The Single Reason You’re Aging Faster Than Ever Before
& What To Do About It

Women over 40 who want to look much younger without plastic surgery are raving about a new “5-power” supplement they call “super collagen”

That's because this new advancement could be up to 5 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE than other forms of collagen being sold today.

This means women are getting much
younger-looking skin, and it happens quicker –
even for those who have tried everything else on
the market before without success.

In fact, it is so effective that women can now try it on the most outrageous guarantee in the history of anti-aging:

The 3-Month Natural Facelift That Guarantees Any Woman Will Look 9 Years Younger

(If your friends don’t actually accuse you of having had plastic surgery, or if you do not think you look at least 9 years younger, I’ll send you a $10 Amazon gift card for free.)

No woman has EVER tried anything like this all-natural product before, because it is the first and only one of its kind.

99% of collagen is practically USELESS... for three shocking reasons that all make collagen manufacturers more money.

… and collagen sellers DON’T want you to know this.

… but this new “5-Power” advancement overcomes these problems.

I know women are skeptical of any anti-aging claim, like

- Traci W. Said

“I have tried dozens of formulas of collagens and THIS is the ONLY ONE that I have seen such dramatic results from!”

- Monica Alvarez wrote us,

“It really works. No one believes I’m 55 with 7 grandchildren.”

- Margaret Currie remarked,

“People I have not seen in a while comment
how good I look.”

Hello, my name is Dr. Melissa Gallagher,

and for the past 23 years, I’ve been obsessed with getting healthy, looking healthier, and living better. Along with my scientific team, we’ve found the best natural ingredients to make women look and feel younger.

When I started researching collagen over 10 years ago, the one comment almost every women told me was this:

“I take collagen to look younger. I know it’s good for me, but I don’t really notice it making me look younger. So it’s frustrating.”

This made me research collagen with an extra skeptical eye. What I discovered was shocking, and of the two main points, one is good news, and one is bad news.

First, the good news. Collagen IS very important for all of women over age 40, because:

  • 75% of your skin is MADE of this amazing nutrient – if you don’t have enough in your body at all times, your skin will look wrinkled, sagging, dry and older
  • Your hair and nails are mostly made of collagen too – so you need to replace the collagen you lose from the aging process if you want more youthful nails and hair that is silky, fuller and younger-looking

You see, as you age, you produce less collagen.

Your body has less than HALF of this younger-looking nutrient by middle age.

Collagen levels decline rapidly with age, which contributes to a loss of skin elasticity and the formation of wrinkles.

This reduction gets worse as you age unless you replenish it with new collagen.

Some notice thin, “crepey” skin as one of the first collagen deficiency symptoms. Since skin is less elastic without adequate collagen, it will wrinkle more easily.

Collagen makes skin look full and more youthful.

This means that by the time women are "middle aged" they are
producing less than HALF of the collagen they did in their youth.

Even worse, various "lifestyle factors" a woman may have been exposed to – like poor diet choices, smoking, pollution, stress, and excess sun exposure – can deplete collagen levels even faster.

In summary, this year-by-year increased loss of collagen is a key reason women "look old" and explains why, over time:

  • Skin sags and

  • Hair gets

  • Nails lose their

“Oh, that’s easy then, I just need to take a collagen
supplement or powder, right?”

… that’s where there is A HUGE PROBLEM…

The collagen women are buying today from Target, CVS, Walgreens, department stores or online from Amazon does next to NOTHING to make them look younger. And I'll prove it…

The Big Collagen Hoax – Why 99% Don't Make Women Look Younger

I call it "The Big Collagen Hoax" because 99% of collagen supplements and powders sold today do NOT contain the types of collagen and absorption nutrients needed to make skin look firmer and younger.

Why is this? Sadly, it's all about the money.

The companies selling collagen today can save a lot of money by selling inferior collagen.

If they skimp on ingredients and pay less for the collagen they sell, they make more money when they sell it to the unknowing public.

Add this to the fact so many collagen supplements CLUMP UP and taste like sand, and it's no wonder so many women are frustrated or wondering if their collagen can really make them look younger.

But here's the great news! In the next 2 minutes, you'll learn what less than 1% of consumers know about choosing a collagen supplement that will make your skin "glow" with youth and vitality – and look 10 to 15 years younger.


Collagen Missing “Must Have” #1
Don’t take any
collagen supplement unless it has
all 5 types of collagen in it.

99% of collagen products have only one or two types of collagen in them, and that is like taking a multi-vitamin that only gives you one or two vitamins.

In another analogy, taking most collagen supplements is like trying to win a basketball game with only 1 player on your team, when you can have and need 5 players on your team to win.

