have not been able to find any of the Optimoxx products. Why is that?

  9. Great info and knew alot about what was said.Been inundated with so much about all of this through watching “TTAC” docu series with Ty Bollinger and “The Sacred Plant” with John Malanka and “Chris Beat Cancer”…all four of them.Overload of knowledge. Will be awaiting for the next video.Thanks for doing all of this.Want to be as knowledgeable as possible as i dealt with colorectal cancer in 2016( unfortunately, i went through chemo and radiation AND surgery) Had 3/4 of my large intestine removed.Wish i knew what i know now about alternative medicine back then to go the much safer route.I, also, had my main abdominal artery rupture the same year.Also found out then, too, i had celiac disease.Yeah, 2016 was a very down time of a year for me, medically.Glad its behind me.I have been doing the healthy diet plan(veggies/fruits, smoothies, gluten free products, etc) and am slowly getting rid of the “chemical” stuff i use and using much more friendly/toxic free stuff….soap, shampoo, tooth paste, purified water. I want to be a full blown cancer conquerer so i can share my journey with as many people that i can, as i have seen many others share their journies in all the docu series that i have watched.Thank you.

    • What an inspiring story, Paul! Thank you very much for taking the time to share your health journey with us. Stay healthy and keep being a positive influence to others!

    • Sorry about that, Larry. We appreciate your feedback and will use your suggestion to create better content in the future. In the mean time, clicking on the “CC option” to show the closed captions of the video. Hope that helps!

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