How Often Should I Detox? "Doc Talks" with Dr. Daniel Nuzum


How often should I detox? Ask the Doc by Organixx

How Often Should I Detox? “Doc Talks” with Dr. Daniel Nuzum

Video Transcript

Jonathan Hunsaker: How often should you detox? 

Jonathan Hunsaker with Organixx. We get asked all the time how often should you detox? Are you detoxing too much? Are you detoxing too little? Let’s go over to Doc Nuzum to get the answer.

Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Okay, so how often should you detox? What I have my patients do, and what I do, is every spring and every fall I do a very focused, very definite detox. I go through a whole diet change, whole change in any products that I’m taking. I use Detoxx products and things like that every spring and every fall.

For my patients that are dealing with a chronic health issue, I have them detoxify every change of the seasons. So, four times a year if they have a chronic issue, something—they’ve been ill for a long period or have something pretty catastrophic, they’ve been two months on a protocol, one month on a detox.

For everyone else that’s just trying to maintain or improve their health, just to get healthier and stay healthier, detoxing every spring and fall is how it’s worked well with my practice and my patients, it’s how me and my family—how we schedule our detoxifying. And so, I hope that answers that question.

Jonathan Hunsaker: Thanks, Doc, as usual.

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