Women want to make sure that the collagen supplement they choose has all 5 of the most important collagen types everybody needs.

The FIVE Major
Types Of Collagen Skin Needs To
Look Significantly Younger

Recent research has discovered there are 5 different types of collagen that play a very important role in the anti-aging properties of your skin and the health of your body.

Type I

This is the most abundant type of collagen in your body. It helps maintain healthy teeth, bones, hair, tendons, and ligaments.

Type II

This is the type found in cartilage.
This rubbery tissue is what cushions your joints.

Type III

This is the second most abundant type of collagen in your body. It’s what helps keep your skin and the lining of your arteries smooth and pliable.

Type V

This type is found on the surface of all your cells and is the type that makes up hair strands and can promote healthier, fuller hair. And interestingly enough, it’s the type of collagen found in the placenta.

Type X

This is the type of collagen that helps with bone formation and cartilage as well, helping prevent things like arthritis and osteoporosis.

So these are the five types of collagen a woman MUST HAVE to look younger and get the major benefits collagen can deliver. But the sad news is, 99% of collagen supplements only contain one or two of these five, and that's why women do not get great results.

This is an outrage! It makes me very mad! Companies put just one or two (out of the five needed) types in their product and call it collagen, and the public doesn’t know any better and gets frustrated.

And that's just the beginning.

Collagen Missing “Must Have” #2
Don’t take any
collagen supplement that doesn’t
have an organic whole food source of
vitamin C so it absorbs
into your body.

Without enough vitamin C, supplementing with collagen is practically useless.

Vitamin C is essential for collagen production in the body. It’s the “Yin” to collagen’s “Yang.”

Because without enough vitamin C in your body, it CANNOT produce collagen.

Think of it like this:

You’ve seen an old rusty car sitting in a junkyard that looks brittle and has holes from the rust, right?

That car looks like that because it’s oxidized.

And just like the car sitting there becomes less and less functional the more oxidized it gets (resulting in rust), it’s the same with your skin and collagen.

Vitamin C is the ANTI-oxidant that helps protect and prevent any of this “skin rust” from happening.

So that’s why collagen and vitamin C need to be in the same supplement, or taken together, for collagen to work its magic!


Most collagen supplements out there DO NOT add vitamin C to their formulas...

This means the skin does not get the rejuvenating effect it needs to erase those fine lines and wrinkles and give back the youthful look the women used to have.

To be perfectly frank with you:

This makes me VERY ANGRY!

Why wouldn’t these brands
include the ONE thing the body
needs to actually USE the
collagen in the first place?

And while there might be a small handful of collagen supplements out there that
have vitamin C…

... here’s a dirty little secret they don’t tell women:

Most of the vitamin C used in those supplements (and in practically EVERY vitamin C supplement out there) is a kind of synthetically created “Fake” version of vitamin C.

It’s NOT real, natural Vitamin C.

It’s called “ascorbic acid” and it’s typically derived from a GMO corn extract!

This is true for about 90% of the vitamin C supplements out there.

There’s just NO WAY I’d put that stuff in my body. And nobody who cares about their health and what they put into their body should either.

So what kind of vitamin C is “good” to supplement with, in addition to collagen?

The two best all-natural sources of vitamin C on earth are…

Camu camu and acerola cherry!

These two little guys pack a BIG punch – they have the highest concentration of vitamin C you’ll find in nature. Period.

Camu Camu

This remarkable plant grows deep in the swampy areas of the Amazon rainforest. The indigenous people use the fruit and leaves as medicines, and it's known to have antiviral properties.

And get this – it’s also chock full of vitamin C.

In fact…

To put that into perspective, one teaspoon of camu camu in powder form delivers 1,180% of your recommended daily vitamin C intake.

That’s the power of using a whole food source of vitamin C – instead of resorting to some lab-created GMO corn extract calling itself a vitamin.

Pound for Pound, Camu Camu Has 60 TIMES MORE Vitamin C Than an Orange.

Acerola Cherry

Also known as Barbados cherry, this cherry is typically found in the more tropical climates of places like Puerto Rico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Central America.

Like camu camu, acerola cherry contains a TON of vitamin C. In this case, one tablespoon of it in powder form delivers 525% of your recommended daily intake.

But here’s what makes it really special…

It contains OVER 150 phytonutrients, including flavonoids and polyphenols. These are phytonutrients the body NEEDS in order to effectively use vitamin C. Which means it takes a lot LESS vitamin C to get the job done, since it gives you a COMPLETE package.

