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What’s The Scoop on Collagens?

The search term collagen has increased 40% already just in this year alone! So, is all the hype trendy or true? We’ve done the research and that’s the question we answer this week! Did you know that your body naturally produces collagen every day? We dig into why supplementation is even a consideration. Did you […]

Collagen for Weightloss? Here’s What the Science Says

You may have heard about collagen’s ability to help with skin firmness, joint and gut health, and stronger hair, nails, and teeth… but what about collagen for weightloss? Is that among its many purported benefits? Indeed, studies have shown a link between collagen supplementation and weight loss – and the mechanisms for this connection may […]

Silica-and-Collagen--A-Vital-Partnership for Skin Health

Silica and Collagen: A Vital Partnership for Skin Health

Reading Time: 5 minutes What you need to know about silica from the horsetail plant and why silica and collagen are vital for healthier skin, nails, hair, and overall vitality.

Looking for the Best Collagen Supplement? What You Need to Know

Looking for the Best Collagen Supplement? What You Need to Know

Reading Time: 9 minutes Confused about collagen? Get the inside scoop on how to buy the best collagen supplement that will serve your health & beauty needs.