The Big Detox Hoax!

Nutritionists, Researchers & MDs Warn:
“New Year’s” Detoxes Could Be Damaging Your Most Important Organs

This is the sad state of the detox industry in America…

According to a Facebook post, now removed but viewed more than 13 million times, stuffing your socks with onions before bed will “rid your body of all foreign toxins.”

And “onion-socking” as it’s known is just the tip of the iceberg, luckily only leaving you with the side effects of harsh-smelling feet.


Others aren’t so lucky and are quickly abandoning the trendy health detox trend.


Because nutritionists, researchers, and doctors across the

country are ringing the alarm bells that these trendy detoxes

are downright dangerous to your health.

Because nutritionists, researchers, and doctors across the country are ringing the alarm bells that these trendy detoxes are downright dangerous to your health.

Popular cleanses can actually hurt your body’s ability to heal itself…

Fasting or extreme diet detoxes can rob your body of the essential nutrients it needs to function…

Colon irrigation remedies have left some with punctured bowels…

And even a woman in her 40s may have triggered irreversible brain damage by drinking just orange juice and water for three weeks.i

The science is clear and the horror stories are adding up.

I can’t tell you how many people have told me over the years that a “detox” protocol made them feel extremely ill.

I’ll even admit that it’s happened to me, as I’ve also fallen for the clever marketing that comes with many of these detox “protocols.”

And so people spend hundreds to take detox supplements, pills, or tinctures, and within a few hours they suffer dizziness, diarrhea, chills, outbreaks, or even vomiting.

These symptoms range from mild to severe, depending on the person and what they’ve taken.

woman with stomach ache

And the worst part?

They’ve been convinced that these health-threatening symptoms just mean that “it’s working.”

Nothing could be further from the truth…

What’s really going on is you’re doing damage to the digestive system, disease-fighting organs, and the health and strength of your immune system.

Any Small Benefit You Might Get From a
Crash Detox Diet Is Nowhere Near Worth the
Damage You Could Be Doing to Your Body

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What most people don’t realize is that their body is actually LESS healthy after the detox.

Let me explain…

Take popular cleanses, for example.

They’re marketed as a way to flush out the intestines and while it’s true they do clean the bad things out…

They also take the good things with them.


According to Sharon Horesh Bergquist, MD, assistant professor of medicine at the Emory School of Medicine…

“While they intend to clear out retained stool, they may

inadvertently clean out the healthy, good bacteria in the gut as

well and without adequate fluid intake, the loose, watery bowel

and without adequate fluid intake, the loose, watery bowel

movements can leave you dehydrated and depleted of essential


“While they intend to clear out retained stool, they may inadvertently clean out the healthy, good bacteria in the gut as well and without adequate fluid intake, the loose, watery bowel movements can leave you dehydrated and depleted of essential electrolytes.”

Popular juice detoxes are just as bad if you do them too long or if your body is just not healthy enough to get through them.

Sure, some weight loss happens with them and that’s what convinces people that they work…

But think about it – if you drink nothing but juice for a week, you’ll lose weight, but it’s because you’re not eating, and not because your body is “detoxing.”

What’s really happening is that you’re using up your glycogen stores and simply flushing out any excess water in your body – not fat.

So when you return to a normal diet, you’ll gain that water weight right back when you return to your normal diet.

Only now, you’ve flushed out other vital nutrients like fat, fiber, and protein that work together to support your immune system.

After a few days, your body is basically running on fumes.

Then, because of the lack of protein, your body will start to break down muscle tissue instead.

Finally, with the lack of fiber, your large intestine doesn’t have

what it needs to protect you from viruses, which explains why

most people get sick right after a juice detox.

Finally, with the lack of fiber, your large intestine doesn’t have what it needs to protect you from viruses, which explains why most people get sick right after a juice detox.

Then there’s colonic irrigation. Pay someone a small fee, and they’ll insert a hose up your bottom and blast away.

And there are dozens of other “detox” tactics that are even more dangerous.

