Is it Safe to Exercise While Detoxing? "Doc Talks" with Dr. Nuzum


Is it Safe to Workout While Detoxing? "Doc Talks" with Dr. Nuzum

Is it Safe to Work Out While Detoxing? “Doc Talks” with Dr. Nuzum

Video Transcript

Jonathan Hunsaker: Should you exercise while you’re detoxing? 

Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx.  Listen, we love it when you guys give us your comments below, and you ask your questions because we’ve got a question from you that inspired this video today. And that was “Should you exercise while detoxing?” Let’s ask Doc Nuzum for the answer.

Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Okay, so our question today is “Doc, do I exercise while detoxifying?”

The answer is yes. And when you’re doing a detox, it’s important that you keep everything circulating. The question is how intensely you should exercise while detoxifying? If you’re doing some sort of fasting of detoxifying, you need to minimize the intensity of the exercise that you’re doing. Maybe some rebounding, walking, maybe some Tai Chi, something very calm.

If you exercise too much while you’re fasting, you’ll drop your blood sugar, and that can make you feel pretty bad. If you are detoxifying and do too much activity, or don’t have enough caloric intake, your blood sugar will drop, your body goes into a holding phase, and it stops detoxifying. So, it’s counterproductive to the whole detox.

Let’s say you’re doing some Detoxx products and the Keto diet. You can do a little more intensity with that.

Let’s say you’re just breaking into detoxing; maybe you’re doing our Detoxx products, and you just switched from what you normally eat to the organic version of what you would normally eat. So you’re not getting that influx of toxins. You’re still getting enough calories to maintain a good, healthy exercise schedule.

What you don’t want to do is overdo it while you’re detoxifying; put yourself in what we call an alarm state. And in that alarm state, your body doesn’t detoxify very well.

You want your blood to circulate, you want your lymphatic fluid to circulate, and you want as much of the waste circulating out of your body as possible. Activity and exercise facilitate that.

If you’re just starting Detoxx 1 and 2, and you’ve never exercised before, in that case, I wouldn’t start exercising right off the bat. I’d wait until you’ve been at least through one round of the Detoxx one and two before you start exercising.

When you do start exercising, start with something like walking, or Qigong, or Tai Chi, those types of things. Those would be gentle and non-impact. You wouldn’t overdo it to the point that you would shut down your detox pathways.

Jonathan Hunsaker: Thanks, Doc. So, the simple answer is yes; you should be exercising while detoxing. The big caveat, the big takeaway: listen to your body.

If you’re a first-time detoxer, exercise for you might just be going on a short walk or doing something gentle like Tai Chi. So, just listen to your body, and adjust the intensity accordingly.


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  1. Man, thanks so much! You speak to the point, slowly, clearly, don’t use out-of-the-norm vocabulary, and I feel like you really want to communicate an important message. It’s so easy to grasp your content. Love it!!

    • Hi Bea! Thanks for the kind words! We’re so happy you’re here with us and enjoying our videos!

  2. I know healthy fats are good. However, what does someone do to digest healthy fats if they don’t have a gall bladder?

  3. How do I make an appointment to see dr Nuzum?… Thanks
    ( I’m here in Australia and looking at flying to US )

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