“I” Immune System - INSPIRED | The 8 Pillars of Health explained by Jon & Ty

Immune System

inspired immune system with ty and jon

“I” Immune System – INSPIRED | The 8 Pillars of Health explained by Jon & Ty

Video Transcript

Ty Bollinger: The key to being healthy is having an immune system that’s able to recognize pathogens, recognize bacteria, recognize viruses, fungi, whatever it might be, and eliminate them.

Jonathan Hunsaker: Welcome, everyone. Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx. Thanks for joining me. And I’m joined by my good friend and business partner, Ty Bollinger.

Ty Bollinger: What’s up, bro?

Jonathan Hunsaker: What’s up? Listen, we’re filming a series here, talking about the 8 pillars of health, and we’re talking about INSPIRED, which is the acronym that represents the 8 pillars of health. Today, we’re talking about the second I in INSPIRED, which is your Immune System.

Ty Bollinger: The reason that the immune system is so important is because the immune system is kind of like our own internal army to fight invaders. And so, I think one of the keys to overall health is an immune system that’s running at the right pace.

Jonathan Hunsaker: What are some simple things we could do if we have a low immune system, or a weak immune system, that we could do to just help boost it?

Ty Bollinger: One of the best things that you can do to boost your immune system is rest. Your immune system can be severely compromised if you’re not getting enough rest. Another way that you can stimulate your immune system is to move. The lymphatic system is a huge part of the immune system. Don’t overlook probably the most important thing, which is your nutrition – your supplementation that you’re intaking are things that affect the immune system.

So, if you’re nourishing your immune system with different herbs, with different spices, with different foods, with different roots, it can make your immune system work better. With a healthy immune system, you’re not as worried about what kinds of germs and viruses and bacteria that you’re going to be exposed to – and I think that’s the takeaway. The reality is, we want to keep our immune systems as healthy as possible, modulated, running at the right speed, but let’s be smart about what we expose ourselves to as well.

Jonathan Hunsaker: We do have a lot of articles, and we have other videos that are coming out to really educate you about the immune system so you can modulate it properly, and really be as healthy as possible. I hope that you’re INSPIRED to live an INSPIRED life. Thanks, Ty, for joining me. Another high-five. Thanks, guys, for watching. We’ll see you on the next video.

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  1. iN YOUR GUT IS %80 OF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM SO IT IS A NO BRAINER TO LOOK AFTER YOUR GUT by feeding it inulin or prebiotics found naturally in garlic, onions, artichokes etc.

  2. Ty, you are an amazing crusader for cancer and overall health. Unfortunately I tried to get my brother to watch your truth about cancer videos when he was diagnosed last year with cancer of the lymph nodes, but he did not take heed. He passed last month at 57 years old. I am so enlightened from you and the wealth of information that you so kindly share.
    You are amazing.
    God Bless

  3. I also have a lymph nodes cancer fillicller, your body and mind are sooo lazy, it’s not that we don’t want to get better we feel overwhelmed I’m very sorry for your loss I had instant tears and emotion for you,I we went to Mexico Dr hermanda ty clinic there you learn bacis and treatments when sound and light treatments and rigvir shots that pro long your Life with our type of cancer,I wish your brother could of gone I don’t believe in chemo or radiation I. I’m praying for you that you believe The same. Your friend MICHIKO Pierce

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