The secret is this powerful immune-boosting formula found in this Asian superfood.

We’re in the middle of something that most of us have never encountered in our lifetime and may never again.

We’ve had pandemic “scares” in the past, but the events happening across the globe right now are downright frightening and will very likely change the fabric of our society.

Any way you look at it, COVID-19 (the coronavirus) is one of the most disastrous health events of the modern age.

A recent update from the CDC states in no uncertain terms what the situation is right now, just in the US:

“Different parts of the country are seeing different levels of COVID-19 activity. The United States nationally is in the initiation phase of the pandemic. States in which community spread is occurring are in the acceleration phase. The duration and severity of each pandemic phase can vary depending on the characteristics of the virus and the public health response.

CDC and state and local public health laboratories are testing for the virus that causes COVID-19. View CDC’s Public Health Laboratory Testing map.

All 50 states have reported cases of COVID-19 to CDC.

U.S. COVID-19 cases include:

  • Imported cases in travelers
  • Cases among close contacts of a known case
  • Community-acquired cases where the source of the infection is unknown
  • Twenty-seven U.S. states are reporting some community spread of COVID-19.”

If you want to learn more, you can view latest case counts, deaths, and a map of states with reported cases at the CDC.gov website.

Right now, your main goals should be to pay attention to advisories, stay out of contact with people (regardless of whether they seem “sick” or not), and MOST important – maintain your health in any way possible.

“Social Distancing” is great – but there are other things you can be doing right now to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your family.

There’s SO Much We Don’t Know About COVID-19 – But Here’s What We DO…

and a very good way to help protect against the possibility of infection.

There’s a school of thought that says – if there’s no vaccine (which there’s not yet) – then there’s really nothing, other than maintaining our distance and hygiene, that we can do to “flatten the curve.”

But scientists DO know that this virus has a penchant for attacking people with compromised immune systems.

Older adults, people with autoimmune disorders, diseases, and chronic conditions are the most affected by COVID-19 – and have the highest mortality rate.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to risk my health or the health of my family without doing anything and everything in my power to make sure we’re safe.

Like you, I wonder if there is a good way to naturally strengthen my immunity so my own body can protect itself against foreign invaders.

Fortunately, there is something you can do to build up your immune system for more energy, stamina and protection.

Recently, scientists have found that mushrooms contain adaptogenic properties. In other words, they help restore harmony to your body – and ease stress and tension – so you can adapt to whatever situation you’re dealing with.

What’s more… medicinal mushrooms are chock-full of a compound called beta-glucan. This is a complex poly saccharide that contains both adaptogenic and immunostimulant properties.

In other words...

… beta-glucan is a powerful stress-relieving, immune supporting nutrient.

Here’s why that’s so important for you…

How Beneficial Mushrooms
Stimulate Immune System Activity

Your immune system is a complex yet powerful system in your body. It runs throughout your body and touches every organ.

It has just one task — to defend your body against harmful invaders. A strong immune system can protect you from colds and flu, as well as many other viruses, bacteria, toxins, and other germs.

One of the primary drivers of healthy immunity is your lymphatic system. This system runs through your entire body, carrying nutrients to your cells, and taking away “waste” and bacteria from your body.

Your lymph system is made up of infection-fighting cells, known as white blood cells, or lymphocytes. These cells surround and destroy viruses, germs, and infections.

And the most powerful lymphocyte in your body’s infection-fighting army is the aptly-named... natural killer cell!

Natural “Killers” to Keep You Healthy

These natural killer (NK) cells are always on patrol — guarding your body against invaders.

No. They kill on contact whatever germ or virus or invader they encounter. So the bigger and stronger your natural killer (NK) army is… the tougher your immune system can be.

The result: a strong wall of immunity protection a cold and flu germ will find difficult to breach. Germs are killed long before you feel the first sniffle.

This Little-Known Nutrient
in Mushrooms Activates Immune Cells.

Outside of freshman chemistry class, you may never have heard of a beta-glucan.

But these beta-glucans attach themselves to white blood cells, such as these NK cells, and stimulate them to destroy bacteria and viruses. So the more beta-glucans you have in your body, the stronger your immune system.

And, as I said before, mushrooms are one of the richest sources of beta-glucans.

But each mushroom contains a slightly different type of beta-glucan. Each type stimulates the immune system differently. So, the more different kinds of mushrooms you have working together, the stronger your body’s immunity.

Nutritional Mushrooms
On The Cutting Edge of Functional Food Science

Using centuries-old knowledge of the power of Nutritional Mushrooms and our breakthrough new formulation process we’ve unleashed the power of mushrooms in a way never before done.

Our proprietary fermentation process is unlike any other manufacturing process being used to create supplements.

We use the already potent properties of Nutritional Mushrooms including Turkey Tail, Chaga, Shiitake, Maitake, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and Reishi. Then we use our patented fermentation process that brings these ingredients to the next level.

We’re one of only two companies who use this technology to get the most out of each ingredient.

The result is…

A healthy immune system is crucial to keeping the body healthy, promoting total body wellness, and boosting youthful energy in all of us.