But that's not all a woman needs to
actually get all of collagen's “youthifying” benefits


While vitamin C is the most important nutrient needed to use collagen in the body, there is another nutrient needed also:


This is what also keeps all the connective tissue system pliable.

If we don’t have enough silica, things start to harden, which is why if we are deficient, it CAN contribute to heart problems, joint pain, back injuries, and more not so fun stuff.

As far as collagen is concerned, it’s actually a “building block” of collagen, so it helps our body more effectively use the collagen we’re taking.

One of the best sources of silica is organic horsetail.

No – not THAT kind of horse tail. The horsetail I’m talking about is an ancient medicinal herb that’s been around since even before the dinosaurs.

The Greeks and Romans used horsetail for healing wounds and ailments like ulcers and even to fight infections.

But used in conjunction with collagen it really helps make things super effective.

Of course, as you might guess, most collagen supplements on the market do NOT include any kind of silica.

And finally...

The other nutrient the body
needs to heal and rebuild
collagen is zinc


That’s because the collagen-repairing enzymes in the body are all zinc-based.

Without enough zinc, it doesn’t matter how much collagen is taken in, the body won’t be able to do much with it.

Zinc also helps slow the breakdown of collagen in the body.

And there’s more …

Collagen Missing “Must Have” #3

In addition to giving you just one TYPE of collagen, the other thing you’ll find with collagen supplements out there is that they also only use a single SOURCE of collagen.

Typically from chicken, beef, or fish.

To ensure you get the maximum benefit and absorbability, your skin needs collagen from all 4 of these sources:

The best collagen supplements include highly bioavailable
collagen from eggshells.

Eggs have a membrane that sits between the eggshell and the egg white. A number of research studies show that this makes it a GREAT source of type V collagen.

For the fish source, you only want it to come from North Atlantic waters - and NOT the Pacific Ocean which has tons of trash and Fukushima.

Well, that’s it…

You have your “must haves” checklist to choose the most COMPLETE and POWERFUL collagen money can buy, to replenish the radiance your skin had when you were twenty.

And all 3 of these “must haves” are in THIS collagen…

Announcing a New
Type of “Super Collagen”

That Is So Effective -
It Comes with a Money-Back Guarantee

Look 9 Years Younger in 90 Days... or It's FREE!

My scientific team and I are so excited to announce a collagen
powder supplement that meets ALL these requirements… and it's called


Clean Sourced Collagens

It is so effective that we actually GUARANTEE you will look at least 9 years younger in 90 days or it is free.

Here’s an example of what it does:

"Eye wrinkles..."

It repairs wrinkles and aging skin and restores the skin firmness and youthful glow, taking even old, damaged and dry skin back to how it looked ten or more years ago.

What's more, users of this new collagen rave about how dark circles and under-eye puffiness fade away in just weeks, giving them a natural “lift” where friends actually think they had a facelift performed.

Women tell me they:

  • look younger
  • feel younger
  • look more attractive to their significant other
  • have more self-confidence

And this is even from skeptical women who had tried many other collagen products before and did NOT get these results from other inferior collagen products.

One more thing – all our suppliers are companies that have earned our TRUST completely. (NOT from some of the cheaper suppliers in China, used by so many other companies just to puff up their profit margins).

Clean Sourced Collagens
Receives CLEAN Certification by
Independent Labs!

A recent study published by the Consumer Wellness Center stirred up a heap of controversy.

The study analyzed 9 popular collagen products on the market today.

Turns out, contaminants including antibiotics… insecticides… parabens… steroids… and more were found in so-called “pure” collagen products.

The great news is: Organixx Clean Sourced Collagens is certified CLEAN by independent labs. That means every single bag has been rigorously tested – and certified – to be free of heavy metals… chemicals… and growth hormones that wreak havoc on your health.

We’ve spared no expense to ensure that you’re getting all FIVE types of collagen from the highest quality sources available!

Want proof?

Take a look at how Clean Sourced Collagens stacks up to the competition*…

Five Different
Types of Collagen

Complete Amino Acid Profile

Organic Vitamin C

Camu Camu

Acerola Cherry



Vitamin B6

Collagen Derived From Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised Beef

Collagen Derived
From Eggshell Membrane

Paleo &
Keto Friendly

Clean Ingredients


Clean Sourced


Multi Collagen

Vitamin C

Multi Collagen






Multi Collagen

Vitamin C

Multi Collagen





*Product ingredient labels compiled from


How can you tell if you have low collagen? Answer these questions:

  • My skin is firm and tight?

  • My skin is smooth and silky?

  • My skin is moist and plump?

  • My skin has a youthful glow to it?

  • My skin is smooth?

  • My skin is free from wrinkles?

  • My skin is free from fine lines?