Some colon-cleansing tablets contain a polymerizing agent that makes bowel movements painful.

digestion illustration

Other detoxing foot pads turn brown overnight. They say it’s toxins removed from your body – but doctors know it’s just the chemicals in the pads that turn brown with the sweat of your feet!

These “detoxes” are the equivalent of going “scorched earth” on the inner workings of your own body, and as you can see, the consequences can be disastrous.

The worst part is they’re not even necessary.

The reality is that your body is a detoxification machine, fully built

with its own elaborate way of ridding toxins and unwanted


The reality is that your body is a detoxification machine, fully built with its own elaborate way of ridding toxins and unwanted chemicals.

To put it more simply…

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Your Body Is Good at Removing a Lot of the Toxins All on Its Own

You see, your body is designed to remove toxins and waste on its own.

And while your organs are there to keep you alive, each and every one of them plays its own role in keeping you healthy.

There are 4 organs more than any others that work together to create your personal detox machine working inside of you right now…

Your Liver acts like a filter in blocking out toxic substances in foods and drinks from passing into your bloodstream…

Your Kidneys are working around the clock to then filter that blood and flush out those toxins when you use the bathroom.


Your Colon puts in overtime, taking care of the larger toxins and breaking them down with healthy bacteria before they can do you any harm…

And Your Lungs play their part in filtering out the toxins that enter your body from breathing.

As you can see, the human body was designed as a fully equipped detox machine.

The truth about toxins is that…

If Your Body Didn’t Detox Itself,
You Would Have Been Dead
a Long Time Ago…

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Most everything is toxic at some level.

We can’t avoid it.

And the truth is some level of “toxins” are actually good for us.

What many people don’t realize is that these everyday toxins we bring into our body come with benefits as well!

And it’s not up to us to decide which are good and bad – our bodies were already designed to do that for us…

Take vitamin A, B, and C, for example.

Most people agree these are good for us, right?

But did you know that too much of them can cause headaches, drowsiness, and anorexia, among other problems?

Since our bodies are designed to cleanse our systems naturally, it takes the good parts of these vitamins, and then gets rid of what it doesn’t need.


But when you flush your system with harsh, crash detoxes, then your body doesn’t have the tools it needs to call the shots inside your most important organs.

So as you can see, the idea that our bodies need to be “flushed, cleansed and detoxified” has no basis in truth.

And ironically, it’s this same myth that has been holding you back from a strong, powerful immune system that’s ready for anything.

But it doesn’t end there.

There are 3 other dangerous detox myths that I need to debunk for you right now, before going any further…

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3 Detox Myths Holding You Back From
a Healthy, Robust Immune System

It’s time we ended the detox myths and got down to some cold hard facts.

It can be hard with companies spending millions of dollars in marketing to trick you out of your money, all while promising to give you benefits that are nothing more than make-believe.

So here are the 3 myths about detoxes we need to put an end to once and for all.

Bad Myth MYTH #1

Our bodies can’t cleanse themselves daily.


The human body is more than well equipped for daily cleansing using your detox organs. They work together every second of every day to cleanse your body.

Bad Myth MYTH #2

Your digestive system needs a “break” so feeding it all liquids is good for you.


Doing shorter (up to 3-day) cleanses with highly nutrient-dense juices has been shown to improve bacterial diversity in the gut. But there’s no research to support that longer “liquid-only detox diets” are equally beneficial. Your digestive system thrives on fiber-rich foods and depriving your body of dietary fiber, protein, fats, and calories for more than a few days can often do more harm than good.

Bad Myth MYTH #3

Fasting is a quick and easy way to cleanse your organs and get rid of toxins.


While some types of fasts are safe for most HEALTHY people (like daily intermittent fasting and short water-only fasts), not everyone is suited for fasting. For instance, most experts agree that the very young, the elderly, pregnant women, people with eating disorders, and those with many kinds of medical conditions should avoid fasting.