But 7M+ goes well beyond anything else you’ve tried.

A proprietary blend of 7 powerfully potent mushrooms, known for their immune system support.
Our powerful patent pending fermentation process that squeezes the most important nutrients and vitamins from our ingredients to magnify their benefits.
Complete protection for your immune system to support healthy, graceful aging.

The fermented ingredients found inside of this breakthrough formula work synergistically to provide you with...

A Wide
Range Of
For Total Body Wellness
& Immune System Support
Inflammation Support

Too much inflammation in our system can cause serious health concerns. But the Nutritional Mushrooms used in the 7M+ formula can help protect against high levels of inflammation in the body.

Healthy Digestion

Nutritional Mushrooms such as Lion's Mane help to promote healthy digestion. They are also common ingredients in detox elixirs that boost your body’s ability to digest food properly.

Better Protection Against Aches & Pains

Reishi mushrooms are particularly useful for treating aches and pain through their powerful anti-inflammatory agents called triterpenoids. They support your body’s own natural immunity which improves the mobility and flexibility of your joints.

Total Immune System Support

In one study, adding one or two servings of dried shiitake mushrooms was found to have a beneficial, modulating effect on immune system function.

Rewind Your Biological Clock
& Recapture Your Youthful Energy
With Nature’s Most Powerful Mushroom Supplement
7M+ Active Immune Support

Our proprietary formula ensures that you’re getting the most anti-inflammatory and antioxidant power you need to help support your immune system.


Chaga has been used for centuries primarily in the East. It's known for its immune support and soothing properties. Many traditional healers have used it as a soothing tea for a powerful and natural digestive support. It's also shown the potential to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels that are already within the normal range. Chaga also has very powerful antioxidant properties that make it a powerhouse on its own.


Lab studies show that this nutrient-rich wild mushroom is not only effective at supporting a healthy immune system, but it can also help regulate blood pressure… support healthy blood sugar… fight off abnormal cell growth… maintain healthy inflammation… and much more! It’s no wonder many cultures around the world use the magical maitake mushroom as a powerful healing tonic and medicinal food.


Cordyceps have been shown to help regulate a healthy immune system. Cordyceps were
at one time so highly
valued that they were
only allowed to be
consumed by the
Emperor of China
(who lived to 100+
years old and still
fathered children into
his 100's). Also known for the ability to support sexual health and athletic ability, Cordyceps have been the most sought after Nutritional Mushroom in the Orient.

Cordyceps have been shown to help regulate a healthy immune system. Cordyceps were at one time so highly valued that they were only allowed to be consumed by the Emperor of China (who lived to 100+ years old and still fathered children into his 100's). Also known for the ability to support sexual health and athletic ability, Cordyceps have been the most sought after Nutritional Mushroom in the Orient.


The benefits of Shiitake Mushrooms for your immune system are some of the most well documented for any type of Nutritional Mushroom. Perhaps its greatest influence is in the activity of tiny cells responsible for protecting your immune system from inflammation. A recent 4-week study showed that daily use of Shiitake Mushrooms boosted the immune responses in young adults. They have the potential to keep your immune cells protected from inflammation and the signs of aging.


One of the more interesting mushroom coming from the
          ancient east. Lion's Mane
          is known to support brain
            health, boost cognitive
             function, and aid
              against age-related
              memory loss. It also
              helps maintain mental
              focus and function, as
              well as promoting healthy digestive function through its powerful regulation of bacteria.

One of the more interesting mushroom coming from the ancient east. Lion's Mane is known to support brain health, boost cognitive function, and aid against age-related memory loss. It also helps maintain mental focus and function, as well as promoting healthy digestive function through its powerful regulation of bacteria.

Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail is considered one of the best researched mushrooms on Earth. Its benefits are just as strong as other Nutritional Mushrooms such as Reishi, Cordyceps and Maitake. It contains powerful antioxidant nutrients and high levels of selenium, vitamin D, and vitamin B3, which are crucial for boosting and maintaining immunity.

A recent 4-week study showed that daily use of Shiitake Mushrooms boosted the immune responses in young adults. They have the potential to keep your immune cells protected from inflammation and the signs of aging.


Nicknamed "The Mushroom Of Immortality" it's not hard to see why Reishi mushrooms have been used in natural health remedies for hundreds of years. It seems every year science uncovers new uses for this wonder-nutrient. It may be thanks to the complex compounds found in reishi mushrooms that help regulate and support an aging immune system, reduce inflammation, and assist in healthy heart function.


Why 7M+ Active Immune Support Is Completely Different

Than The Lower Quality Supplements
That You See Flooding The Market…

Big companies and large manufacturers always try to use their size and deep pockets to their advantage….but you’ve got it ask...is that in your best interest?

They pump out hundreds of different products all with similar claims but unfortunately, they lack in the results department.

I mean, would you really be reading about ANOTHER solution right now if you had something that already did the job? That already helped give you full immune system support, boosted your natural energy reserves, and had you feeling 10 or 20 years younger?