  • My skin is free from under-eye bagginess?

  • My hair is thick, vibrant and shiny?

Results: If you answered “NO” to 3 or more of the questions above, you have low collagen and will benefit greatly from ORGANIXX CLEAN SOURCED COLLAGENS.

(Test derived from Medical News Today.)

IF you take the right type of collagen like CLEAN SOURCED COLLAGENS, you can quickly renew and revitalize the way your skin looks.

Getting the Right Collagen from
Food Alone Is (Really) Hard

So what are "the right types" of collagen you should consume, and where do they come from?

Out of the 28 different types, five types of collagen in particular are important for healthy, youthful-looking skin and hair – types I, II, III, V, and X.

Now, just like in humans, collagen is located in the skin, bones, cartilage, and other connective tissue of animals, such as fish, chickens, and cattle.

And to get the five types you need – through food – would require you eating a lot of these various "parts" from a range of different sources. That's because no single source provides you all the different collagen types.

Our ancestors were pretty good at this because they ate "nose to tail" and let nothing go to waste. For example, they routinely ate a lot of skin and organ meat, and they extracted collagen and other nutrients from a range of different animals' bones and cartilage by cooking them for long periods.

Most people today, however, eat very little skin, bones, and cartilage – let alone from a range of different animals. We mostly throw those parts away.

And while it's technically possible, it would basically be a full-time job to properly select, prepare, and cook all the different parts from a range of sources to get the right types of collagen.

Even then, as you're about to see, you still wouldn't be consuming enough of the IDEAL forms of collagen.

The 3 Reasons
Bone Broth Doesn't Cut It

Bone broth is certainly healthy. However, if you're specifically seeking the age-defying benefits of collagen, it's far from ideal for three key reasons:

  • 1

    Bone broth does not break the collagen proteins down. This means it's very difficult for your body to digest it. If you can't digest it, it can't deliver the full range of benefits possible.

  • 2

    Bone broth typically only provides collagen from one source, such as chicken bones. As noted above, you need a range of sources to provide you the five essential collagen types and all their benefits.

  • 3

    You're also very limited in how you can use bone broth. For starters, bone broth has a very distinct taste. Imagine adding chicken or beef broth to your protein shakes or coffee... YUCK. Plus, most bone broth supplements don't dissolve well in liquids, leaving a clumpy mess.

The 5 Reasons that 99% of Collagen Supplements Are Virtually USELESS!

  • Reason #1
    They contain only 1 or 2 sources of collagen – not all 5 you need
  • Reason #2
    Like bone broth, they contain collagen from just 1 source – instead of the 4 you need
  • Reason #3
    They do not contain whole-food vitamin C, silica, and Zinc that you need for full collagen absorption
  • Reason #4
    They are clumpy, or have a bad
    smell or taste
  • Reason #5
    They are not clean-sourced, GMO free, or organic; or their fish sources are from the Pacific Ocean

You Can Finally
Get Everything You Need To Look Much Younger in the Perfect
Collagen Supplement

You’ve seen why many health experts say collagen is the closest thing we have to a real "fountain of youth."

But you’ve also seen that 99% of collagen sold today does NOT contain everything needed for it to be the most effective.

And most collagen powders don't dissolve well in cool or room temperature liquids, leaving a coagulated, clumpy mess that's unpleasant to drink.

That is, until this new breakthrough.

My scientific team at ORGANIXX, the #1 online nutrition brand for educated consumers, has finally released what we think is the perfect collagen powder after years of very hard work.

CLEAN SOURCED COLLAGENS not only dissolves easily in hot or cool beverages with no clumping, it also provides you all five key collagen types (I, II, III, V, and X) from FOUR different food sources.

“With CLEAN SOURCED COLLAGENS, it's like I’m getting 5 collagen products for the price of 1, and my friends say I look about ten years younger.”

- Maggie Charleton, Queens, NY

These 5 different collagen types are provided in the scientifically correct proportions which you need to gain maximum benefit from the collagen.

Our collagen is naturally "hydrolyzed." This makes a huge difference to how young your skin looks because it means the collagen is broken down into peptides that – unlike collagen from bone broth and other supplements – your body can far more rapidly and easily digest and utilize to help make you look younger.

But that’s only the beginning!

It contains all the essential amino acids (EAAs) you need – including tryptophan.

This means that, unlike so many other collagen supplements, CLEAN SOURCED COLLAGENS is a complete protein. So with 8 grams of protein per serving, you can feel good that you're contributing to your healthy high-protein diet and helping your body in other ways too!


  • No Artificial
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No

No Clumps! Mixes Hot or Cool!
Easy to Make. Tasteless. Odorless.

