Immune System 101: "Doc Talks" with Dr. Daniel Nuzum

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Jonathan Hunsaker: You hear it mentioned all the time, but really, what is your immune system? 
Jonathan Hunsaker here, once again, with Organixx. Today, we’re talking about your immune system. We hear about it all the time, but really, what is your immune system? And in short, it’s your body’s way to defend itself. Now obviously, Doc Nuzum knows a lot more about this than I do. Let’s go to Doc right now and find out more.
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Your immune system is a combination of different structural barriers and specialized white blood cells. As research is going at the moment, we’re also finding that our microbiome is a big component of our immune system.
So, our gut microbiome is one—is the primary microbiome. Then we have a respiratory, ear, nose, and throat microbiome. We have a urinary microbiome. And then we have a skin microbiome. Research is still being done at this point, but it does appear that the microbiome, all of these different microbiomes, are a component of our immune system.
We have our mucous membranes, okay? Our mucous membranes line our ear, nose, and throat; those membranes go down our lungs—our digestive tract is all mucous membranes, our urinary tract is all lined with mucous membranes. That’s one barrier we have against the outside, okay, the external environment that is part of our immune system.
Your skin is a barrier. What we’re finding today is that the skin does more keeping stuff in that it does keeping stuff out, but it does keep things out to an extent, okay? That’s part of your immune system.
Your immune system is your body’s defense mechanisms.
Then we have specialized white blood cells. We have phagocytic white blood cells that go about like Pac-Man, cleaning up all the garbage in our system. They go after pathogens, they go after toxins and waste in our system, okay? Then we have, on the other side, we have lymphocytes. And lymphocytes produce antibodies, and they go about tagging, “Okay, this is a toxin, this is a pathogen, this is this, this is that.” And those phagocytic—those Pac-Man white blood cells are okay to go after this or to go after that. So, whatever the lymphocytes go about tagging, the other white blood cells come along and clean up.
I hope that gives you an explanation as to what the immune system is.
Jonathan Hunsaker: Thanks, once again, Doc. I love learning from you. I hope you guys at home love  learning from Doc as well.

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