These myths continue to be paraded around as facts but at best they’re nothing more than dangerous “half-truths” and at worst they’re holding you back from a truly healthy immune system.

The Truth Is That Your Body Has Its Own
“Natural Detox Response System”

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While we can all debate over how we ended up here on earth…

There’s one thing that no priest, scientist, or average joe can deny…

We’ve yet to design anything as powerful as the human body.

And yet we spend so much time trying to feed it things it doesn’t need…

…instead of supporting it with the things it wants in order to do its job protecting us.

So the secret is NOT taking handfuls of supplements, juice cleanses, or complicated diet detoxes so that we can “reset” our bodies…

The real secret is tapping into your body’s Natural Detox Response System so that your body can do the best job possible at keeping you healthy.

The truth is that detoxing happens every single minute of every day right inside each and every cell of your body…


And our job as healthy humans is to oil and fuel that system so you can trigger your Natural Detox Response.

That's why effective, ongoing, DAILY detoxification is the only

thing that actually works to keep you body healthy and

your immune system robust.

That's why effective, ongoing, DAILY detoxification is the only thing that actually works to keep you body healthy and your immune system robust.

You must take steps to support your body’s Natural Detox Response System and I’m about to show you how right now…

Once you begin to support your body’s natural detox abilities, you’ll notice that your body’s “normal state” tends to shift toward health instead of inching toward illness.

So what is it that your body needs to trigger your Natural Detox Response?

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These 6 Rare Superfoods Combine to
Trigger Your Natural Detox Response System
and Unleash a Bulletproof Immune System

I know… more superfoods.

People rave about them, but when you go looking for them, they’re hard to find and even harder to afford.

But the good news is, there is a way to get them all combined together in one place so you don’t have to go searching for them yourself.

I’ll reveal that to you in just a moment but first let me tell you what these superfoods are and why they work so well to trigger that important Natural Detox Response inside of you.

Milk Thistle

Don’t confuse this plant for a weed like most people do. It’s a part of the artichoke family, a superfood known for its incredible support of the liver – your body’s central detoxifier.

In Germany, milk thistle is still prescribed today by doctors to treat alcoholic cirrhosis, hepatitis, jaundice, and any inflammation or poisoning of the liver.

Supports: Liver, Digestive Organs, and Lungs


Matcha tea is the “it” health beverage of the moment, but this amazing superfood is more than just a “fad” trend.

The history of matcha for health goes back to the Tang Dynasty in China, which ruled between the 7th – 10th centuries. Over time, the matcha tea made its way to Japan, where it began to be incorporated into special tea ceremonies.

And today, countless scientific studies show us just how powerful this little nutrient is.

First, it boosts chlorophyll levels. Chlorophyll can help improve liver function, which also boosts your body’s ability to flush out toxins. So it’s no surprise that it’s been shown to help with the excretion of heavy metals, dioxins, and other persistent chemicals.

And the second part of the magic of matcha is big energy without the crash.

Unlike the caffeine that comes from coffee beans, the caffeine in matcha is released slowly into your system along with L-theanine, giving you a steady supply of energy so your body’s natural detox system can function at its highest levels.

Supports: Liver

Blessed Thistle

Used for more than 2,000 years to stimulate appetite, support bile secretion, and support liver health, this superfood is known for its support of your digestive system.

It’s still used today for natural digestive comfort and can even be applied to the skin to support wound healing.

Supports: Liver, Colon, and Digestive System

Dandelion Leaf

If you're feeling bloated and lethargic, and suffer from occasional stomach aches, dandelion leaf may be your natural answer.

It acts as a diuretic and increases urine output, which means you instantly drop water weight quicker and feel less bloated.

And since we know supporting the liver is one of the best things you can do for you system, dandelion leaf is perfect as it keeps things flowing out of the body.

This magical nutrient has long been held as a “liver tonic” in folk medicine. And the science backs it up too!

Studies suggest this is due, in part, to its ability to increase the flow of bile.

