How Anger Affects Your Health: "Doc Talks" with Dr. Nuzum

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Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Okay, so we’re talking about anger today. We’re not necessarily doing an anger management program here or anything like that, but we’re talking about anger. What does do to the body? Where does anger seem to hang out in the body? And what to do about it. How do we release anger without hurting somebody or hurting ourselves?
Anger is an emotion. All emotions have to be expressed, or they get stuck in your body somewhere. So, unexpressed emotions become toxins to your being. Not just to your body, but to you as a person.
So, if you have anger that you’re holding onto, it can rear its head in all kinds of different ways. All throughout your relationships, your job, your finances, your health; all these different ways that anger can come out and cause issues in all these other places.
What do you do about anger?
So, let’s say that you have anger that you’ve never let go of. Your homework would be to work on forgiveness. Forgiveness; forgiving yourself. Taking responsibility of the fact that you’ve held on to the anger for someone, and then extending forgiveness to whoever you might be angry with. Then moving into a state of gratitude where you appreciate yourself, and you appreciate the situation for what it was and just let it go.
Other things that help with that process, because sometimes, that’s way easier said than done. Sometimes you need to introduce other things, like exercise. Work out that frustration and anger. Let that exercise, that activity, become a way for you to drain the volatile, nasty emotions that you have in your system.
In martial arts, we say that we would take angry people and make them peaceful people by teaching them kicks and punches. It might sound backward. Why would you teach an angry person how to kick and punch? Well, because in the process of the physical activity of them learning how to kick and punch properly, and then practicing kicking and punching, they drain that anger out of their system. They let go of all of that anger that they may have been holding and been harboring.
It doesn’t have to be martial arts. It can be any other type of physical activity. It could be running; it could be lifting weights, it could be yoga, or whatever seems to work for you.
Physical exercise and physical activity is extremely important in dealing with stuck emotions. Not just anger, but in particular, anger. Those are some things you can do to help with anger.
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