Of course not, you’d be ready for anything that came your way.

This is why we’ve done something completely different in our approach to creating 7M+. We used the most cutting-edge research and then circled the globe to find the very best ingredients in the most pure formulations.

We’re positive we’ve found the 7 most powerful Nutritional Mushrooms and have condensed them into a powerful immune and longevity supplement.


Woman Smiling

Imagine your healthy heart, your focused youthful mind, your abundant reserves of energy…

Yes now, for the very first time, you can use the immune-supporting, age-defying, brain power supporting, secret of the longest living people on Earth:

The Okinawan Secret To Youthful Vigor

The unique, fermented Nutritional Mushrooms compounds combined with our fulvic acid compound creates a next generation of anti-aging combatants!

This 7M+ Active Immune Support is truly a gift from the Earth allowing you to tap directly into ancient anti-aging, immunity maintaining secrets from time immemorial.

With 7M+ and our team of researchers always striving to find the next, best, most cutting edge improvements and enhancements in immune system support…

You’ll Never Be “On Your Own” Again

If you’re over 40, 50 or even 60 plus and looking for a reliable yet natural approach for triggering your body’s own youth-enhancing powers…

Then the number one piece of advice I can give you is to nourish your body with the Okinawa Centenarian Secret every day.

I know that you could “go this alone” and maybe you have been for a while.

After all, the ingredients in 7M+ can all be found individually. But that can get expensive.

What’s more, is instead of taking our simple formula twice a day, you’ll have a cupboard full of different ingredients that you’ll have to combine on your own just to get the same result of a single 7M+ capsule.

But with this new and improved formula, you’ll be able to skip all of that and save yourself some money too!

When you start with the brand new formulation of 7M+ and its Active Immune Support, its nutrients may help build up and perform at their optimum levels. So your body may have all the rejuvenating fuel it needs to build healthy new cells 24/7.

7M+ Active Immune Support, is guaranteed to include the most powerful ancient Nutritional Mushrooms and unique fermentation process setting it miles beyond other longevity supplements.

All specifically formulated to support healthy pain recovery, help promote youthful looking skin, maintain a strong and protective immune system, keep blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the normal range, and even reduce the appearance of age spots and wrinkles.

Customer Reviews



I don't have "scientific" proof, but my bowels, sinuses and general well being seems to be BETTER taking the mushrooms. Try it!


No Colds this Winter!

I always, I mean ALWAYS get a couple colds and at least one flu every winter. My 10 year old brings home the sniffles and by the time it gets to me it wipes me out. My immune system is terrible. But not this year! I have been taking 7M+ every day and I’ve made it months without a single sneeze, sore throat, or cough. So happy!


Great supplement

Helping get my immune system back



I love knowing my supplement is organic and free of mold, toxins and pesticides and sprays. Plus, having a supplement that boosts my immunity and supports healing and inflammation. I don't have to eat a pile of healing mushrooms because I can get them organic, clean and natural in 2 small little pills. They are brilliant!
I only wish they were a different colour slightly than the Vita Maxx Daily Vitamin because it is difficult knowing which ones I have when I am counting out my daily pills. As the VitaMaxx and 7M+ are almost the same size and virtually the same color. If I drop them or some from the bottle, good luck differentiating. That is hardly any reason to deduct points...this is a great product.


Mushrooms For Health

I love this product. because mushrooms are so healing and this is a natural product. I only wish I had received notification of when you had your sale in December. I would have brought six months instead of three months.


Love it!

I’ve been taking 7M and Magi complex for over a year now and feel that I have had only a short cold a couple of times. It’s kept my immune system much stronger.



Great products, price and delivery on time.


Love this product

Been using for sometime and love it notice a difference when l run out and can’t afford!


Great product! Buy immediately

I've been using this for almost 2 years. Since then I haven't gotten sick. I love Organixx and what they stand for! If you want pure products that really work, buy these products!


Improved gastrointestinal function

Urgent and frequent toilet trips ceased; fluffy unformed feces changed to normal appearance like I had when younger.


Collectively Good

It's hard to clearly evaluate since we've added a bunch of supplements all at once. Collectly things are good.


Second Chance

I have to admit. My wife and I shared a month's supply bottle. We both felt great, Who knows what a sustained program will do. We should give it a second chance.



So far, perfect. I love the fact that the product is fermented. Plan to continue and observe.

7M+ May Be the Best Answer to Help Protect Yourself During This Time of Unprecedented Health Uncertainty.

7M+ is specifically formulated to give you everything you need to help boost immunity and feel younger and healthier.

This year, with the entire globe dealing with a health epidemic, boosting your immune system might be something that makes all the difference.

With 7M+, you get seven of the world’s finest beneficial mushrooms, jam-packed with beta-glucans – nature’s powerful sickness-fighting ingredient.

With the immune-boosting power of 7M+ working throughout your entire body, you can increase your and your family’s odds of staying well even during times like this.

Only two capsules a day provide you with a completely safe, 100% natural, and amazingly effective formula to boost immunity… and help you live a longer and healthier life!

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