Supports: Colon, Liver, and Digestive System

Marshmellow Root

Marshmallow root was used by the ancient Greeks to remedy bruises and bleeding, and as a mild laxative. Europeans in medieval times used it for indigestion and diarrhea. And today it is still prescribed by doctors as a way to naturally soothe and support the intestines.

Marshmallow root also has mild anti-infective and immune-supporting properties. That makes it perfect for gastroenteritis, peptic and duodenal ulcers, colitis, and enteritis.

Supports: Colon and Digestive System

Licorice Root

Licorice root, also known as sweet root, is used mostly as a sweetener in candies and beverages. But the medical community is starting to open up to its incredible digestive benefits.

For digestion, licorice root has the ability to lower acid levels in the stomach, relieve indigestion, and treat heartburn. Also, licorice root has a mild laxative effect and also reduces inflammation and irritation in the digestive tract. It also helps the proper flow of bile be released by the liver.

Licorice root can also help support the immune system by increasing the chemicals that fight viruses.

BONUS: Licorice root is also a great stress reducer. It supports proper function of your adrenal glands and that means your levels of cortisol naturally go down, making it easier to sleep at night.

Supports: Liver and Digestive System

How to Find All 6 Superfoods
in One Place for One Price

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Now, as I mentioned above, finding these nutrients, and then getting them all together in the exact right amounts that you need can be a bit of a challenge.

And let’s face it, with the way of the world these days, no one wants to be scavenging through health food stores with a list of hard-to-pronounce nutrients that you might get overcharged for.

That was exactly the predicament I found myself in when trying to get all these nutrients together.

I’d find a couple in one store…

Track down another one of them online…

And when they finally arrived at my door, I had them scattered around on my counter like a mad scientist trying to mix the right amounts together to give me the immune-supporting benefits I was looking for.


When I finally had the right mixture down to a science, I was left with a glass full of a cloudy liquid that didn’t exactly please my tastebuds.

So when I tried to convince my family members to give it a try…

They looked at me sideways and thought I was crazy.

I decided there had to be a better way.

So I passed the ingredients list on to our product discovery team at Organixx.

These folks are literal wizards when it comes to taking naturally sourced ingredients and putting them together in a visually appealing and health-boosting way.

Not only were they able to find stable supplies of the nutrients on my list…

They were able to go right to the source to ensure a higher-quality, lower-priced version than I could ever find on my own.

The result?

The perfect formula from a health perspective…

With the exact right amounts inside of it to trigger the important Natural Detox Response…

This result is something I’m uniquely proud of and want to share with you now.


Organic Daily Detox

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A Soothing Daily Detox Powder
Designed Specifically to Boost Your Natural
Detox Response System, Day and Night

Detoxx Package

We mixed…

We tested…

And now it’s ready!

We’ve designed it to be as simple as possible to take.

Just drop a scoop into your smoothie, protein shake, fresh juice, or even plain in some warm water as a tea. Mix it up and drink it.

Organic Daily Detox contains each of the exact superfood ingredients listed above in just the perfect amounts.

On top of that, each and every container of Organic Daily Detox is guaranteed to be made from USDA Organic sources.

Plus the ingredients are gluten-, soy-, and dairy-free, which makes them vegan-friendly.

Third Pararky Testing

In Every Scoop You Get The Exact
Amount of Immune-Supporting Nutrients
That Help…

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  • Support healthy liver function. Remember your liver is your body’s #1 detoxifier.
  • Promote a strong, robust immune system that protects you all year round.
  • Increase health of the lungs and support their ability to cleanse airborne toxins from your system.
  • Increase bile production for a strong, predictable digestive system so it can remove larger toxins from your body.
  • Boost energy, promote regular sleep patterns, and even increase mood so you’re less irritable, more focused, and ready to take on each day.
Daily Detox
Hot or Cold

While it’s true that most tea drinkers are used to the tea bag on a string…

Most don’t realize that in order to mass produce those bags, companies will often use filler ingredients.

Some are to enhance flavor, others to make your water change color faster…

But almost none of them bring any real benefit to your health.

