In What Order Should You Detox? "Doc Talks" with Dr. Daniel Nuzum

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Jonathan Hunsaker: Does detoxing have you confused? Not sure where you should start with your colon, your blood, your kidneys, your liver? Stay tuned to find the answer.
Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx. And today we’re talking about a very important subject, and that is what order should you detox your body? Let’s go ask Doc.
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Okay. So today, we’re talking about the order in which one should detox.
I equate the colon to your body’s garbage can. So, it’s the dumpster. If we’re going to clean the house, we want to clean the dumpster first because we need a place to dump all the waste, correct?
Here’s an analogy I like to use with my patients. Let’s say we have a stadium, we have 100,000 people in a stadium and there’s only two doors open in the entire stadium; two exits that are open. And all of a sudden, a fire breaks out in the stadium. If we don’t open more exits, we’re in for a disaster.
We see this when people are detoxing, they’ll do a kidney cleanse, or they’ll cleanse their lymphatic system, or they’ll do a liver cleanse, this, that, or whatever. But they don’t systematically open up the exits for the waste to leave the system. And what happens is they end up feeling really sick while they’re detoxifying.
Detoxifying is kind of like cleaning a wound. And yeah, there might be a little discomfort in cleaning a wound, but it should soothe that wound. It should actually feel better when you’re detoxifying. If you follow the sequences in opening the exits so that everything can flow easily, you minimize all those hiccups that you would have in doing a detox.
At Organixx, I designed the Detoxx 1 and 2 with this in mind. So, our Detoxx 1 is designed to cleanse the colon and start draining the lymphatic system. Then Detoxx 2 is for maximizing the liver and kidney functions so they start filtering faster and more efficiently.
Once we’ve opened the lymphatic system and the colon, we can then clean the liver and kidneys without causing a whole lot of hiccups in the system.
If you aren’t using our Detoxx, just make sure that you’re following the sequences. It’s colon, you want to clean the colon first. You want to start mobilizing and draining the lymphatic system next. Then you want to do both the liver and the kidneys.
If we can empty the garbage can, get the sewer system draining, and then work on the filtration systems, we don’t have as many hiccups when we’re detoxing.
So, I hope that helps.
Jonathan Hunsaker: Thanks, Doc. A wealth of information as usual.
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  1. There were no instructions to use Detox 1 first and then start Detox 2 after finishing 1. This set should come with instructions to make that clear. When ordering on the site I didn’t see any instructions just a list of pills to order.

  2. I did your detox protocol as described but didn’t feel any different during the detox or afterwards. I was wondering if it actually worked. It is described as a gentle detox which is what I wanted…but expected to notice some changes. Then about a month later, I realized that I’m not having the usual intestinal distress after eating my trigger foods (which I usually avoid anyway but the 80-20 rule is my guide for occasional indulgences). The lightbulb went on. The only change to my normally very clean diet was your gentle detox. Thanks!

    • Hi, Gwen! Thanks for sharing your detox experience with us! We’re so happy you’re here.

  3. Last year, I did the whole detox thing with your products and felt the same way – no change, no differences in my bowel habits or the way I felt. I waited a few months and tried it again; still nothing different, so I decided it wasn’t working. Anything I should be looking for or doing any differently?

  4. I’m ready to start the Organic Colon/Lymphatic cleanse followed by the Kidney/Liver cleanse. Are there any suggestions for what should or should not be eaten during this period? Is a total juice fast or water fast important? Or can the supplements be used with light but ‘normal’ eating?

    • Hi Marea!
      Due to every person being different, and having different needs, the diet options are left to your discretion.
      While it is a good idea to do a cleanse at the same time as taking the Detoxx supplements (our sister company TTAC offers a cleanse program we highly support:, it is a very personal thing and it is best if you work alongside a trusted health professional for questions like that.
      Eating as clean a diet as possible is always highly recommended, as well as increasing water intake.
      Here’s a gift for you, our Organixx Detox report:
      And you can find more details about Detoxx here:
      Hope that helps!

  5. Please put the microphone closer to Doc Nuzum as I have to put my volume all the way up to hear him. Thank you.

  6. Well, I didn’t really know about detoxing anything other than Darrell’s Detox tea which I have used for over a year, but he doesn’t mention any other detox. And one gets so that they have to use the tea steady, or you don’t have a bowel movement. A good way to sell the tea. !!! I will be buying it till I am in a nursing home. Smile!

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