The Proper Detox Sequence: "Doc Talks" with Dr. Nuzum

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Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Okay, so we’re talking detox sequence.
One of the things to understand, if you look at our chart here, we have the colon, liver/kidney, lymphatic, organs, tissues, cells.
When someone’s dealing with a chronic condition, about 80-90% of their symptoms will be up here: cells, tissues, organs. They’ll either have a heart issue, or a joint issue, or a liver issue, or a kidney issue. And that’s organs, right?
If they have a tissue problem, it would be kind of like arthritis. So, I’ve got a problem with my shoulder, my knee, my back. It’s just kind of—similar tissues; so joint tissue, or digestive issues. I’ve got problems with the colon, I’ve got problems with reflux. It’s all digestive tissue where they have issues.
Then we have cell issues, and that’s where we have either nutritional deficiencies, or we have toxicity and it’s causing problems in our tissues, and then causing problems in our organs.
Now the problem with starting with detox, when we’re talking detox sequences, if we start detoxifying our cells, our cells have to empty into our tissues. If our tissues are full, where does the waste from our cells go? Interesting point.
If our tissues are toxic and have to detoxify, they empty into our organs. Our organs empty into our lymphatic system. Our lymphatic system drains into our liver and kidneys. And our liver primarily drains into our colon. Our kidneys don’t drain into our colon; they drain into the bladder and exit that way. But about 90 percent of our detox has to happen over here. The kidneys kind of pick up whatever the liver doesn’t pick up.
So, I’m going to talk about proper detox sequences here.
If the colon is not eliminating properly, the liver has no place to empty its trash. If this trash can’s full, this trash can can’t empty into this trash can. And so on, all the way up through the chain.
So, if we have heavy metals in our cells causing tissue inflammation, which is causing organic dysfunction, we have to drain these by first making sure the colon is moving and is flowing, and the waste is leaving the building. If you’re eating three times a day, the waste from those meals needs to be leaving your body three times a day.
If someone has the MTHFR gene and they just don’t detox really well on a cellular level to begin with, how are they possibly going to detox if these things down here are congested? It’s not possible. They’re not going to detox well. So, if we pump them full of a bunch of vitamins and minerals to help their cells detox, and we don’t get the colon moving, we don’t get the liver flushing, and we don’t get the lymphatic system moving – their cells aren’t going to detox anyway.
In proper detox sequencing, we have to get the colon moving. As the colon starts moving, it starts allowing these other things to unplug.
In our Detoxx system here at Organixx, we have the Magi-Complexx that helps with loosening up everything in the colon. We have Detoxx 1 that loosens up the colon and helps the colon start moving. When you use those together, they also start to loosen up the lymphatic system.
Lymphatic fluid is dependent on physical activity in order for the fluid to become viscous and to move properly. So, if you’re sedentary and you’re eating a poor diet, the lymphatic system will fill up with waste, and then that waste starts to congeal. Congeal meaning it starts to harden. Lymphatic fluid and butter are really similar in that the warmer they get, the more fluid they become.
And so, as the colon starts moving, there’s more activity in the torso. That starts to warm up your body. Your body starts to have more activity, there’s more metabolic activity, and it starts to loosen up the lymphatic system.
When you do colon cleansing, and you take things that start to stimulate the lymphatic system, like Magi-Complexx, we can start loosening the lymphatic system up and loosening the colon up at the same time. Then, as we get the colon moving and it’s more habitually moving more frequently, we can target the liver and get the liver to start cleansing and purging itself. And as we do that, it starts to drain the lymphatic system very, very effectively.
When we drain these components here, we detoxify these components first, in this ascending order, in this direction first, we start here and work our way up, we effectively open up all of the detox pathways for the organs, the tissues, and the cells. If we start at the top and try to work our way down, we will only become more sick before we get better.
I hope this is helpful for you; I hope you will understand the detox sequences here.
Jonathan Hunsaker: Thanks, Doc. I appreciate your wealth of knowledge, as usual.
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  1. I would like to know, when detoxing, do you have to be home? I drive medical transportation 12 hours a day, we get breaks but not often. Can I still do the detox? Thanks

    • Hi Laura! This episode of Ask the Doc which talks about taking multivitamins while on detox might be of interest to you: If this did not answer your question, a consultation with a trusted medical practitioner would be the best way to determine if taking the two products is beneficial for your unique health needs.

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