Because Organixx is dedicated to the highest quality natural ingredients, a simple raw powder formula just made more sense.

But there are other benefits as well.

The first is potency.

Most other detox “teas” just aren’t made with enough quality ingredients to make any real difference to your health.

They’re watered down versions and are too weak to really do anything for you.

The second is freedom!

With a traditional tea bag you’re forced to drink it as it is, with water.

Woman with Tea

You’re essentially “bagged in” as I like to say and when your options are limited, you get bored quickly.

But our specially formulated detox mix is perfect to be stirred into any of your other favorite drinks.

It’s made to mix easily so it’s a perfect health boost in smoothies, juices, or water.

And because of the unique manufacturing process, any unneeded “filler” liquids or compounds are extracted before it’s turned into a pure powder format.

It also makes Organic Daily Detox easier to drink.

Simply take one scoop and drop it into hot or cold water.

It mixes nearly instantly.

We believe tea drinkers are ready for something new and we also believe that you shouldn’t have to pay extra for it…

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Organic Daily Detox Costs Less Than a
Cup of Coffee PLUS…

We’ll Buy Back the Package If You Don’t
Love It (Even If It’s Empty!)

Look, most detox remedies are designed to flush toxins out of your body…

But as we already discussed, many of these "remedies" are simply flushing out healthy nutrients your body needs to protect itself.

Organic Daily Detox was designed specifically to boost your levels of these nutrients and feed your natural detox machine exactly what it needs to properly detox over the long run.


The result?

  • Better energy…
  • Better sleep…
  • Better poop…
  • Better ability to fight illness…
  • Better overall health…

And of course a robust immune system you can depend on.

It’s time to stop wasting time, energy, and MONEY on half-truth, hocus-pocus, short-term detox “fixes” that do serious damage to your most important organs.

That’s why each container of Organic Daily Detox that you order from this page also comes with a 100% 365-day money-back guarantee.

If Organic Daily Detox isn’t for you, or you don’t like the taste, or you just decided it’s not your “cup of tea”…

Then simply contact our customer success team and they’ll refund every penny without a single question.

This guarantee applies even if you drank the entire container.

A Natural Way to Gently Detox Your
System for Robust Immune
Protection All Year Round

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Listen, we’ve already established that these trendy “detoxes” are nothing more than marketing hype and don’t get to the real root of the problem.

Plus, you’ve now seen that they can make the real problem worse!

They deplete your system of the vital nutrients it needs to support your body’s Natural Detox Response System.

And so, after your “flash detox” has ended, you feel weaker, sicker, and with less energy than when you started.

Woman with headache

Then, in 6 months when your body has finally recovered the nutrients it needs to start protecting you again, it’s time for another detox!

This is no coincidence and was designed as just another marketing ploy to separate you from your money.

And the vicious cycle continues.

Here’s what I recommend instead…

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Join the Organixx Revolution and
Our 100,000+ Satisfied Customers
Who’ve Finally Said “ENOUGH!”

No more money lost on temporary fixes.

No more time wasted on remedies and dangerous tactics that don’t work.

And no more worrying that you and your loved ones are not healthy enough to fight off the next health crisis that eventually hits this country.

Because it can and it will.

Listen, as you age, things are not going to get easier.

Your body’s organs of elimination also slow down and aren’t as effective at supporting your immune system.

And that’s exactly why you need to act today.

Organic Daily Detox Is Exclusively

Available on This Page Today for

as Little as Just $1 per Cup

Organic Daily Detox Is Exclusively
Available on This Page Today for
as Little as Just $1 per Cup

The last time I ever did a juice cleanse, the price tag was around $280 for a single week of bland-tasting green juices.

I also know how expensive it can get when trying to find all of these superfood ingredients yourself.

Green Bottle

You end up paying shipping on all of them and since you’re buying them all individually, the price can climb pretty fast.

I want to remove any barrier you have to trying Organic Daily Detox today.

