Inspired Detox with Doc Nuzum

Detox – Living an INSPIRED Life With Doc Nuzum (video)

Jonathan Hunsaker: Detoxification, is it really necessary? Stay tuned to find out.

Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx. Thank you for tuning in. We’re talking more about INSPIRED: The 8 Pillars of Health.

Today, we’re talking about the last letter in INSPIRED, D, for Detox, or Detoxification. Let’s go to Doc Nuzum and see what he has to say.

Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Okay, so today we’re talking detoxification. It’s one of my favorite subjects. I love to talk detoxification.

I want you to put this in your mind. No dirty wound ever heals. This is why we must detoxify. If you have something that’s not healing, it’s because something toxic is in there keeping it from healing. Why? Because anything toxic in our system is an irritant, and irritation causes inflammation. Inflammation eventually leaves you open to infection.

That’s how you get sick. If we want to stop that whole getting sick process, or if we want to reverse that sickness process, we have to detoxify.

I equate the healing process as beginning with stabilization, progressing through detoxification, and culminating with fortification.

What’s interesting is that detoxification is the most pivotal component in that entire process. If you have a dirty wound and you don’t clean it, it may kill you. When you’re not well, you’re just stable but you’re not well, if you want to start getting well, you have to detoxify.

What is detoxification? It’s taking time to cleanse your body. There’s thousands of different methods of detoxification. From a clinical standpoint, I like nutritional approaches with other modalities, like using coffee enemas for detoxing. I like using foot soaks, where we’re using different salts and essential oils and things like that for pulling toxins out of the system. We’re trying to enhance the body’s ability to eliminate toxins and doing things that are going to help lift some of that toxic load off of the body, so it doesn’t have as much toxic waste to deal with.

Here at Organixx, we have our Detox 1 and Detox 2. In my practice, what I do is have people use the Detox 1 and the Detox 2 along with the Magi-Complexx. And a lot of times, if they’re having any issues, we also involve the OrganiZymes. I normally use that as my beginner’s detox for people that have never detoxed before, or don’t have very much experience with detoxing. This is my basic program that I use.

What we have people do is we have them go from eating their normal diet to switching to the organic version of whatever they normally eat. So, we’re trying to transition them from an unhealthy Standard American Diet to at least a somewhat healthy diet. If they’re eating pizza every day, we’ll switch them to organic pizza at least. Organic pizza’s going to be 95% less toxic, not to mention the fact that it’s going to have more nutrients.

For people, they mentally need to take a step. If they’re eating their normal diet, doing this detox is a step. They’re actually stepping over in the direction of healing and they’re making a conscious effort to do something to help fix their personal condition.

So, I hope that kind of sheds some light on detox for you.

Jonathan Hunsaker: Thanks, Doc, and thanks, guys, for tuning in. I really hope that our INSPIRED series is helping you live an INSPIRED life.

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  1. Thanks for your research and Dr. Nuzum’s comments, your hardwork, and creativity. It is inspiring.

  2. Great information-love to learn and apply; knowledge is power
    Keep sharing and caring

    Thank you

  3. Love all this it’s easy to understand . Love the videos and the products look great. I bought Dr. Dan Nuzum’s book, Derox for Life . I love it! Such great recipes in wonderful colour. Great information ! Thank you! I’m learning so much from you guys!

  4. Hi. I’m wondering if your Detox Phase 1 & 2 is somewhat different than Dr Jays detox Phases 1-4. ???

    Forgive me but I’m learning soooo much fast that I’m zooming back and noticing various protocols and trying to discern which suited my situation. I’m sure either one is just as beneficial. Just wondering.
    Thanks. Katherine

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