Emotional Health & Sleep: "Doc Talks" with Dr. Daniel Nuzum

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Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Okay, so, emotional health and sleep. Well, that’s an interesting combination, because your emotional health will affect your sleep, and your sleep will affect your emotional health. If you’re well-rested, you have more capacity to deal with things.
How does emotional health play in with rest? Well, that typically, it’s anxiety and things along those lines in our emotional life that disrupt our sleep.
So, things that feed into anxiety on a nutritional level are nutritional deficiencies. We also have blood sugar regulation; blood sugar going too high, blood sugar dropping too low. We also have thyroid and adrenal health.
You’re more prone to anxiety if your thyroid is off; either hyper or hypo. If you look at the symptoms hyperthyroid will bring about anxiety, and a hypothyroid, overactive or underactive. And the same with adrenal hormones. If you’ve got hyper-adrenals, they will bring about anxiety, and then, there’s also anxiety associated with hypo or underactive adrenals.
Other hormone issues, if there’s estrogen dominance, that also will bring on anxiety and things like that.
So, there are hormonal issues that can play into anxiety from a physical level. Nutritional deficiencies definitely will play in.
Another thing is toxicity. Different toxins start to disrupt our hormones and cause—they can wreak all kinds of havoc on our system.
So, when there are hormonal issues, and there’s an impending danger because the hormone system’s breaking down and whatnot, your body will try to communicate with you and tell you, “Hey, there’s something going on here.” One of those symptoms that it will produce is anxiety.
Anxiety’s something that does definitely play a role in disrupting people’s sleep.
Looking at the Organixx line of products, there are things like Turmeric 3D, E-Plexx or T-Plexx, the Iodine. Those are things that I would be reaching for, for anxiety or for the hormonal disruption that was disrupting sleep.
So, I hope this kind of gives you some insight into the emotional health and sleep.
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  1. Hi. I enjoyed the video. I’m allergic to IV contrast so if I wanted to purchase the Iodine from you guys will I get an allergic reaction from it too. I think in showing people how good your supplements are reality is that some of us got existing health issues and sometimes taking some of these products although all natural may counter act our with our current medications. So although I’ve taken some of your products before and they made me feel good I think it’s also important to educate people who are trying to lean more on the alternative side that sometimes some products may not be beneficial. I’m a stage four pancreatic cancer survivor when I was 36 I did no chemo nor radiation so believe me I’m a true believer on the natural. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Jeannette, thank you for the insightful feedback. Your suggestion is highly valued and will be considered for our future content. We appreciate the trust and support you have for Organixx, and we assure you that it is our continued goal to educate and empower more people in the most organic way possible. We wish you the best!

  2. This is a very pertinent common and important topic. Many people especially those above sixty, deal with sleeping issues.Thank you so much for addressing it.how can we get to the root of the problem and figure out individually, if it’s adrenals thyroid or hormones? Do the products you mention above take care of all of these? Will they help with the middle of the night wakings that disturbs sleep? Thank you so much for your helpful videos and available safe products.

    • Hi Ellen, we’re glad to know that you found our videos informative. For your health questions, it is best to work with your trusted healthcare practitioner to determine if our supplements will work best for you, especially with your current medical conditions and medications. We wish you the best!

  3. All very accurate. At one time I had hormonal issues and absolutely nothing I tried made much difference. This is behind me now and sleep comes easily. I am taking lots of your products and find them very effective, The most instant noticable results came from Probiotixx and OrganiZymes…. My digestive issues dealt with in days. Thank you…. M.

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