And that’s why it’s not going to cost anything close to any of those inferior detox “hoaxes” on the market.

And it certainly won’t be anywhere near what I was spending in the early days of creating this product.

Since we have long-standing relationships with suppliers to give us deep discounts on the ingredients, we can easily pass the savings onto you.

That’s why we decided to put a no-brainer price on it.

One Month Supply





For a single, 1-month supply of Organic Daily Detox, you’ll pay just $13.00 per bag.

And if you’re taking one cup daily, that works out to just $.43 per cup!

PLUS – the more you buy of it, the more you’re going to save with our multi-bag discounts.

Three Month Supply





For a 3-month supply, I’ve secured a special price of just $13.00 per bag (only $.43 per cup).

Six Month Supply





And a 6-month supply will be even bigger savings, at just $13.00 per bag (only $.43 per cup).

So choose your option and level of savings below!

*Spend $99 or more - Free Shipping to US;
spend $149 or more - Free Shipping to Canada;
spend $199 or more - Free Shipping Worldwide.

Star Reviews




This is amazing, thank you!



Good stuff!

I enjoyed the daily detox. It was easy to mix in and was very gentle on my systems.



Feel better

Definitely feel better using this on a daily basis. Kids don't even mind as long as its mixed with juice.



Great product

When I first tried this product I didn't know if I could use it. The matcha tea taste was so strong, I had heard of matcha, but didn't know how it tasted. A customer service rep told me the strong taste was the matcha. I ended up mixing it with gatorade, and look forward to drinking it daily. The best part is it is one product I knew was working right away. Great Product!



No side effects

Absolutely love this. My husband and I have I every morning in juice and we feel so awake and alive and it has had no side effects. Only good things to say. I’m on a monthly delivery with it and the collagen. Excellent products!



Great product

If you have not been eating well, this is the product to take. It cleans you out and gives you a new chance to get your diet on track and start anew. I just add it to water and drink it down. Pleasant taste. I really feel like it has given my detox organs a good clean, especially the liver. My digestion is also much better.



Everyone Should Detox

I have noticed that my body is feeling and looking slimmer, not that I need to lose weight, I don't. The excess flab on my arms is going away and my stomach is flat. I do not like the packing, especially when you get toward the bottom, hard and messy to get out. Other than that, all is well.



Daily Detox is wonderful!!

I feel better and am so thankful knowing that these herbs are helping my liver and kidneys stay healthy every day. Thank you so much for a great product!

   Individual results may vary.

WARNING: Organic Daily Detox

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Detoxx Package

Organic Daily Detox is a new formula that we’re making available on this page only.

In order to keep the price of it as low as possible for as long as possible, we’ve decided to produce it in small batches

This way we don’t have mass amounts of it lying around, taking up inventory space and costing more money.

Big companies have the capacity to do this but they almost always pass those extra costs on to you.

That just doesn’t make sense to us.

So, the good news is that when you order today you know you’re getting product from a batch that was recently created…

And you’re getting it at the lowest price possible.

The bad news is…

We Expect to Sell Out of

Organic Daily Detox Regularly

We Expect to Sell Out of
Organic Daily Detox Regularly

Due to the low stocks and based on the popularity of similar products, we know we’re going to run out before the next batch is ready.

So, if you currently look below on this page and see options for 1, 3, or 6 bags, then it means it’s still in stock…

…and I suggest stocking up so you’ve got plenty.

But if those options aren’t available to you, then don’t worry, as we’re working hard behind the scenes to get more in stock.

So, the only thing left to do now is choose your level of savings and we’ll get your bags of Organic Daily Detox sent straight to your door.

ONE-YEAR, 100% Satisfaction,
MONEY-BACK Guarantee

You have a FULL YEAR – that’s 365 days – to try Organic Daily Detox and experience all the benefits it has to offer. If for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied with your results… send us back the container within a year from your date of purchase – even if it's EMPTY – and we'll send you a FULL refund of every penny paid. No ifs… ands… or buts about it!

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Founder, Organixx

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