Health Benefits of Collagen "Doc Talks" with Dr. Nuzum

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Jonathan Hunsaker: Do you have gut issues, achy joints, or saggy skin? If the answer’s yes, you’ve got to stay tuned. 
Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx. Thanks again for watching. Today, we’re going to talk about something that I know you’re going to be interested in. So again, if you have achy joints, or saggy skin, or feeling any other effects from aging, Doc is going to share with you his secret; his fountain of youth. 
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Okay, so we’re talking about the benefits of collagen today. 
Collagen is a protein. It’s a protein that’s found in connective tissues. Your ligaments and your tendons and things like that in your body are made of collagen. 
The FDA did some studies trying to prove that when someone consumed a pancreas extract, or a thyroid concentrate, or an adrenal concentrate, that those proteins never actually made it to the organs that they would have represented. So, the thyroid proteins never made it to the thyroid; the adrenal proteins never made it to the adrenals. 
So, the FDA was trying to prove organotherapy was a farce. And so, what they did is they attached radioactive isotopes to the thyroid concentrates, or the adrenal concentrates, or the liver concentrates, or the pancreas concentrates, and gave them to people and watched where those isotopes ended up. Much to their “despair,” the thyroid proteins went to the thyroid; the adrenal proteins went to the adrenals, the liver proteins went to the liver. 
And we have a similar effect when we consume collagen. That collagen protein goes to where our body needs collagen, or where it needs to rebuild collagen. And so, things like joints, and tendons, and ligaments, and your connective tissue, that thing called fascia gets rebuilt with collagen. 
Another interesting thing that collagen does is collagen becomes part of the connective tissue matrix under your skin. And so, when you’re consuming collagen, your body starts using it to repair all of these things. And so, if your skin is sagging, and that collagen matrix, that connective tissue matrix is not suspending things the way it’s supposed to, consuming collagen can help strengthen that connective tissue fascia and start bringing things back up where they’re supposed to be. 
Another interesting benefit of collagen is the body can use collagen to rebuild our gut lining. The lining of our gut needs collagen, just like your joints, and just like your skin and things like that. And so, collagen can even benefit your gut. 
So, to recap, collagen helps with joints, helps with skin, helps with the gut, helps with tendons and things. It’s a protein that your body can use to rebuild the collagen matrix and the connective tissue matrix in your body. 
Jonathan Hunsaker: Thanks, Doc. And as you found out, his secret fountain of youth is taking a collagen supplement. 
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  1. Is there an optimum time to take the clean-sourced collagen powder? With/out food? At night so body can heal/renew itself during sleep?? Thanks in advance for your advice!

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