It's so easy to take every day. Unlike many collagen, bone broth, and gelatin supplements that only mix with hot liquids, our CLEAN SOURCED COLLAGENS dissolves easily in both hot and cool liquids.

And – unlike all those collagen, bone broth, and gelatin supplements that frankly smell and taste bad – it is truly odorless and tasteless (in a good way ;-) ).

Your choice: pour it into your protein shake, smoothie, coffee, or tea – then mix and consume. You can even add it to soups and your cooked meals.

What Women Are Saying about

Teresa Guerrero

Great Product

Dec 11, 2020
Verified Customer

I am very satisfied with Organixx my hair, skin and nails really benefited and physically feel great.

Brenda Wyrick

Best Collagen

Jan 12, 2021
Verified Customer

Have tried 3-4 different brands and prefer this one. Dissolves well and tasteless. I add it to my tea every morning.

Robbie Bishop

Clean Sourced Collagens

Jan 12, 2021
Verified Customer

I have been fighting hair loss for years. Been using your collagen for about a year & my hair is coming back. My hairdresser said whatever you're doing keep it up.

Linda Storby


Jan 7, 2021
Verified Customer

I have Erythroderma and need to support my skin with additions to diet. I like your supplement, I use 2 scoops per day. Even my doctor noticed my skin improvement. I have used other brands of collagen and so far yours is one of my top 2. Really appreciate the environmental packaging too, less space, less waste.

Lisa Swift

One bag in and notice a difference

Dec 29, 2020
Verified Customer

I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend it. My joint pain is less and my skin is looking better as well! A win win!

Serena Pritchard

Nails & hair

Dec 14, 2020
Verified Customer

Wow, my nails and my hair are growing so fast. My nails are not splitting either. Good stuff.

Ms Niki Devereux

Great Collagen

Nov 29, 2020
Verified Customer

It has made my skin feel plumper and clear. I feel great! I like the taste in water and look forward to it daily. It works!

Patricia Massimi

Cleaned sourced all the way

Nov 29, 2020
Verified Customer

I’ve tried many collagen products, This ranks one of the best .I really saw the difference with & without. very nice product really works. but you must stay with it cause you see the difference unbelievable. ps knowing it’s cleaned sourced made a difference as well good job .thanks

Josie Carrizzo

The absolute best !!!

Nov 18, 2020
Verified Customer

Once I hit my 60's, I knew having great skin was going to get way more difficult. And because I was already a user of multiple Organixx products and knew the quality of them was top notch, adding Organixx's Clean Sourced Collagens was a no-brainer decision for me. The list of ingredients are phenomenal and I could literally see amazing results after just a few days of use !!!

Milagros Scruggs

Great product

Nov 18, 2020
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I hesitated a little bit in buying this product but I have to say is doing wonders for me; so happy with it and i will be purchasing again.

Martha Miles

Love it

Nov 6, 2020
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I am ordering again. Best I have tried


The best formula

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I have tried dozens of formulas of collagens and Organixx is the ONLY brand that I have seen such dramatic results! Brilliant!

Kim Parham

Good stuff

Aug 8, 2020
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I'm on my 2nd package of collagen protein and I am beginning to see skin changes. My skin is getting brighter, the age spots on my cheeks seems to be fading and cellulite has lessened on the other cheeks. I like what I'm experiencing.

Kelley McLeod


Aug 13, 2020
Verified Customer

AWESOME product! My hair, nails and skin looks so much smoother and healthier. It’s easy to use, it blends easily & adds no taste.

Sheila Humphrey


Aug 13, 2020
Verified Customer

I’ve tried a lot of collagen’s but I have seen more benefit in my skin and hair with this one

M Weatherley

Best collagen I’ve ever used

July 17, 2020
Verified Customer

This is so easy to take, dissolves brilliantly and has multiple benefits. My skin has never looked and felt as healthy and glowing. My joints don’t ache and my Achilles’ tendon was severely inflamed and has settled dramatically. Thank you for such a brilliant product.

Rachel smith

Best collagen I’ve ever used

July 16, 2020
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I feel its superior to the other collagen products I had been taking

Linda Buckthorp

Best collagen I’ve ever used

July 12, 2020
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After my 1st shipment, I tried another Brand and could see the difference within two weeks and reordered Organixx.


Works for me.

July 21, 2020
Verified Customer

I highly recommend this to anyone whose skin is starting to show its age. My skin is softer but more firm. My wrinkles seem to be fading and it could be my imagination but my breasts seen to stand up better.

Women over 40 who want to look significantly younger without plastic surgery are raving about this new “super collagen”

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