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Are You Too Clean? The “Hygiene Hypothesis” and Why Not All Bacteria Is Bad

Reading Time: 6 minutes Have you heard about the “hygiene hypothesis”? Discover why being a “germaphobe” may actually make you sicker instead of healthier in the long term.

Marijuana as Medicine: "Health Talks" with John Malanca

Marijuana As Medicine with John Malanca "Health Talks"

Reading Time: 4 minutes Uncover SOME of the many benefits of medical marijuana & learn from a revolutionary who’s changing the stigma on nature’s most versatile plant.

How Healthy Are You? Take These 6 Simple DIY Tests to Find Out

Reading Time: 7 minutes Is “getting healthier” your goal? Discover some home health testing methods that can help you determine how you’re doing health-wise.

5 Ways Collagen Can Help Soothe the Gut

Reading Time: 6 minutes If you suffer from an autoimmune disorder, gut issues, or stress… read on to discover the important connection between collagen and gut health.

How the Immune System Works

How the Immune System Works (+ 8 Ways to Give It a Boost!)

Reading Time: 7 minutes The immune system is a powerful defense against bacteria, fungi, toxins & malignant cells that can lead to cancer. Here’s how the immune system works.

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Essential Oils for Headache and More: Cold & Flu Busters to Keep on Hand This Season

Reading Time: 8 minutes Check out these 4 “top picks” of essential oils for headache and other cold & flu symptoms to keep handy this fall and winter.

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Probiotics for Perfect Elimination & Health (+ More Tips for “Healthy Poop”)

Reading Time: 9 minutes Bowel movements aren’t a pleasant topic of conversation, but having healthy poop is a good indicator of your health. Check out these healthy poop tips.

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Stressed Out? 10 Adaptogenic Herbs That Help With Chronic Stress

Reading Time: 9 minutes Chronic stress is behind many of the leading causes of death. Discover the class of herbs that support the body’s efforts to combat prolonged stress.

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Top 5 Herbs That Help Support a Healthy Immune System

Reading Time: 7 minutes Nature provides us with many plant compounds that help support a vibrant, healthy immune system, especially as we age. Here are 5 of the best.

Mother Gives Child Sick in Bed Antibiotics

Has Taking Antibiotics in Childhood Compromised Your Health?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Taking antibiotics has become commonplace. But those antibiotics you took as far back as childhood could still be impacting your health today. Find out how.

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Lion’s Mane Mushroom: Brain Protector?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Lions’ Mane mushroom is an edible mushroom that according to legend confers “nerves of steel and the memory of a lion.” But what does modern science show?

Turkey Tail Mushrooms Growing Will in Nature

Can Turkey Tail Mushrooms Aid in the Fight Against Cancer?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Turkey tail mushrooms have been studied extensively outside the U.S. for their use in treating and preventing cancer. Find out what the studies reveal.