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Probiotic & Enzyme-Rich Fruit Salad

Reading Time: 2 minutes This probiotic & enzyme-rich fruit salad with yogurt takes classic fruit salad to a whole new level of flavor with its toasted cinnamon cayenne nut topping.

Enzymes 201: P3E The NEW Powerful Proteolytic Enzyme

Join Jonathan and Wade Lightheart dive deeper into understanding how enzymes are critical to your health and vitality. We really help you understand what you are looking for in an effective enzyme supplement. Tune in to understand what proteolytic means, the various enzymes needed in your digestive tract, the powerful punch of AstraZyme™, and why […]

Digestive Enzymes and Weight Loss_ What’s the Connection

Digestive Enzymes and Weight Loss: What’s the Connection?

Reading Time: 8 minutes If weight management is one of your goals, are you aware of the little-known connection between digestive enzymes and weight loss?

Proteolytic Enzymes_ What They Are & Why Your Body Needs Them to Live

Proteolytic Enzymes: What They Are & Why Your Body Needs Them to Live

Reading Time: 8 minutes Proteolytic enzymes are vital for keeping your body both alive and in tip-top shape. Here’s why you need them and how to make sure you have enough of them.